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Must Try Water Sports in Maldives - Your Adrenaline Fix

Maldives Islands have secured a firm reputation as an outstanding vacation destination. In these islands, you will also have the opportunity to indulge in an array of enjoyable water sports.



Although the Maldives are renowned for their picturesque scenery, divers who have ventured beneath the waters of these islands can attest to the fact that the undersea attractions here are equally remarkable. When diving in the Maldives you can expect to encounter an abundance of marine life and outstanding coral reefs that will entrance the diver.

In the Maldives scuba diving is generally done along with the drift of the ocean currents. You will see that the current flow and sweep through the numerous passages and channels amongst the atolls, taking nutrients to all parts of the archipelago. These nutrients, in turn, attract a host of exotic fish, so that you are almost assured of seeing different kinds fish such as parrotfish, Napoleon wrasse, sweetlips, jacks and snappers at your diving site. As you enjoy Maldives water sports, one of the accommodation choices that you could consider would be a resort like the Dhigali Maldives which offers such activities.



Seen as a throwback to the more conventional form of surfing, windsurfing is quite similar to the former though it utilises the help of a sail which is affixed to a normal surfboard. Backed by a strong gust of wind, one need only bother about manipulating the sail in order to provide direction, while constantly increasing or decreasing one's speed as the situation so demands. However, it is the complete experience that would make visitors fall in love with it as learning to windsurf is unquestionably as exciting as the act itself. Local surf schools that are found near most resorts are where one should be headed to and provide both expert guidance and tips on how to master the challenges that windsurfing poses.



Snorkelling is a fun activity that the entire family including kids can take part in and have a fascinating experience getting up close to underwater marine life. The crystal clear turquoise waters help you to see under the surface up to the seabed without any difficulty. Snorkelling is one of the best leisure water sports activities that you can participate in together with your loved ones quite safely without swimming in deep waters



Irrespective of whether you are a seasoned surfing enthusiast or a beginner taking your first steps in this exciting sport, the enticing Maldives Islands will not disappoint. In fact, these islands are regarded as featuring outstanding surfing conditions, including some of the world's finest waves and surf breaks. The sensation of gliding through the Indian Ocean waters beneath the glorious tropical sun is sure to be a memorable experience.



Though not for the fainthearted, parasailing affords its own experiences that are best enjoyed high up in the air, supported by a parachute. After a sufficient level of speed is reached, the parasailor releases the parachute which then lifts him or her off the water and into the air. Though extreme in nature, there are always trained professionals around to come to your assistance just in case you do get 'cold feet.'

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