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5 most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka – Melt into Deep Blues

Sri Lanka, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, is simply and accurately described as an Island Paradise. Among its sea of magnificent natural scenery, are its gorgeous beaches – here are the best 5!


Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is one of Sri Lanka's most visited beaches and is particularly famous for its fantastic surf – it is unofficially regarded as the best surf spot in the country. The remote beach is located on the east coast of the country and is a picture of relaxed charm and a mellow, sleepy happiness that's far removed from the energetic and lively west coast. The beach, made of soft, ivory sands form a crescent-shaped curl along the sea with luscious palms at its head and is lined with beachfront guest houses, food and drink vendors and fishing huts. There are many places that rent out water sports equipment and take visitors on water sports adventures as well! It's a great place, in particular, to go kitesurfing and windsurfing! The beach is ideally visited between the months of April and October.



Mirissa beach, located on the south coast, is an intimate, picturesque stretch of golden sand closeted by flourishing, leafy palms and lined with some of the most lively beachfront restaurants and resorts in Sri Lanka. The bay is fantastic for a good swim and is a popular bodysurfing spot! There are plenty of places offering whale watching tours as well, keep in mind, however, that the seas are far too rough during off season, so refrain from going even if places still offer tours! The stretch has great nightlife too, with one of the beachfront resorts or restaurants throwing a party every day. Just ask any of the restaurants where the party's at on that day and they'll be happy to direct you. A small offshore rock is located at the right end of the beach and offers great photo opportunities and gorgeous views. Mirissa can be visited all year round but the waters are calmer and the weather is much more enjoyable between November and April.



A horseshoe shaped, lovely little beach stretch in Unawatuna town that is, hands down, one of the most enjoyable beaches in the country. The beach, fringed with palms, is a burst of colour. There are quaint, delightful beach restaurants and bars, selling delicious foods and refreshing drinks, interspersed along the top and kaleidoscope fishing boats and catamarans anchored on the brilliant blue waters. Unawatuna beach offers fantastic water sports activities as well, including great diving and snorkelling.



A favourite hangout amongst many a traveller exploring Sri Lanka's east coast, Uppuveli is a relatively underdeveloped, coastal enclave that's yet to be discovered by the masses. The soft, fine sands lead to serene, sapphire waters that are perfect to just let go and float in. Uppuveli beach is brimming with local charm and has plenty of great food and drink spots. The beach also offers snorkelling and diving that takes visitors to Pigeon Island, a fantastic marine national park where visitors can see a glorious array of coral reefs, reef fishes, reef sharks and turtles! Uppuveli is best visited between April and September.


Bentota and Induruwa

Bentota and Induruwa beaches are glorious respites from the bustling hubbub of Galle road and the surrounding towns. The ribbon of gold that stretches south from the Bentota lagoon is flanked with alluring restaurants, hotels and bars and the beach itself offers great water sports including snorkelling, scuba diving, jet skiing and windsurfing. The stretch is also the perfect place to just relax and sunbathe. Bentota is easily accessible via car, bus or train and is one of the many destinations flown to by Cinnamon Air, a service that offers air taxi tours. Sri Lanka has a great many more beaches that are worth adding to your travel itinerary, but these particular beaches are a must!