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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Top 6 foods to try in Kerala - Bring on the yum!

Kerala is known for many things, but its multicultural cuisine options are worthy enough to have people all over the world crave for them. Here are the top six dishes to try in Kerala.


Kerala Beef Curry with Malabar Parotta

Prepared by shallow frying in ghee, the Parotta is a layered variety of flat bread that originates from the Malabar region. The dough is made using Maida flour, ghee, egg, and water. This dough is mixed with oil and gently folded before being flattened in a fashion similar to the preparation of puff pastry. It is best served with beef curry that's made with onions, tomatoes, garlic and various spices such as cardamom, cloves, star anise and bay leaves.


Kerala Prawn Curry

Considered a true signature dish to the locals, this is a prawn curry originating from the Malabar region that is packed with delicious ingredients like coconut milk, green chili, fennel seeds, black mustard seeds and fenugreek which together add an amazing punch. The recipe also calls for a special ingredient called Kudampuli which is commonly known as brindleberry that gives the dish a sour flavour, in addition to the loaded raw mango, marinated prawns, and drumsticks that elevate this dish.


Banana Fritters

Known as Ethakka or Pazham Pori which roughly translates to fried banana is a very simple dish as the translated name suggests. It involves ripe bananas that are coated in flour before being deep fried. The flavour is mouth-watering and decadent.


Thalassery biriyani

Being an old sea port, Thalassery was originally a centre that catered to the exports of various spices that brought in Malabar, European and Arab cultures together which is what influenced this cuisine. Thalssery biriyani being a common dish within the Muslim community involves some amazing ingredients. The main rice is a fragrant, tiny grain known as kaima. The seasoning masala and pre-cooked rice are packed in layers within the dish while the meat is made with the masala on a very low heat before being put together with the rice and finally sealed in dough.


Palada Payasam (sweet)

This is a sweet delicacy that is brought out during the Onam festival in a majority of the households in Kerala. Simple ingredients like milk, sugar, rice batter and ghee are what makes up this sweet rice kheer and blend its delectable flavours. Aitken Spence Holidays, one of many a travel agency in Sri Lanka, can arrange your stay during this season, so that you may try out all the different food on this list.


Appam and Stew

Appam is a very simple dish that uses fermented rice flour along with coconut milk to make a thin pancake like dish with some delicate crispy edges. The stew, on the other hand, finds its roots with its European brethren mixed in with a little Kerala twist. Incorporating mango, chicken, lamb and a host of spices along with coconut milk that when served with Appam, truly takes one to another dimension of culinary indulgence.