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5 Types of Ayurvedic Massages in Sri Lanka – The best treatment for your body and soul

Ayurveda is the science of life which had been the secret of South Asian medicine for more than five thousand years. It's natural way of healing rather than using medication.


Ayurveda Body Massage

The Abhyanga or the full body massage applies oil over the body from neck to toe and gently massages with the use of palm, revitalizing all body muscles and improving blood circulation. The oil is usually infused with herbs and applied slightly warm. This helps to eliminate body aches, pains, and extra fat in the body. If this is done routinely it can enhance life expectancy by strengthening and energizing the body muscles. This is also used as a treatment for nervous disorders. The type of herbal oil used for a full body massage depends on the person's health conditions and the disease diagnosis. A full body massage can take up to 30 minutes or one hour to complete.


Ayurveda Arm Massage & Hand Massage

The Ayurveda arm massage or Bahu Abhyanga is used to release strain from the arm and helps to relax the arms and shoulders. This can free you of headaches, neck pain, and aching shoulders which are caused by the tension in arms. The hand massage or the Hastha Abhyanga has a very curative effect on your body. The hand is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, and by stimulating the acupuncture points on the hands the hand massage helps to cleanse the body from toxins and facilitate the function of many internal organs.


Ayurveda Leg Massage

Our legs help us to stand on our feet and walk to any place that we want. The pressure and strain caused by these activities can have a huge impact on the legs, sometimes even giving rise to conditions like varicose veins. Varicose is a cosmetic issue in most cases, but some people may have pain and discomfort associated with it. The best remedy to solve these issues and generally keep your legs healthy and fit is to treat yourself with an Ayurvedic leg massage which is known as the Nalakini Abhyanga. A leg massage can improve blood circulation in the legs and reduce swelling of legs.


Ayurveda Neck & Shoulder Massage

Are you suffering from a stiff neck or shoulder pain? You can get instant relief by trying out an Ayurvedic neck and shoulder massage or a Griva/Skandha Abhyanga as it is called in the language of Ayurveda. A stiff neck can be caused by wrong postures like hunching your shoulders or keeping your head in the same position for a long time, like when you are glaring at a computer screen which is a very common outcome related to modern job profiles. The herbal oils applied to the neck and shoulders help to release stress from neck muscles and also relieve you from rheumatic pain and muscular spasms.


Ayurveda Foot Massage

The Pada Abhyanga or the foot massage carried from the foot up to the knee is a very powerful and effective massage. It can help improve the function of internal organs, cure numbness, cracking of heels, and fatigue. If you are spending a holiday in Sri Lanka, an Ayurveda retreat with qualified and experienced staff like those at Surya Lanka Ayurveda Beach Resort will give you the chance to enjoy a perfect Ayurvedic massage.

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