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List of fun activities in Phuket – Indulge in the finest of water sports

Phuket is generally considered a haven for water sports. Every inch of the stunning coastline offers facilities for a range of activities and is not hard to see why.



An exhilarating experience, parasailing should be high up on your list if you can handle it. Almost all the popular beaches have a number of operators but the hotbed for parasailing is the Patong Beach that is quite close to most luxury villas in Phuket, Thailand. The price varies from each operator. On average, you can expect to pay between 800-1300 baht for a single ride that goes on for a maximum of five minutes. Prepare for some hard bargaining in order to get the best price. The rider is then lectured on safety protocols and given a life jacket before the ride begins.


Phuket Wake Park

Said to be one of the most gruelling activities on the island, the Phuket Wake Park offers a thrilling wakeboarding and wake surfing experience for both pros and beginners alike. The activities happen on a large 410-meter long manmade lake that is stocked with 2 sesitec cable frameworks. The shorter one of the two cables target the amateurs while the other runs through the entire length of the lake. Experienced trainers teach the basics and the wakeboards and the rest of the equipment can be hired. Not just for the adventure savvy crowd, the bar and restaurant is an ideal place for people of all ages. Located close to the centre of the island, the park is an hour's drive from most beachside resorts such as the Kata Rocks.



Out of the sixteen beaches on the western coast, approximately half of them offer the chance for windsurfing. The Patong Beach itself has over seven windsurfing operators on its shores. While it might sound like something reserved for professionals, most places offer training for newbies looking to learn windsurfing. This makes Phuket well suited for both pros as well as first timers. During the monsoon season that occurs on the months of November to May, the steady winds combined with the calm waters offer a great setting for windsurfing. The best times are between November to February. After May until October, the seas are usually too rough to try out windsurfing, especially if you are inexperienced. Independent companies offer good service, but the equipment used at hotels are generally of better quality. Of course, they tend to be more expensive as a result.


Hobbie Cat

Sailing is one of those activities that seem tough at first glance, but once you dabble in it, you realize it is not that difficult. Usually, the hotel you stay in should have a cat or a dinghy boat, failing which you can find plenty of operators along any of the main beaches. Many of the rules of windsurfing apply to sailing too. Hence, the best times for sailing is during the monsoon season between the months of November and May. Stay off the seas between May and October as the seas get too rough.