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Best Aviation courses to follow in Sri Lanka - Learn to fly, land and everything in between!

Aviation is a subject that's spoken about a lot in the last few years and many institutes have begun offering these to prospective students in Sri Lanka. Let's look at some of the best ones available.


Airline Cabin Crew Training

If an exciting career working with some of the world's leading airlines is something you dream of, an Airline Cabin Crew Training course could be exactly what you're looking for. It would give you a sound foundation in all the aspects of working within the cabin crew that could prove to be one of the most exciting opportunities of your life.


Aircraft Maintenance Technician Programme

There are a plethora of Engineering Degrees in Sri Lanka that one can look out for however, the Aircraft Maintenance Technician Programme is an excellent choice to consider. Focusing on basic aviation knowledge and then specializing in airframes or engines, a course like this leads towards an Aircraft Maintenance (Engineers) License. The CINEC Campus offers this course based on the "EASA" (European Aviation Safety Agency) syllabus that is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka. It also offers various other courses within the aviation field to choose from.


Aircraft Flight Dispatcher / Flight Operations Officer Course

As a flight dispatcher or flight operations manager, you assist as a second officer to the pilot in command on planning the navigating or flight route, taking into account various factors like aircraft performance, thunderstorm and turbulence forecasts and various other information. A course such as this prepares you for said tasks and is a great option if you're seeking for on-ground work within the aviation industry.


Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Program

The Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Program is a great option if your dream is to become an airline pilot. It's generally a two and a half year program in four stages with all the areas within the Airline Transport Pilot License Ground Theory being covered. (Airframes and Systems, Air Law, Electronics, Operational Procedures, General and Radio Navigation, Meteorology, Flight Performance, Communication, Instrumentation, Flight Planning and Monitoring etc.) The flight training for this course consists of 180 hours of training divided across General Handling, Cross Country Flying, Instrument Flying, Night Flying and Twin Engine Endorsement. Further details on this can be found on the internet if this is a program that seems ideal for you.


Professional Diploma in Air Cargo Operations

Maintaining the physical integrity of shipped goods is the key message in handling air cargo, all the while adhering to rules of safety and security. A course such as this would cover such grounds by providing you with the tools and techniques necessary to ensure that your warehouse processes are safe, cost-effective and efficient. Theoretical concepts like warehouse safety and emergency procedures are some of the lessons taught within this program. If you have an interest in operations and infrastructure relative to air cargo, this is an ideal subject to consider.

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