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How Can I Learn Self Defense?

You can’t escape it. Every single day the headlines are slapping you in the face. “Co-ed Found Strangled.” “Mother of Three Raped and Murdered.” “Pedophile Kidnaps Ten-year-old.”

What’s the solution? Well, you could hire a full-time bodyguard or you could barricade yourself and your family inside your home and never leave. Most of us aren’t in a position to hire a bodyguard and never leaving our homes is near impossible so what’s left? The best weapon at our disposal is knowledge.

Female Self Defense

Must have self defense knowledge that a female needs in ordeer to survive an assault.

Self Defense Techniques to Ward Off a Potential Assailant

Learn how to incapcitate an attacker so that you can escape.

Principles Of Maintaining Physical Security

Learn what is involved in making both the outside as well as the inside of your home or businessdifficult for an intruder.

Avoid Being Attacked

Knowing how to defend yourself is great, and it is something that everybody should learn how to do. Avoiding being attacked altogether, however, is even better,

All Is Fair in Love and Self-Defense

All is fair in love and war. We've all heard that before. While self-defense may not be defined as "war," all is still fair. It is important to remember that

Stun Master Stun Guns

STUN MASTER® has been a leading brand in the stun gun industry since 1994 making it a true icon in the world of self-defense. Maintaining this level of success

Pepper Shot™ Pepper Spray

Pepper Shot™ Pepper Spray

Quality Self Defense Weapons For Women

No one wants to be caught in a bad situation with no means to defend themselves. But the good news is that there are various forms of self defense weapons for

Types Of Stun Guns For Self Defense

Types Of Stun Guns For Self Defense

Safety and Self Defense in the News

Safety and Self Defense in the News

What You Should Do to Prevent Sexual Assault

Tips to help you avoid situations that could result in sexual assault.

Avoid Being A Victim of Crime With These Personal Safety Tips

Learn tips and procedures that will keep you safe, both inside and outside.

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Vigilant PPS-80 Panda Personal Alarm With Dual LED Flashlight and Rip Cord Activation Strap Vigilant PPS-80 Panda Personal Alarm With Dual LED Flashlight and Rip Cord Activation Strap: Home Improvement


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