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Blockchain and the Internet of Things

Resources about the increasing importance and initiatives regarding IoT and blockchain.


Blockchain and IoT Convergence: Benefits and Challenges

A very comprehensive piece by Ahmed Banafa of the San Jose State University on the various aspects of IoT and blockchain convergence in the January 2017 newsletter of the IEEE. Do also read the comments.

Blockchain and IoT convergence explained

An IBM developerWorks TV video, made at the occasion of IBM's move into the IoT blockchain space whereby the convergence of blockchain and the Internet of Things is discussed. Obviously it mentions IBM’s efforts and solutions in the space but if you are new to blockchain technology, the usage of it and of course how the Internet of Things and blockchain (can) work together, you’ll certainly learn a few things too.

Blockchain and IoT Convergence presentation

An excellent overview of the many aspects of the convergence of IoT and blockchain by expert Ahmed Banafa of the San Jose State University whom we mention several times in this list.

Blockchain and IoT with Alex Tapscott: IoT Needs A Ledger of Things

Alex Tapscott sums up applications across 11 segments for IoT and blockchain. Alex is the is the co-author of "Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin is Changing Money, Business, and the World" with his bestselling father Don Tapscott.

Blockchains and IoT. Input for debate.

A somewhat older SlideShare on IoT and blockchains by Willi Schroll, which served as an input for debate but serves as a good basis.

Blockchain & the IoT

Presentation by Mat Keep of mongoDB from Bosch Connected World, providing an overview of Blockchain, applications within the IoT, and how to get started evaluating the potential benefits

Four areas where blockchain can transform IoT

Gary Eastwood tackles 4 important areas where blockchain can transform the Internet of Things: 1) the leverage of blockchain to improve workflow and provide instant overviews, 2) asset life cycle management on a blockchain, 3) infrastructure management using blockchain and 4) guaranteeing the safety and reliability of the food supply chain. Blockchain can also help alleviate security concerns, enable third party verification and avoid multiple inputs of the same information across IoT devices.

How can blockchains improve the Internet of Things? | Coin Center

Peter Saint-Andre of Filament explains how blockchains can bolster the security and reliability of the Internet of Things by providing decentralized identity, payments, and ledgers for connected devices.

Is blockchain tech the missing link for the success of IoT?

Blockchain and IoT with the example of Modum, a blockchain-driven data integrity solution for transactions of physical products, which has a blockchain solution that removes the margin for error that many logistics businesses accept as the status quo.

Postscapes Blockchain IoT Projects and Applications | 2017 Guide

Exhaustive overview of blockchain and IoT from Postscapes with blockchain IoT projects and applications.