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Updated by Nathalie Martin on Dec 30, 2017
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Super Cute & Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Christenings

Buying a gift for a Christening is always a tricky purchase to make, should you go with something sentimental or something practical? Do you go traditional or contemporary? What happens when the baby, is not exactly a baby anymore?

Luckily for you, I have faced these dilemmas and from my experience I have managed to stumble upon some great ideas that will cover all bases.

A Personalised Baby Towel to Keep Them Swaddled and Safe!

The growing trend in recent years of personalised baby gifts is a great way to put a little individual flair, while avoiding those embarrassing moments of buying the same present as others.

Parents will love the combined functionality and personal aspects of this kind of gifts. Another great thing is the large variety of colours, sizes and inscriptions!

A Sentimental Solid Silver Cast of Bubba's Feet!

If you want to give the little one the royal treatment or just have a lot of cash to burn, then getting a solid sliver cast of the baby’s feet is the way to go.

Pippa Middleton took this route when she was getting Prince George’s Christening present and it is easy to see why. The level of detail and accurate depiction of their feet at a precious time of their life makes this gift worth its weight in gold or in this case, sliver.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to provide the ultimate memento as a Christening gift then you cannot go wrong. Parents will be fascinated by it and it will stay in the family for a very long time.

Thoughtful presents for the people you love will reinforce a truly special bond that you have with them. So, do not worry, whichever option you decide upon, your present is bound to be a conversation starter that will be admired both on the day itself and for years to come.

A Sparkling Momento to be Treasured!

Traditionally sliver cutlery sets were the gift of choice for Christenings, as they satisfied both the need for a religious connection and a thoughtful gift.

Now-a-days, most parents are more interested in items that will go on to hold nostalgic value rather than simply sliver. New parents don’t host the same occasions they used to and it will probably end up sitting in the back of the cupboard until its sold online!

A modern take on the traditional sliver gift is to instead give something a little more unique, such as a silver spoon or cute cufflinks, which can be customised for the message of your choice or even the new arrival's finger, hand or footprints! This type of gift is a lovely blend of sentiment and practicality, while providing a nod to the traditionalists (aka the grandparents).

A Gorgeous Store for Memories

If you are looking for a gift that will pull on the heartstrings of the parents, then a trinket box is the way to go.

These small but adorable creations, decorated with loving quotes and stars, are perfect for capturing the most significant moments of the baby’s growth whether that be their first lock of hair, first tooth or even their first bracelet.

Parents love the practicality of having somewhere to store these memories and they truly are a thoughtful gift that will be enjoyed long after the Christening is over.

A Classic Book Collection

We all have those treasured childhood memories of lying in bed listening to one of our favourite stories being read to us by our parents. This is why books have always been a very popular choice for Christening presents, particularly those with religious connotations. However, in the modern day, it has moved more towards classic children’s books that can be enjoyed by all the family.

There are so many beautifully presented sets out there now that it can be hard to choose what would be the right one for the budding family. But if you want to go for something sentimental, try to find out the parent’s favourite books as a child and complete a life circle by allowing both child and parent to share special moments together.

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