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Making With Materials


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Everyday Things That Look Totally Different Under A Microscope - Part 1 - Best of Web Shrine

Even boring hair looks awesome under a microscope. But how everyday things looks under a Electron Microscope? Just take a look.

Research Pebblego

Aligned to Next Generation Science Standards! Covers life, physical, earth and space sciences plus technology and engineering!

What's an Engineer? Crash Course Kids #12.1

You've heard of Engineers, I'm sure. But, what are Engineers? Well, it turns out that they're all kinds of people doing all kinds of neat work! Want to be on...

The Engineering Process: Crash Course Kids #12.2

So, how do we go about being engineers? In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina talks to us about the Engineering Process and why we should do things i...

How to Do the Paper Book Tower Experiment | Science Projects

Like these Kid's Activities !!! Check out the official app Watch more How to Do Small Science Projects for Children videos: http://ww...

Architecture Adventure: Crash Course Kids #47.2

If we want to build a place for us to live, or to hang out, or do eat dinner with our friends, we're going to need a special kind of engineering called archi...

The "Dome Home" Fends Off Hurricanes

The architectural design of the Dome Home might be the future of building codes in order to withstand hurricane force winds and intense storm surges. (from D...

10 Amazing Underground Homes

From underground houses that look like hobbit homes or even a house that look like it was from the Teletubbies, these are amazing!

What Makes Bridges So Strong?

A SciShow Kids viewer wrote us to ask how bridges are strong enough to carry cars and trucks! Jessi and Squeaks can explain -- with blocks! ---------- Like S...

Building Strong Bridges - Kids Science Experiments

Welcome to Champak SciQ, where we teach you simple science experiments which you can do it at home. You will Need: 1. Coins 2. 2 Markers 3. A4 Size Sheet Pap...

China is 3D Printing Full Apartment Buildings & Mansions - The Know

A construction firm in china has just 3D printed the world's tallest structure, a five-story apartment building, and an enormous mansion. Written By: Ashley ...

Science Max: Experiments at Large

We are taking science experiments to a whole new level! Watch large-scale experiments that are fun and educational!


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Strong Structures with Triangles | Design Squad

See how Nate uses triangles to make strong, stable, and supportive structures.

Why Are Triangles Stronger Than Squares?

One shape is clearly superior and thus commonly used in construction and engineering, but why? HOW TO BUILD EVERYTHING Wednesdays 10/9c on Science http://www...

Pop's Bridge

Read aloud book for third grade Pop's Bridge book by Eve Bunting, C.F. Payne

Culture Trip - Art Out Of Waste | Facebook

This sculpture is made from tonnes of ocean waste 😢

60 Second Docs Presents - Recycled Homes | Facebook

Architect crafts homes from trash.

Why do buildings fall in earthquakes? - Vicki V. May | TED-Ed

Earthquakes have always been a terrifying phenomenon, and they’ve become more deadly as our cities have grown — with collapsing buildings posing one of the largest risks. But why do buildings collapse in an earthquake? And how can it be prevented? Vicki V. May explains the physics of why it is not