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Updated by Frankie Cochrane on Oct 13, 2017
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7 Things Your Hair Stylist Wants You To Know

There are all sorts of ways you could be damaging your hair without even realising it. Here are seven things your hair stylist wants you to know that will help them to help you keep your hair in the very best condition possible.


1. Use the right shampoo

1. Use the right shampoo

If you've used the same shampoo for 20 years, you're using the wrong shampoo! Your hair now will be different and it needs a different sort of care
If you're using a shampoo with sulphates in it you may be using the wrong shampoo. Tangles, frizz and split ends are a good indication that you should consider a sulphate free version.


2. Everyone needs a deep conditioner sometimes

2. Everyone needs a deep conditioner sometimes

This is especially true if your hair is dry, damaged or split. If you're planning to get a colour applied it's best to start using deep conditioner for a week before your treatment and continue for a week after it's done. Even if none of this applies, you should still use a deep conditioner once a week


3. You should never, ever brush your hair when it's wet

3. You should never, ever brush your hair when it's wet

Wet hair is weaker than dry. If you force a brush though it you'll end up with lots of broken strands. Get rid of tangles in wet hair by using a wide toothed comb to work conditioner through. Start from the bottom and work your way up in successive strokes.


4. Yes, you do need a heat protector

Heat protection products will seal in shine, calm frizz, and protect your hair from the drying out that can happen with hot styling. Don't skip it!


5. Apply styling products with a light hand

5. Apply styling products with a light hand

Apart from the heat protector you may need either a volumiser or frizz controller and probably a finishing product. For the rest....use oils and cremes with caution, they'll just weigh your hair down and over time product build-up will lead to dullness.


6. Salon colour really is better than high street products

Your hairdresser has their professional reputation, not to mention their pride invested in the results they get. So it's no surprise that they invest in the best products on the market. The high street store is mainly thinking about high-volume turnover, so they buy in with an eye for profit margins.


You're not getting your hair trimmed often enough

Even if you're trying to grow your hair out, regular trims are essential to get rid of split ends. If you're desperate not to lose length ask for a 'dusting' , your stylist will go though in sections, maybe only removing a millimeter but still dramatically improve the condition of your hair.

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