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Decorate your beard for the holidays with Beardaments’ facial hair baubles! Visit our store for beard ornaments, Glitterbeard, beard oils and other beard gift ideas.

Beard Gift Ideas

Decorate your beard for the holidays with Beardaments’ facial hair baubles! Visit our store for beard ornaments, Glitterbeard, beard oils & beard gift ideas.

Christmas Beard Glitter Is Here To Stay For A Time To Come

Glittering your beard requires an applicator brush, a container of ultra-fine Glitterbeard and a bottle of pre-glitter beard oil. You also need to buy it from the people who offer top-rated beard decorating and glittering products to ensure that your whiskery glitter stays for the time until your party's well and truly over.

Let Your Decorated Beard Spread The Christmas Joy!

Men crave for attention, just like women do, and they're always thinking about creative ways they can look different from other men. For all men who sport moustache or beard (longer), there's a range of Beard Christmas Accessories available in the market which can make them look like a Christmas star of the party in a simple yet creative way.

Inventive Ways To Dress-up Your Beard This Christmas

While searching for matching Beard Ornaments In Stores, don't miss these colorful beard baubles which are easy to clip to your beard. Beard baubles come in Christmas-themed colors of green, red, white and golden which imparts a cheerful look to your persona during the holidays. And this is probably the only time of the year when you can sport a colorful beard.

Quality Beard Care Products And Your Beard- The Inseperable Connection

Many men buy Beard Ornaments for party occasions but they can't decorate their beards all year round, it will look silly! But what they can use all year round is good quality, natural and organic beard care products to ensure that their beard remains lush, shiny, and healthy and does not offends anyone who comes near to them. Below are some pointers which help your beards looking at their best. Read on to know more about it.

Why Bearded Men Should Use Organic Beard Oil

You have let your beard grow for days, weeks, and months because you love you beard and are proud to flaunt it. It makes you appear “macho” and makes you feel so manful. That said, growing beard long is one thing and nurturing it with care is another. You need to ensure that you are using Best Natural Beard Oil which is made of only natural and organic ingredients to keep your beard healthy year-around.

3 Great Christmas Gift Ideas For Bearded Men

Holiday Beard Ornaments: We know very well that beards are hot these days and more and more men are sporting beard (long or short) to change their conventional, clean shaven outer look to more macho and masculine look. Colorful beard accents are easy to use, cute and cheerful gift ideas for men who are willing to be bold and inventive with their beards during the festive season.

Why Beard Decor Gift Is Great Christmas Gift Idea

There's a wide range of Christmas gifts that you can choose to give to bearded men who are essential part of your family circle, office, or your community. Beard Christmas gifts are non-conventional yet cool gifts which can surprise bearded men and make them love their beard even more than before. If you're wondering how beard ornaments make for a unique and thoughtful christmas gifts, read on to know more about it.

Decorating Beards Using Glitter, Baubles and Organic Oil

Be it clothes or hairstyles, men and women are embracing the current trend of sporting bold, bright, colorful, and strikingly distinctive colors in their daily attire which also includes Glitter Beard in men. It's not uncommon to see men and women adding swathes of color and sparkle to their regular hair as well as facial hair.

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Beardaments' beard ornaments are the best way to Season Up Your Beard for the holidays. Made with small clips for maximum beard attachment; Beardaments will attach to most beards without falling off! Beardaments are great for: lumberjacks, Grizzly Adams, fishermen, Abraham Lincoln, bearded ladies, pets, thickets of chest hair and anyone else proud of their facial hair!

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Maintaining a beard is easier said than done. Just like you need a good quality hair oil for your hair to keep it strong and shining, you also need organic beard oils to keep beards healthy all year round. One of the better beard gift ideas, a good quality natural beard oil contains all-natural, refined oils to moisturize your skin as well as add shine and luster to it.

Get Your Beard Ready To Rock The Party!

Nowadays, bearded look is in and every man seems to be following this latest trend which aims to give more 'tough' look to the guys. Facial hair, if cared for properly, can bring a drastic change in your overall personality. And not to forget beard ornaments, which can easily make you the toast of Christmas and New Year's celebrations.

3 Reasons To Fall For Bearded Men!

Bearded Men Look More Trendy: Bushy-faced Hollywood stars like George Clooney and Ben Affleck have made many women weak in their knees and their fans seem to have followed a suit. Men are buying beard growth oils and supplements, beard baubles and glitter beard, facial hair stimulants to have more thicker and longer beard.

Making That Beard Grow Really Thick And Long

You can find many good quality beard ornaments in stores which are popular amongst bearded men for their ease of using and negligible side effects on both facial skin as well as facial hair. Only use natural beard oil to add lusture and softness to your beard hair.

Buy Beard Decoration Gift Pack For Bearded Employees

Gifts are available aplenty in markets and there's such a wide range of gifts available in retail stores that you can very easily get confused as to which gift you should actually buy. If you're an employer and looking for Christmas gifts for your male employees, there are quite a few options but none is more unique and quirkier than colorful beard ornaments in store!

Common Frequently Asked Questions Related To Beard Christmas Accessories

When it comes to Christmas or New Year parties, bearded men spend a lot of time contemplating what they can do to make their beards appear more attractive and seasoned up. The good news for such bearded men is that now they can buy beard Christmas accessories to dazzle their beards and add festive character to it.

Getting Rid Of Itching Beard

Are you one of those guys who wanted to sport a long and thick beard, but left your passion for a beard because of constant and annoying itching? Never mind, you are not the only guy who skipped trying to keep a beard because of itching. Nothing to feel bad about it guys because itching can get to your head, but there's a solution to every problem and best natural beard oil may very well be the solution for this common problem.

Making Christmas Colorful With Colored Beards

Bearded men are very appealing and they seem to have this 'manly' look about them which is very hard to resist. This is not to say that all beards qualify as best beards. There were times when bearded men were quite ignorant of how to decorate their beards on special occasions, such as Christmas parties and New Year celebrations. However, times have changed and now you get top quality beard Christmas accessories to make your beard the true star of the show.

It's not uncommon for many bearded men to use glitter beard products to stand out in the parties and spread joy and enthusiasm wherever they go during holidays. Christmas beard accessories have given whole new dimension to the way men prepare for the parties.

Dazzle Your Beard With Beard Gift Ideas

If you want to add luster to your beard and keep it looking soft and shiny, you have to make extra efforts. You can even help your friends in making their beard more attractive with beard gift ideas that help to make your beard add fun and spark to right moments.

Let Your Beard Spread Joy And Merriness This Christmas

Couple of years back, if you talked of decorating your beard for Christmas or New Year, people would have laughed at you as there was no fashion trend amongst bearded men to decorate their beards. It was mainly due to lack of Christmas beard glitter in the market that men were often unconscious of the fact that they can use their beard to a great effect while partying around.