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Headline for Must have fruits during the pregnancy – Essentials for the Foetus
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Must have fruits during the pregnancy – Essentials for the Foetus

The nine months leading towards the birth of your child are crucial and any good mother has to ensure she consumes all the necessary food that is crucial for child's healthy development.



When it comes to fruits, few are more abundant than apricots when it comes to nutrients, minerals and vitamins. This fruit contains calcium, iron, potassium and vitamins A, C and E. Apricots are essentially a super-food and are absolutely loaded with most of the essential nutrients a developing baby would need. They are rich in iron, which is essential in combating anaemia. The recommended amount is two apricots a day.



One of the most crucial requirements for a developing baby is Vitamin C since it strengthens the body against disease and various illnesses. Cherries are an incredibly potent source of vitamin C, and in addition to that, aid the flow of blood to the placenta. Melatonin is also abundant in cherries. This is a potent antioxidant that catalyses the development of cells, which is particularly important during the stages where the mother's belly is expanding.



During pregnancy, a woman's appetite and cravings can sky-rocket. Out of all the various foods available,grapes make one of the best choices when it comes to snacks. Grapes are incredibly well-rounded and contain vitamins, fibre, organic acids, pectin and folic acids, all of which are vital during pregnancy. The antioxidants contained within grapes include flavonol, linalool, anthocyanins, tannin and geraniol, which combine to boost immunity and intercept infections. Grapes are one the particularly abundant fruits in Sri Lanka and can easily be found in supermarkets such as Keells Super. Grapes also contain polyphenols which fortify the functions of the heart.



When it comes to food that will detoxify the body, apples are one of the most potent in their capabilities. Eating apples help the body rid itself of toxicities such as mercury and lead. Eating apples will also aid in enhancing the immune system of the baby and reducing the possibility of the child contracting asthma, wheezing, and eczema later on in life. The insoluble fibres in apples will help with the digestive system of the mother and decrease the possibility of intestinal disorders while improving the metabolism.



As we venture further into the pregnancy, and the third trimester approaches, the mother's caloric intake will have to increase. In this regard, mangoes make a brilliant addition to the diet due to their higher caloric content. Much like cherries, mangoes also have high amounts of vitamin C, with just one cup delivering 100% of the required daily dose of vitamin C. Mangoes can go a long way in helping digestion and reducing the chance of constipation. They are also rich in fibre, antioxidants and energy. The higher amount of calories present in mangoes will ensure she has the energy she needs to make it through the latter stages of the pregnancy. Mangoes are also high in vitamin A, which decreases the child's chances of encountering immunity-related issues and respiratory infections.

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