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Must have foods everyday – The Daily Essential

Eating healthy is absolutely crucial to ridding yourself of disease and ensuring you remain that way. A smart diet is exponentially more important if exercise is a regular feature in your life.



The world recently encountered an almost universal obsession with kale, but many are unaware that thisclassic leafy-green is one of ten that are healthier than kale. Spinach is a potent source of plant-based omega-3s as well as folate, which combine to greatly reduce the risk of heart disease, strokes and even osteoporosis. Folate can help you fight against age-related sexual ailments since it helps channel blood towards the lower regions. Last but not least, spinach is rich in lutein, a compound which actively prevents muscular degeneration. If you consume a single cup of raw spinach everyday or half a cup of cooked spinach daily then it shall be a sufficient amount.



This is one of the oldest foods that are still being consumed since it boasts a history of more than two-thousand years. The range of beneficial properties possessed by yoghurt is astonishing and contributes to boosting your immune system as well as protecting the body from cancer. Not all yoghurt however is made equal, so be careful for ones that are high in sugar and calories. It's recommended you stay clear of flavoured yoghurt since their healthy properties are overshadowed by unhealthy ones. Not all yoghurts are probiotic either, so be sure to check for a label proclaiming them to be so, or keep an eye out for those with 'live and active cultures'. The best thing about yoghurt is it can be found in any supermarket such as Keells Super.



When it comes to Sri Lankan vegetables few are abundantly available as the mighty tomato. When buying tomatoes, remember that the redder they are, the better they are. This is because their colour indicates the amount of lycopene present in them. Lycopene is very easy for the body to absorb and it actively decreases the body's chances of contracting cancer of the bladder, lungs, prostate, skin, and even the stomach. The daily requirement of lycopene is 22mg, which is around eight small cherry tomatoes or a glass of tomato juice.



The almighty carrot is also a potent source of many nutrients, especially carotenoids, which can be found in most fruits and vegetables which are red, yellow or orange in colour. Carotenoids are easily fat-soluble and, much like tomatoes can reduce the possibilities of encountering a wide range of cancers. An individual's chances of contracting severe inflammatory issues such as asthma and rheumatoid arthritis can also be reduced by eating a sufficient amount of carrots. Of the many foods containing carotenoids, almost none are as easy to prepare as carrots. These large orange fingers are also quite low in calories compared to other foods rich in carotenoids. The recommended daily intake of carrots is around a half-cup per day. There are many ways to enjoy carrots as well, from eating raw baby carrots to delicious carrot cake.

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