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AIS Glass

AIS is India's leading integrated glass solutions company and a dominant player in the car glass segment commanding over 74% of the Indian market.

4 Ways to Make Your Home Smarter With Glass

Glass has undergone smart innovations as well in order to bring not just aesthetics but other features to your home’s design as well. Special laminated glasses such as AcousticglasTM have a PVB interlayer between glass sheets.

The most preferred automotive glass for OEMs

The automobile industry places utmost importance on safety, and therefore, manufacturers are always looking for the highest quality material.Glass is a critical component in automobiles. Special kind of glass called automotive glass is used in windows, mirrors and the windshields.

The versatility of Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass manufactured by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength.It is also known as toughened glass. It is primarily used in automotive windows, architectural glass doors and windows, cookware, and mobile devices.

The Best Glass Type for Your Swimming Pool Glazing

A swimming pool is always a great addition to any house, and not just because of the fun and relaxation that it has to offer. A well-designed swimming pool can elevate the aesthetics of your house as well, thereby contributing to a rise in the property value.

The Importance of Auto Glass

There was a time when cars had no windows, and were designed to be open air, before the car windscreen became mainstream. Ever since that happened, windshields have been ever-present in automobile.

All You Need to Know About Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is used for specific purposes where added strength is required. It is also popularly known as toughened glass. Toughening is a process which makes the glass invulnerable to tensile

How Glass Makes Your Home Energy Efficient

Today home designs include planning of home orientation, landscaping, façade design and usage of energy efficient glass windows and doors.

Glass solutions for modern interiors

A good substitute to these traditional materials is glass; with advancements in technology, several types of glass are strongly emerging as the perfect interior decor material for any space.


The ability of controlling the amount of light and privacy makes smart glass/switchable glass an ideal choice for windows and skylights.

Modernise and upgrade your current structure with AIS Retro-fitting solutions

Innovative glass solutions that offer energy efficiency and sound insulation are a primary choice for many individuals. In addition, the widespread focus on sustainable architecture has led to modern materials like glass playing a major role in current construction. However, a lot of buildings that currently exist were made before these innovative solutions came into play. Replacing and re-building the entire structure to incorporate these solutions may not be feasible for everyone.

AIS: Enabling a future that sees moreAIS is India’s leading integrated glass company. Being a leader in glass solutions

AIS – Trust the experts for world-class solutions in glass

With a whole range of glass products available, enlist the expertise of a specialist to give your space world-class solutions in glass.


The Indian Green Building Council classifies a green building as one which uses less water, optimises energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, generates less waste and provides healthier spaces for occupants, as compared to a conventional building.If you go for eco-friendly building design you can save 20%- 30% energy.

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass manufactured by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength

Why Should You Install Heat Reflective Glass In Your Shop?

Reflective glass comes equipped with special technology thatreflects the infrared portion of sunlight from the surface.Heat reflective glass is made from applying a specialcoating on the float glass surface.


This safety and resilient quality of toughened glass makes it a perfect fit for homes, especially those with young children.Another benefit of choosing this material is that it is very flexible and versatile, allowing you to customize it as per your choice and requirements.

Home Spaces Where You Can Use Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is just perfect to be used in the windows of the bedroom. It helps in creating a dim-lit setting by keeping the excess light away from entering the room.

AIS Glass | uPVC doors & windows

uPVC offers eco-friendly alternative to wood for making of doors, windows. uPVC stands for Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride.If you have ever considered replacing your old wooden window's or your rusty glass window frames with a more innovative and classy look, there are a considerable amount of window styles to choose from.

Best Glass Types for Constructing an Energy-Efficient Building

Ecosense, manufactured by AIS, is a great solar control energy efficient glass solution which lets the building use the sunlight to brighten up the interiors while eliminating the factor of heat.

5 Places to Use Tempered Glass At Home

Glass suppliers have manufactured toughened glass such as laminated and tempered glass to widen the possible use of glass. Tempered glass offers structural rigidity and is appropriate for windows.

Solar Control Glass consists of high content of iron which absorbs and reduces the unbearable heat inside the cabin. It reduces one’s dependency on the air conditioner by 10-15 % as well.

3 Laminated Glass Types You Should Know About

Depending upon their usage and functionality, there are many different types of laminated glass available in the market.Frist one is Laminated Glass for Noise Cancellation secons one is Laminated Glass for Security & Safety and thrid one is Laminated Glass for Automotive Windshields. For more visit my post.

Why is Tinted Heat-absorbing Glass Your Solution for the Summer

The tinted heat-absorbing glass has been wrought to absorb the excessive heat at the exterior of a building, thereby keeping the interiors cool and saving on air conditioning costs.


Modern innovations in architecture and design have changed the entire functionality of glass as a building material.A revolutionary invention, smart glass solutions like the swytchglas offer inhabitants privacy as and when they want.

Advantages of Frosted Glass Windows

Doors and windows are an important part of any home.Frosted glass is made from acid etching of annealed glass, and is helpful in creating a strong design statement in the interiors.