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Popular Facebook Groups

Add names of few of popular open facebook groups that you know.

Organic & Free Community Garden Group

Organic & Free Community Garden Group

Organic garden group. Share, teach and promote safe and healthy solutions. Permaculture, GMO free, Pesticide & Herbicide free, Save the BEES and more.




ou➽Our group is OPEN to anyone who is/has juiced or interested in learning more about juicing and exploring all the different avenues toward a healthy eating lifestyle. If, you love Juicing & loves exploring new ways to improve life through food -outlook- exerciseWe all are here for the same purpose- HEALTH- WEIGHT LOSS- Friendships/Support- We travel this RAINBOW journey together as a

Please use it as your own
Write your daily journal- questions- tips whatever you want
It is ours to share this amazing journey together
Please feel free to ASK- SUGGEST- VENT- ect
➽ “Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.”
― Tony Robbins
➽ "Reboot is a personal Journey led by the body and the mind of the person."
~Susan Wells

¸.•´¸.•¨`. ¸.•¨.¸¸.•¨`
(¸¸¸.•¨`•.•´.¸.•´ .•´¸¸.•¨`*• Thank you for sharing YOUR journey with us

Movie Enthusiasts (of Southern New England)

This is a social group of fellow movie fanatics who like to get together to view new movies at local movie theaters primarily in the South Shore area (South of Boston - Braintree/Randolph)




We, the members of the LGBTQ+ group, believe that, though our sexual and gender identity is part of who we are, it isn't, by a long shot, everything that we are.

We express our needs/wants/hopes/frustrations in order to normalize our experience and to create a strong confident united voice that will help create opportunities for positive steps towards a better society/culture/world.

In terms of posting, we recommend that new members see what this group is all about before diving in. If you find a respectful relevant news article, picture, funny meme please submit it and we'll be happy to make sure it finds its way onto the wall.

We do not post nudity or any sexuality explicit imagery. This is an all ages platform, please keep that in mind.

If a post is not appropriate an admin will contact you directly and let you know why it is not being posted. Keep an eye on your "other" folder.

Also if you are submitting an image please include a description of the image so that any members using screen readers aren't left out.

If you want to connect with other members, we suggest you can search our member roster and PM one you find interesting or from your area... or, you can add your comment to Marynia Irena's "Welcome" post at the top of the page, introduce yourself, drop a selfie, whatever. That's the place to post questions like, "Anybody here from Grovers Mill, New Jersey?"

Lastly, as this group is for every single sexual orientation and gender identification we want to be super clear that there is no pressure to self disclose. You absolutely can, but you don't have to.

This group is ultimately about respect and being allies to each other.

Lots of love-


Second Chance Stroke Survivors

Second Chance Stroke Survivors

Second Chance Stroke Survivors
We are a Facebook group that encourages each other share our stories. We are not just for stroke survivors we also have many members that are family of a stroke survivor and caregivers for stroke survivors as well.

Hi my name is Aaron Avila, I thought you may want to know who I am.
Currently Age: 52
Born September 1st 1963
Age 47 when I had a major aneurysm and two weeks later had a major stroke:

September 17th 2010

The day the course of my life changed forever!

Deficits: Can't walk, Dysarthria, Balance issue
Married 22+ years to one of the most awesome and amazing women on the planet! Rebecca Avila
Father to the most awesome son on the planet!
Ryan Avila

Born and Raised: Santa Rosa California
Adopted by Verne and Nonie Avila

How I truly feel:
I was the type of guy that could do about anything I set my mind to. Cutting down a 80' tree. . problem! Designing a water or rain harvesting system. . problem! Running a crew building a 100,000 gallon water storage tank. . .. . .. . .. . problem! Running and owning my own companies National Storage Tank and Rain Harvesting Solutions Inc. for over 12 years BS (Before Stroke) done!

Then the course of my life would change forever!
I was doing the day to day grind and I truly believe there was only one thing that would stop me dead in my tracks! A stroke and near death experience!
This event in my life forced me to fully re-evaluate all the things I, like most everyone, took for granted!
Life itself, walking, talking, feeling one with my body, family, friends but I truly believe that I've been given a SECOND CHANCE!

I would come to believe wholeheartedly that this was a type of gift! Yes this stroke is the hardest thing I would ever face!!! But I was alive! Given a gift that the majority of people on this planet don't have! The chance to live two lives in this one! A second chance to learn not to take it all for granted!
In beginning part of me was so angry, suicidal, and felt ripped off but what I have learned since my stroke makes it all worth it! I should have a big sign on my forehead. . .. . ..Under Major Reconstruction! I'm far from learning it all!

I would have to say and know with all my heart that if it was not for my incredible family and friends and their support I'd be in a much different place!
Tears of thankfulness run down my face! Go stroke survivors!


Below is a link to join our Facebook Group.

Never Give Up!

With allot of care!
Aaron Avila


Conspiracy Reality

Welcome to Conspiracy Reality! We are a group dedicated to spreading information about government conspiracies. Anyone is free to post any conspiracy theory as long as it abides by the rules.

Wilmington's Closet

A place for folks of the Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas to sell clothes, shoes, purses, etc!


SQL DBA Professionals

SQL DBA Professionals
This page is dedicated to the community of SQL Server users and a place to share information regarding Microsoft SQL server DBA Technical Queries, Knowledge Sharing ,Interview Questions and Job Opportunities.
Nor Cal Mommies

A private facebook group for Northern California Moms!