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Read the latest SearchUnify blogs and articles related to Artificial Intelligence-driven Enterprise Search in Salesforce, Lithium, Jive, MadCap Flare, GSA and Sites.

Search Unify: Helping Enterprises Provide AI-Powered Self-Service Support

SearchUnify, an AI-Powered enterprise search solution, can help you empower your customer support, integrate all platforms & sites with a single search interface, and answer your customers’ queries in an efficient, timely manner.

Leveraging Cross-Channel Search to Empower Self-Service

Drive self-service support and deliver relevant search results across platforms with Search Unify. Request a demo today and empower your customers, employees, and partners with our AI driven enterprise search platform.

The Role of Enterprise Search in B2B Online Communities

Enterprise Search solutions are as easy to implement as they are to use. Having an intelligent search solution on your community ensures you highly relevant, boosted, usage-specific results that go far beyond the basic community search results. They make it a lot easy to ensure that all your enterprise information is available for your customers in a structured and secured manner.

Enterprise Search & Knowledge Management | SearchUnify

SearchUnify for websites provides visitors with relevant information residing within your site and outside it. It empowers you to see what they are looking for.

Significance of a Search Box on Your Customer Community

Read our blogpost to learn how the design and placement of a search box can influence the search experience of your community users/ site visitors.

Time to Clean Your Content Using Search Analytics

Read our blogpost to learn how real-time Search Analytics helps get greater returns out of your content in three simple steps.

Benefits of Enterprise Search for Community Managers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Community Managers face various challenges – from increasing engagement to improving self-service. Check this infographic to learn how they can overcome those

How AI Will Transform Enterprise Search to Cognitive Search

This blogpost tells how artificial intelligence is helping enterprise search deliver relevant, user-friendly search results, turning it into cognitive search

6 Key Deliberations for Replacing Google Search Appliance

This blog post lists 6 key parameters that will help you evaluate your potential GSA replacement and find a future-ready solution that meets your growing needs.

Real-Time Search Analytics: Your Ingredient to a Winning Business

Data holds the key to unprecedented success. With real-time search analytics, you can tap into its abundant power. Here's how you can make the most of it.

AI & Search Analytics: The Yin and Yang of High-Performing Content Pieces

Analytics play a key role in developing winning content. However, glaring at a screen of stats is never on a writer's bucket list, is it? AI & analytics can

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Customize, analyze and enrich the search experience of your site visitors and community users.

SearchUnify is a modernized, future-proof alternative for GSA that ensures hassle-free transition and comes with advanced features over GSA features.

SearchUnify is a modernized, future-proof alternative for GSA that ensures hassle-free transition and comes with advanced features over GSAs features.

Why Enterprises are Jumping on The Cognitive Bandwagon

These days, enterprise have actively started looking for cognitive search solutions. But why? This post talks about the factors that prompt enterprises to

[INFOGRAPHIC] Enhance Your Salesforce Service Cloud with AI-driven Enterprise Search

Slow case-resolution & scattered knowledge continues to mar the support industry. This infographic shows how cognitive search can eliminate both of them easily.

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SearchUnify for Salesforce community & service cloud empowers support experts to quickly access relevant content and resolve users' queries faster. Read More...

Introducing SearchUnify - The Next-Gen Enterprise Search Solution

SearchUnify is an intelligent enterprise search solution that provides rich insights and relevant search results. It empowers you to become the self-service ...

How Cognitive Search is Delivering Breakthroughs in Lithium Communities

Communities on Lithium are the prefered choice for many organizations. This post highlights how these firms can further streamline their community experience.

Lithium Community Search for Enterprises | Incremental Search

SearchUnify for lithium community provides incremental search & context-aware recommendations helping your community users find the most relevant information.

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Jive community enterprise search provides unified information from across various sources, and improves customer satisfaction with flawless self-help experience. Read More...

Enterprise Search for Project & Content Management System

SearchUnify for MadCap Flare is a self-learning search that provides fast, flawless self-service experience with its cross-platform integration capability. Read More...

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SearchUnify is a modernized, future-proof alternative for GSA that ensures hassle-free transition and comes with advanced features over GSA's features. Read More...

Breaking Down 'Mamba' Release: What the Changes Mean for You

A deep-dive into SearchUnify's 3rd and largest release, Mamba. SearchUnify now supports platforms like Dynamics 365, Drupal and Wordpress along with 35+ out-of-the-box connectors and a universal content source API.