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How To Buy The Cocktail Sari? Tips on Buying Cocktail Sari | Vogue India

Are you looking for how to buy the perfect cocktail sari? Buy cocktail saris having sultry cuts with blouses and drapes that ensure sensual appeal of the sari & the bride is the centre of attention.

Jacqueline Fernandez’s Travel Guide to Tokyo | Vogue India

Read on Jacqueline Fernandez’s ultimate travel guide to Tokyo. She tells you where to go, best street shopping to the coolest bars, where to stay, etc. in Tokyo. Also browse through some unseen images from her trip.

World's Best Fitness Experts Answer Your Health Questions | Vogue India

Hollywood’s topmost & world’s best fitness expert Gunnar Peterson answers your health-related questions. Some questions are related to diet, weight loss, etc. and some are related to a fitness routine, types of workout, etc.

How to Buy Perfect LBD (Little Black Dress)? - Must Have LBD | Vogue India

How to buy the perfect LBD (Little Black Dress) for your basics wardrobe? The presence of an LBD in your essentials is a must & to buy the perfect LBD, check the lace or sequins, the purpose of an LBD, body size & fitting, etc.

10 Beginner-Friendly Yoga Poses to Master | Vogue India

Check out 10 beginner-friendly yoga poses anyone can master. Yoga helps to boost your mood, increase your flexibility, improve your cardiovascular fitness. Yoga also teaches patience, acceptance, etc.

Follow 10 Commandments to Maintain Your Gut Health | Vogue India

Check out Dr Batra’s ten commandments you should follow to maintain your gut health. Follow these health commandments for gut health or the microbiome culture in your body which determines everything.

Ethnic Wear Make Up Tips - How to do Make Up for Ethnic Wear | Vogue India

Check out the tips on how to do makeup for ethnic wear. You must match your make-up with what you are wearing. Don't be loud, or dull. Know where you’re going, don’t skip the kohl, know the occasion, etc.

How to Get Rid of Acne & Blackheads Permanently | Vogue India

Check out the guide on how to get rid of acne and blackheads permanently. These acne & blackheads can be diagnosed, prevented & treated permanently and effectively with the help of this useful guide.

10 Jewellery Pieces to Own This Festive Season | Vogue India

Check out top 10 jewellery pieces to own this festive season from Navrathan Jewellers. Bring out your best jewellery like jhumkas, bangles this festive season from nine precious gems symbolic to feminine energy, beauty, purity, wealth and success.

How to Pick the Perfect Theme for Indian Wedding? | Vogue India

Check out how to pick the perfect theme for your Indian wedding. You must select the destination, decor, entertainment and caterer, culinary experience, and party favours for the guests all in tandem with the theme.

How to be the Perfect Maid of Honour at the Wedding? | Vogue India

How to be the perfect maid of honour at your best friend’s wedding? Be ready with the perfect speech, play by the wedding rules, keep an eye on the time, know about the wedding venue, throw a bachelorette party, etc.

Find the Perfect Wedding Gift for the Couple | Vogue India

How to find the perfect wedding gift for the couple? Find memorable wedding gifts for the newly married couple like fragrant candles, travel tour, cooking vacation, etc. The gift should be creative, practical and they don’t need to re-gift.

Best Hairstyle Ideas on Your Favourite Bollywood Celebrities | Vogue India

Check out 20 hairstyle ideas as seen on your favourite Bollywood celebrities. The best hairstyle trends include frizzy and messy, sophisticated slicked-back pony, messy bun, braids, twisted, etc.

Deepika Padukone’s Unibrow in Padmavati is in News | Vogue India

Deepika Padukone's unibrow in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie Padmavati is making a beauty statement. She is playing the title role of Rani Padmavati in the film. And people are talking about her unique unibrow look.

Budget Pieces That Need to be a Part of Your Fall Wardrobe | Vogue India

Check out these budget pieces that need to be a part of your fall wardrobe. These season's best finds like slip dresses, mini-skirts, leather skirt, track pants, etc. will revamp your autumn-winter wardrobe without hurting the wallet.

What is Brazilian wax - Complete Guide on Brazilian Wax | Vogue India

Read the complete guide on the Brazilian wax. In Brazilian wax, all the hairs are removed around the pelvic region using a soft wax with cloth strips or a hard wax pulled directly once it hardens.

How To Lose Weight With The Bosu Ball Workout? | Vogue India

Have you ever tried the Bosu ball workout to lose weight? Made famous by Kardashian sisters, the Bosu Balance Training is also known as half exercise ball workout. It helps to tone and strengthen, improve core strength, lose weight.

How to Take Care of your Feet After Walking in Heels? | Vogue India

Tips on how to take care of your feet after a night of walking in heels. Choose the right foot-friendly heels, massage your feet, simple stretches for your feet and ankle muscles, using an insole, soaking your feet in salts, etc.

How to Become a Fashion Designer by Manish Malhotra? | Vogue India

Bollywood's favourite fashion designer Manish Malhotra guides on how to become a successful fashion designer. You need to have burning desire to achieve your passion, education, vision & self-belief

3 Ways Malaika Arora Loves to Indulge | Vogue India

Malaika Arora loves to indulge by finding comfort in style at JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar. She gets into the staycation mode, indulging in decadent delicacies at Romano’s, & visiting the spa.

Lingerie Sets to Make You Look and Feel Sexy | Vogue India

Check out 16 lingerie sets that will make you look and feel sexy. These sexiest lingeries sets like leopard print panties and lace bra give you that extra bounce, extra sensuality, in your routine.

Reason Behind Those Bad Headaches in the Morning | Vogue India

There are multiple reasons behind bad headaches in the morning. You might be suffering from migraines, sleep apnea, going through caffeine withdrawal, or alcoholic beverage can lead to bad morning headaches

It is essential to feed and nourish your skin with the right skincare products, especially in your 50s. Check out the night-time skincare routine to avoid dryness, wrinkles and sensitivity, when you are in your 50's.

Theory of Energy Chakras: How to Balance Your Crown Chakra? | Vogue India

The crown chakra is your spiritual chakra & the best way to open it is through meditation, because it melts the distance between the physical and spiritual worlds as it controls several hormones in your body.

Try the 10-minute Yoga Routine to Relax and De-stress | Vogue India

Are you feeling stressed? Try the 10-minute yoga routine to relax and de-stress. The 10-minute stress-relieving yoga workout calms the nervous system & reduces stress, helping you think clearly, and improve memory and focus.