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The BEST iOS Apps for Productivity and Fun

This is a list of apps we cannot live without. Whether it's to help us get our job done, or to kill some time while relaxing, this is our best of the best list!

Funny Camera for Instagram

Check this out! Funny Camera with cool photo effects! People are having tons of fun with it!

Sales Tracking Calendar for Salespeople for iPhone, iPad and Android

How amazing would it be if your schedule book or calendar was so smart that it could use your everyday scheduling data to calculate your pipeline report, closing ratios, track your objective, create a sales plan for you AND send them all to you and your sales manager with one click? Meet Sales Tracking Calendar - created FOR Salespeople BY Salespeople. Oh and now… it’s FREE!
Find it on Google Play at:
or on iTunes at:

Mobile Sales App for iPad, iPhone, or Web | SalesVerge

SalesVerge is a business app for the iPad and iPhone made to help you keep track of customers even before they buy from you. SalesVerge manages your customer relationships on and off the showroom floor. Your customers come back to you, not another salesperson.

Photo Effects Plus By Appsicum .

Wanna transform everyday instants into works of art you’ll want to share with friends and family?Photo Effects Plus helps you to bring the art and talent of Andy Warhol, Picasso, M. F Husain to your iPhone/iPod/iPad Touch photos.Whether you are a professional photographer or just an amateur; Cool Photo Effects will take you to the brand new level of photo creativity.Applying effect(s) is a breeze, so you don’t need to worry if you don’t have any editing experience or technical knowledge. All you need to do is swipe your fingers across the screen and choose an effect. As obviously, that doesn’t require any technical expertise whatsoever.Alternatively, shake your device or tap on app icon in bottom and find a random effect. Don’t worry if you are not a great photographer coz Cool Photo Effects will help your photos look more like you actually intended them to.It is as simple as counting 1 2 3.. select a photo, choose an effect and you are ready to share your art with world through Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, email and various other photo sharing services.

Location Alerts By Appsicum .

Message and call Scheduling but with a Twist! After the great success of our app Future Scheduler, now schedule future text and calls based on the location. • Send text messages as you reach to a specific location • Connect a voice call when you are in a specific area* • Create voice and text reminders to be triggered when you are in a particular place.Why? Well, imagine this. You are leaving the office for a party but there is a twist. You forgot that you were supposed to call wife so that she can get ready by the time you reach home to pick her up. Now you can picture the situation. Can’t you? How great it would be if someone could send a message or connect a call automatically when you leave the office so that she knows about your schedule!Let us consider another scenario. You need to pick something up from downtown which doesn't require you to go immediately but it will be nice if someone could remind you when you were nearby. Sounds familiar? Here we are with Location Alerts! It is a simple yet handy tool which will simplify your life by alerts, reminders and activities which are automatically triggered based on your current location.You can schedule a phone call or text message or a simple reminder (voice or text) and a location where you want this to trigger on. Next time when you reach in certain radius to that location, it will automatically pop a reminder or send message on your behalf. To make it all the more flexible, Location Alerts lets you create the schedule for individual days of week rather than limiting you to traditional daily or weekly kind of arrangement. There are endless examples and use cases where it will come handy and we don’t really need to tell you all of them. You schedule a text to be sent when you leave office so that your wife can prepare the dinner accordingly. You need to pick your wife from subway station after job so when she is one stop to the station, you will get a message. It goes one and on. Location Alerts has a beautiful interface without compromising the simplicity we love our iPhones for. Please refer to to find out how Location Alerts can simplify your life.* Unfortunately Apple does not allow third party apps to automatically send a message or call unless user confirms it. That is part of their security set up and we have to follow that. On our Android app, that’s not the case though. That is why you need to buy credits in case you want to send messages automatically. We use a SMS Gateway for this purpose which is a paid service and hence you need to buy credits. You can however use the app without credits in case you want to send the messages from native iPhone messaging.

Apple Would Create a History on 20th October 2014

After the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, apple is ready with new gifts to be distributed among its fans. Yes, you read it right! Apple would again be in limelight due to the sack of products it has got to offer.

SwiftList iOS App - best list making app ever

This is our go to for making lists, love it, use it every day - check it out.

App Store - 1Password Pro

Get 1Password Pro on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews.

Notability - Take Notes & Annotate PDFs with Dropbox Sync for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Get Notability - Take Notes & Annotate PDFs with Dropbox Sync on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews.

App Store - Pastebot — Command Copy & Paste

Get Pastebot — Command Copy & Paste on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews.

Future Scheduler By Appsicum .

How many times did you forget to send an important Text Message or an Email coz you were too busy with just another chaotic day in office? How many times there was an urgent need to make a crucial phone call and well, thanks to your overcomplicated and busy life, you simply forgot that? How great it would be to automate the schedules for important business meetings, wishing anniversaries/birthdays and even the Facebook/Twitter status updates. Nothing complicated, just take care of those damn recurring events so that we can actually focus on more important things in life?Well, Future Scheduler lets you do just that!Forget having to write down your schedule on papers that often get lost and are never there just when you need them. Automate the recurring events and tasks right on your mobile phone. Schedule a - - Phone Call- Text Message, - Email - Social Media update (Facebook/Twitter)for a future date/time and simply get rid of organizers and diaries. Create alerts with an easy and intuitive interface, set recurrence and that’s pretty much it. When the time comes, Future Scheduler will send the email/text message for you** or connect a call or post a status update on Twitter/Facebook.Moreover, all activities are synced with your calendar to avoid redundant entries. Even if your phone is not with you its still there in your alternative calendar. Think of it as your very own “private secretary” to schedule future phone calls, text message, emails and social media updates in a simple yet efficient manner. Features * Syncs with device calendar.* Snooze function for reminders.* Import contacts from Facebook.* Multiple recipients for text and email.* Log of scheduled activities.* Use templates for text and email.* Recurring events - once, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.* Intuitive and user friendly interface with touch screen in mind.* Integrates with phone book to let you add recipients conveniently.**On iPhone, we don’t have an option to auto send without confirmation, but Big Apple is to blame for that. Unfortunately they do not allow third party apps to automatically send a message or email unless user confirms it. That is part of their security set up and we have to follow that. On Blackberry and Android, that’s not the case though. hat is why you need to buy credits in case you want to send messages automatically. For sending emails, it doesn't cost us and thus we don't charge but for texts we need to use a SMS Gateway and hence you need to buy credits.

IPhone Application Development Company | IPhone App Developers, Hire iOS Game Development Company | Agile Infoways

If you have an idea for an iPhone or iPad app, but don't have the skills to develop it yourself, you're going to need to find an app developer to code it for you. - Hire Dedicated iPhone and iPad Application Developers from mywebprogrammer. We have the best of iPhone App developers for you to Hire on Full Time, Part Time