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#124 Useful Microsoft in Education posts this week

Posts about using Microsoft applications in your classroom

OneNote for iPad Tutorial (2017) With Tips and Tricks

Take fantastic notes with OneNote! OneNote is a great free note-taking app from Microsoft, all need is a Microsoft account to login. This video tutorial will show you how to use OneNote on your iPad from start to finish and give you some fantastic tips and tricks to take amazing notes using OneNote on an iPad. Take great notes for college, for work or just to help keep track of your life!

0:57 Getting started: creating notebooks, sections and pages
6:01 Basic note-taking
10:09 Inserting files, images and PDFs
18:34 Draw tool
22:53 View options
24:18 Adding the OneNote widget
26:03 Searching in OneNote
26:57 Using splitscreen and taking a snapshot
29:38 Taking notes with PDF printouts
32:26 Deleting a OneNote notebook

Save time curating web resources for OneNote Class Notebook #MicrosoftEDU

I love Google Chrome.  The extensions you can add to your Chrome browser are fab. Sure there are things you can do with Safari, Edge, Firefox… but nothing comes close really to the powerful Chrome browser. I love Google Chrome. The extensions you can add to your Chrome browser are fab. Sure there are things you can do with Safari, Edge, Firefox… but nothing comes close really to the powerful Chrome browser. One of my new (to me) favourite extensions for Chrome has to be the OneNote Web Clipper extension available via It is so simple yet so powerful. A truly brilliant productivity tool to make your life as a teacher easier. Simples.
To install it just click the ‘Get OneNote Web Clipper’ button on the site and away you go!

OneNote Class Notebooks get iPad updates, everyone gets new sticker packs |

The OneNote Class Notebook toolbar is available on many platforms already, including OneNote Desktop and OneNote for Windows 10. Now it's coming to iPad.

Mixed Reality MinecraftEDU Build

The Sustainability Shuffle is not only Minecraft Educaiton Edition's largest project ever but it has a mixed reality build as a first as well! Team Malaysia made an Eco Apartment which I have exported out of Minecraft Education Edition and into Mixed Reality on my computer desk. The process was smooth an opens a new incredible use of Minecraft in the classroom!

Join educators from around the world as we Hack the Classroom – Saturday, Oct. 14th |

Educators face an entirely new set of challenges and opportunities in today’s constantly evolving technological landscape. Digital transformation can have a profound impact on the education experience, but it’s becoming harder than ever to keep up with, identify, and incorporate the best strategies and solutions for your classroom. Enter Hack the Classroom: It’s a live, online event designed to inspire educators, ignite new ideas, and showcase what’s possible in today‘s schools and classrooms. Broadcasting live on October 14th, Hack the Classroom will bring together the latest teaching methods, tools, and technologies to spark creativity and curiosity in students and educators alike. We’ll also share tips, tricks, and inspiring stories from educators all across the globe, unlocking new ways to empower the students of today to create the world of tomorrow.

Microsoft 365 Day 1: 10 Rules Zombieland taught me about User Adoption

#Microsoft365 To kick-start the new 365 Day Challenge, I decided to have some fun. The way people talk about User Adoption you’d think it’s the apocalypse. In this blog I’ll share 10 great ways to change your company culture and in the process achieve user adoption. This series is now on Day 52

How to make math a breeze with inking in OneNote

Inking and math assistant in OneNote help make short work of complicated equations. Watch to see how. Learn more:

Introducing Education Resources, a source of Open Educational Resources within Office 365 |

Today we are launching the pilot between Open Up Resources and Microsoft Education. Open Up Resources is a nonprofit working to develop the highest quality full-course OER curricula, Common Core aligned, and provided for free to promote instructional equity. This curriculum was developed by Illustrative Mathematics, and currently covers 6th – 8th Grade Math. Any teacher can now easily sign up to use the Open Up Resources curriculum. With today’s announcement, Microsoft Education is offering this curriculum through OneNote , Forms and custom dashboards. This solution is free and can be used by teachers and students on any platform and device.

Microsoft Word Tutorials - How To Add a Page Border in Word

This video tutorial will help you to learn how to add page borders to your Microsoft Word documents and customize them. It’s really an important option in Microsoft Word to improve the look of your Microsoft Word documents. This is another video tutorial of our Microsoft word tutorial series.

Open Up Resources and Office 365 Education

This is a short explanation of the new free education solution being offered by Office 365 Education and Open Up Resources. This video explains the details of the pilot that allows Open Up Resources content, assessments and Analytics to be delivered and used through OneNote Class Notebooks, Microsoft Forms, and Analytics Dashboards.