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Entrepreneurship Articles , That Can Change Your Life Today

Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is more often than not, initially a small business, offering a product, process or service for sale or hire. The people who create these businesses are called entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship has been described as the "capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit

The Secret Behind Successful & Joyful Entrepreneurs

“The master of the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his education and his recreation, his love and his religion.
He simply pursues his vision of excellence in whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him, he is always doing both” from Zen Buddhist
When I was in middle school my parents told me. Just get to high school and your life will be all stable.
When I reached high school, parents were like, okay just get yourself through high school and your life will be all okay.
But when the same thing happened when I completed my graduation and then MBA, I was really devastated. I mean what the hell is this American Dream anyway?
To live a life that is set by others for you. But since we were limited in resources I opted to go with the flow. After the MBA program, I rolled into a 9-5 job like everyone else. I was not happy, but it was okay. My boos were okay, my parents were happy, my friends were happy.

5 Forward-Moving Procrastination Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs

You remember the famous speech of Martin Luther King. The night before the speech. Martin Luther King was busy re-writing the speech till 3 am in the morning.
And right before he was about to give the speech, sitting in the audience he was still editing the draft. I am sure, he was not correcting his grammar.
11 minutes on the stage, he said the historical 4 words, ‘I have a dream’ and the best part, these words were not even in the speech which he wrote.
So, where did the words came from? Yes, Martin Luther King did deliberate procrastination to unleash his creative genius.
“You call it procrastinating I call it thinking.” ~Aaron Sorkin
Procrastination is labeled as a negative word. But William Shakespeare said it best “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”
As an Entrepreneur, you will be twisted, crippled, rejected, and often misunderstood. But your will to succeed at any given moment will decide the length you’ll go on your journey.
We develop mind-blowing websites for imaginative Entrepreneurs
To procrastinate creatively, you need to first understand the creative process.

  • The Creative process goes like this
  • This is an awesome idea.
  • This sounds tricky.
  • This is crap.
  • I am crap.
  • This might be okay.
  • This is awesome.
How can Entrepreneurs use Psychological Triggers to influence buying decisions? | Branex - International

“The aim is to get someone to want to buy quickly, without thinking too much about it.” ~Robert B. Cialdini
Selling a product is easy but evoking the right emotions of your customers is hard. Certain emotions have a long-lasting effect which allows customers to take split-second buying decisions.
As an Entrepreneur, understanding customer psychology is a must-know trait regardless of your level in the Entrepreneurship journey.
Most often, it is the bad emotions that create a long-lasting effect on people. But, there are certain good emotions too, that when evoked in the right manner can help customers to buy with ease.
You need to learn how to grab the attention of your customer, and most importantly learn how to retain that attention.
Here are some of the ways where you can utilize
Break the pattern
It takes 21 days to create a habit. It takes a lifetime to create a pattern, but it only takes a split-second to break the pattern.
The World is moving fast and if you do not cope with the world, you will be left behind.

8 Habits of Extraordinarily Victorious Billionaires as Entrepreneur

Were you born poor and think there is no way you can climb the ladder to the millionaire list?
There is hope, 68% of the 2013 Forbes 400 billionaire list are considered self-made billionaires.
What are some of the other habits that they have?
They are big calorie counters
Another study found that most wealthy people limit alcoholic consumption and keep junk food snacks to just 300 calories per day.
The person that conducted the study, CPA Tom Corley, said “Wealthy people are healthy people. To wealthy people being healthy is about making more money. If they’re healthy they have fewer sick days, they’re exercising, they have more energy, they maintain healthy their entire lives so they can work longer careers.”

5 Simple Steps to Create a Flawless Marketing Plan for Entrepreneurs

Gone are the days when businesses consider marketing as a secondary business activity. Things have changed quite a lot since then. Today, marketing department is pivotal component of any business. In fact, you can never achieve business success if your marketing objective does not align with your business objectives. To put it simply, you cannot separate marketing from business.
With competition getting fierce with each passing day, your business needs to stay one-step ahead. This would only be possible if you have a well thought out marketing strategy and plan at your disposal. It will give you a competitive edge over your competitor that every business craves. Whether you want to create awareness about your brand among the masses, promote your products and services or increase sales, you can never achieve these goals without a comprehensive marketing plan.

8 Morning Rituals for Uber-Successful Entrepreneurs

Don’t let stress corrode your mind into rust. Let the problems of yesterday shrivel & bite the dust. Don’t let uncertainties shatter your equilibrium. Let each new day. Make your life awesome.
They say if you want to go somewhere then you need to ask someone for directions who have been there. Being an Entrepreneur is not as easy task. Trust me. I have been there. You have to do the daily ground work to be someone. People will surely dislike you for following for dreams. But, if you’re determined enough to create a path of your own then these same people will ask you for help.
Uber-Successful entrepreneurs didn’t just woke up one day & announced themselves as successful. Infect these people adopted the rituals and practices that make them so. If you want to be one of them, you would have to be like them.

Mystery Solved: Why some Entrepreneurs achieve extraordinary success?

“As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think BIG.” ~Donald Trump
Break free from 9-5 monotony. Consider your startup options to jump start tomorrow’s next generation endeavor.. today.
But wait here is some motivation for you to kick-start your dream venture.
63% of successful Entrepreneurs were driven to start their own business because standard work environments did not appeal to them.
3% of successful Entrepreneurs were first in the family to launch a business.
The average age of successful Entrepreneurs when they started their current companies was 40 years.
Your ultimate goal as an Entrepreneur is to take your business from zero to hero. For most of us, this does not happen overnight. Every overnight success is a result of hard work, countless trial & error, & envisioning the end in mind.
However, some necessary traits can help Entrepreneurs navigate smoothly to the top. Hooked, are you? So, let’s begin!

Must-Have Apps for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses for the year 2017

Entrepreneur. Divergent Thinker. Advertiser. Salesperson. Bragger. Big Mouth. Canvasser. Running a business involves wearing different hats for different situations. However, if you are willing to increase productivity & organization – or just make your life as an Entrepreneur a little easier, using the right apps can save your time & lay bare you as a highly efficacious Entrepreneur.
To help you navigate in a seamless, frictionless manner, I have compiled a list of my favorite apps that can supercharge your creativity & embody your life.

  • Jump to different sections:
  • Payment
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Time Management RescueTime: An award-winning app that helps you tabulate life in a copious manner. With so many distractions and possibilities in your digital life, it’s easy to get scattered. RescueTime helps you understand your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive. RescueTime lite is free; however premium version comes with additional features, including ability to block websites, more detailed reporting & costs $72 per year.
Website design tips for smart entrepreneurs | Branex - International

The modern entrepreneurs of today are passionate, determined and destined for success. As an entrepreneur, you must also be looking forward to a lot of success. The advent of the digital technologies have revolutionized almost everything and everyone now understands that internet provides the best chance of making money. Indeed, it is exactly why people from all walks of life are engaging them in online ventures, which are commonly launched through website designs, however some succeed and other do not.
Keeping in view the new entrants and the not-so-rising number of successful ventures, I being part of a professional website design service, would like to bring to the attention of budding business owners few tips that could help them in attaining long lasting success in lieu to their professional website designs.
Make Communication Available Instantly
Customer support is one of the primary elements of success for business around the globe. For that matter, a budding business owner must make sure that the prospects and clients could get in touch with him or with a company’s representative almost instantly whenever the need arises. In order to provide an instant get-in-touch mechanism to your target audience make sure to add an easy to access contact info page/form on your website design.
Many business owners, who are luring for online leads fail to understand the importance of a credible contact page, and set up long forms which both the customers and prospect find difficult to fill, and as a result, they lose a vital element of attaining client satisfaction.

7 Productivity Hacks for Lazy Entrepreneurs | Branex - International

Entrepreneurship is like a labyrinth, there are no rules and everything is continuously changing. You have to be ready for what comes and even then you have to make sure you truly understand what you are faced with. Moreover, Startups are like F1 cars on a race track. You can drive them slow, not crash and complete the race or you can drive them fast, risk crashing and Win!
It’s okay to say ‘No’
Saying ‘No’ is an art. And not everyone can say no to anyone all the time. But, that doesn’t mean you will have to say ‘Yes’ to everything that comes into your way. As an Entrepreneur, you will be faced with thousands of decisions each day, and with those decisions, you need to decide ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Now the thing is, the more you say ‘Yes’ to things that are unimportant to you or are beneficial for your company, the less you need to worry about saying ‘No’ to everyone else.
Now, as per Stephen Covet, there are certain things that are important but not urgent, and then there are things that are urgent & important. If the thing you are saying ‘Yes’ to isn’t urgent but important, you can easily say ‘No’ for the moment and analyze later to make room for work. Trust me, saying no to your boss, client, or peers won’t hurt if you do it in a respectable manner.
The 5 am rule
Join the 5-am club. The way you start your day determines the rest of the day you will have. Right after you wake up at 5 am. Do the following:
Spend the first 20 minutes on exercise.
Invest the next 20 minutes on making rehearsing your goals, plans for the day.
Devote the next to learn something new. Whether be it a motivational video, a book or some inspiring blog.
FACT: From 5 am to 8 am are “The Golden Hours” that the most successful achievers in the world use to set up their days for success. The way you begin your day really does determine how you live your day.

Entrepreneurs should avoid these mistakes while pitching their idea to investors

The wall-street landscape is filled with visionaries that are aspiring to change the way we use products, services, and ideas. However, life is not all about Rainbows & Brownies. Plenty of startups fail within the first 5 years of the creation. Their ideas might be extraordinary, but what these young Entrepreneurs lack, is pitching to investors. The Entrepreneurs should avoid mistaking while pitching their idea to investors.
Most mistakes are just blunders that are made by founders who didn’t know well about their investors. The good is, you can avoid these blunders & get you’re a-game started.
I, being a serial Entrepreneur, know what it takes to pitch your idea to the investor. You need to create that perfect pitch to inspire your investor.
After listening to hundreds of pitches, some amazing, and others boring, I’ve brainstormed some ideas that can help the young Entrepreneurs, or the startups to avoid these mistakes while pitching the idea to the investors.