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Eye Clinic London

Eye Clinic London is a medical practice based at 15 Harley Street that offers laser refractive surgery and cataracts surgery, among other vision correction options, for adults and children. We also offer lens implants, refractive lens exchanges, corneal transplants, treatments for kerataconus, and dry eye management.

4 Signs You Should Take Your Child to Your Trusted London Eye Clinic

Poor performance at school or in sports are two signs you should take your child to your trusted London eye clinic for an exam and treatment.

4 Ways to Improve Your Vision with the Help of Your London Eye Specialist

Help your London eye specialist help you. Eat foods beneficial to eyesight, exercise, and avoid straining your eyes to maintain good vision.

Eye Doctor: You Might Be at Great Risk of Developing Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is more common than you might think. Consulting an eye doctor can help you avoid serious long-term eye damage through treatment.

Don’t Mistake Your Child’s Learning-Related Vision Problems for Learning Disability

Don’t simply dismiss learning difficulties at school for dyslexia or ADD. Take your child to an eye surgeon for a complete functional vision exam.

Preventing Computer Vision Syndrome: Everyday Tips and Treatments from an Eye Clinic

Prolonged computer use is now inevitable, but there are ways you can reduce the effects of digital eye strain – at the office, home, or eye clinic.

What You Need to Know – and Do – While Recovering from Cataracts Surgery

Refraining from some routine activities, and monitoring normal side effects, are among the things you’ll have to do following cataracts surgery.

Eye Allergies or Dry Eye Syndrome? A Visit to Your Eye Clinic Can Clear Things Up

To the untrained eye, the symptoms of dry eye and eye allergy appear similar. The only way to know for sure is by visiting an eye clinic in London.

Eye Specialist: Why Parents Should Not Leave Their Child’s Squint Untreated

Leaving strabismus or squint untreated in children may have dire consequences later in life. Take your child to an eye specialist in London early on.

Corneal Dystrophy Explained: Why You Should Not Hesitate to Visit an Eye Doctor

Are you experiencing symptoms of corneal dystrophy? Don’t take it lightly; consult with an eye doctor in London and find out more about this disorder.

Your Eye Surgeon Can Help You Manage Dry Eye Post-LASIK Treatment

As any eye surgeon may tell you, mild, short-term dry eye is a common side effect of LASIK. Fortunately, there are many ways to effectively manage it.

Eye Clinic: Conditions That Put You at Risk of Developing Secondary Glaucoma

With help from a skilled ophthalmologist from a trusted Harley Street eye clinic, you can better understand and avoid conditions that cause glaucoma.

Tips for Patients Coping with Anisometropia After Their First Cataracts Surgery

Since cataracts surgery are only performed on one eye at a time, you may experience anisometropia. An eye doctor can help you cope with this condition.

Floaters and When You Should Visit an Eye Clinic for Immediate Treatment

Although eye floaters are common and harmless, some instances may require immediate medical attention at an eye clinic in London or elsewhere.

Eye Specialist: Certain Risk Factors May Affect Fuch’s Corneal Dystrophy Severity

Certain factors may increase your odds of developing an advanced form of Fuch’s dystrophy. Ask an eye specialist in London what you can do about it.