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The 6 Perks of Hiring an Accountant | Unified Accounting & TAX

Starting a business nowadays is critical. Many reasons exist to support such fact. One is that there are too many competitors in the market as compared to a very limited number of consumers. Also, said consumers became extra meticulous in purchasing goods and services. That’s why in attempting to build a business, each businessman should be properly equipped before traversing the unforgiving corporate world. One way to prepare is hiring a competent and reliable accountant.

6 Important Things to Remember in Starting a Business | Unified Accounting & TAX

Starting your own business is not easy. Sure, you will be walking in a park, a Jurassic Park that is! Time, cash, effort, and several other things shall be demanded from you. More than material assets, you need to invest a part of you, too. Want more? It is a total gamble. There is no sure-fire way to succeed, but there exist a million other ways to cause your failure.

Worst Mistakes Business Owners Commit | Unified Accounting & TAX

Starting a business is never easy. But successfully opening your business is not the end of your challenges. Once the earnings begin to stabilize, you may have to face all other troubles which only business owners could relate.

Business Accounting 101: 5 Ways to Formalize Your Accounting System

So you have a great idea and you’re now in the process of starting your own business. You’ve also already forecasted revenues and jotted down how much you need to earn to breakeven from your capitalization. What’s next?

Is it a good idea to outsource your CFO?

At some point in every growing business, there comes a time when a decision has to be made if there is a need to hire an expert to look after the financial side. However, outsourcing this role can be a better option. Businesses that already employ a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) already know that people with the necessary skills and drive are hard to find. So, those who are in need of a new CFO should also consider the possibilities of outsourcing.

Do you need to Outsource your Accounting?

What is outsourcing today? Outsourcing, also known as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), is the process of receiving the services and required skills from an outside company to help you manage various business activities like accounting. It has become a common business practice that allows small businesses and start-ups to grow without any substantial investments.

7 Financial Tips Any Good Accountant will Most Likely Give You

Venturing into the corporate world is practically a suicide if you do not have trustworthy accountants in your team. Since they are financial experts, they can certainly help you map how your money should be spent and to what extent. However, good accountants are getting rarer nowadays. Luckily, Unified Accounting & TAX got the set of experts you will ever need!

Accuracy is everything

When it comes to achieving the real potential of your business, your financial reporting must be 100% accurate. If you have trouble trusting your current accountant and little time to supervise, Unified Accounting & Tax is here to help you put internal controls in place. We have the process and practices you need to have an accurate picture of your financial data at your fingertips.

More than just cutting your costs

Developing businesses often reach a tipping point where they need executive level financial advice and someone to take on the burden of daily accounting tasks but can’t justify a full-time CFO or controller.

4 of the Most Problematized Taxation Issues and How to Solve Them

Paying your taxes is a good way to support the government. Since taxation is a mode whereby the state raises funds, everybody that is identified and tasked to pay must submit and hand in their contribution. However, paying taxes is not always easy. Aside from the fact that is a considerable financial burden, the technicalities behind the entire process trouble a lot of people.

The Five Advantages of Outsourced Accounting

You’re in a highly-competitive business world, and you see it every day how fast your competitors are expanding, how quickly they’re adapting to changes, and how efficiently they’re snatching up clients. Pretty soon, and especially if you don’t do something, they’re going to be snatching away your clients as well. YOU CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN! The good news for you is: there is a way to do that. One is by saving on costs through outsourced accounting. Of course, that’s not the only benefit you can get from implementing this strategy, the section below will discuss five more!

The Importance of Back Office Accounting

Back office accounting is a cost-effective way of providing quality and adding value to your business. In the turbulent times of today, you have to make sure your company is able to hold its own against the increasingly competitive and growing firms of the industry. As a business owner or manager, you can accomplish this by devoting your time to core business functions and letting other, more experienced professionals to handle other areas like accounting. Unified Accounting & TAX, a reputable provider of tax and accounting solutions in Fremont California, is well equipped to help you achieve your business goals in all the ways that work for you.

Growing with Outsourcing: How Unified Accounting & Tax LLP Is Providing the Solution We Need

The common mistake most businesses make is that they try to outsource everything. Before we ultimately decided to embark on an outsourced partnership, I did a lot of research on “what works” and “what doesn’t.” For fast-growing businesses, it’s not easy to outsource and at the same time, to try to grow your own staff. That is why it’s important to decide what your real needs are and what you can and can’t do yourself before outsourcing.

Ways to Detect Fraud in Business

No matter how hands-on we are in our business, there is still a possibility of fraud committed by our employees.


There are a large number of accounting firms in San Francisco. So, you should choose one which provides complete services at the best prices

The Importance of Outsourcing Accounts Receivable Management Services

Handling accounts receivable for any business requires professional accounting skills.

How Outsourcing Can Help You Manage Your Cash Flow

People have a way of forgetting that cash flow involves a whole lot more than just money coming into your business.

Accounting Tips for Newbie Entrepreneurs

Most importantly, we should educate ourselves with the appropriate and sufficient information on accounting.

A Guide to Accounting for Small Business Start-ups

It should not come as a surprise that many entrepreneurs who didn’t put as much importance on accounting as they did on all the other aspects of their business ended up failing miserably. Most of them discovered too late that they were, in fact, losing profit more than they were gaining.

Make Your Life Easy! Outsource Your Accounting

How does this work? How often will you be available for questions? Will you be working in our office? Do you do taxes and payroll?

15 Ways Outsourcing Your Accounting Functions Can Benefit Your Business

Running a business involves doing a lot of things. You could be trying to figure out how to cut business costs by tackling some of the other business aspects on your own. That’s not going to work.

How Accountants help with Business Strategic Planning?

The role of managerial accountants is so important that they are often known as strategic business partners within their organizations.

Why You Should Hire Your Kids During Summer

Having your children to work in your business, even if only for the summer, is one of the most underutilized tax-saving strategies today.

How to Trim Payroll Without Layoffs

And the cost of health care continues to rise. As a result, many entrepreneurs are slashing one of their biggest expenses: payroll.