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VAUGHAN is an independent fashion label specializing in classic silk shirts and blouses, designed with modern women in mind. Since 2012, our signature button up shirts combine an effortless American aesthetic with Hong Kong's expert tailoring. VAUGHAN shirts easily become wardrobe staples as they transition seamlessly from the office and happy hour to relaxed weekends.

Seven Reasons To Wear A Silk Shirt On Your First Date!

Introductions have been made, plans have been set. Now what are you going to wear? If you want to look good and make him focus on the conversation,it is important for you to wear something classic that’s going to make you feel confident and beautiful… something like a silk shirt.

VAUGHAN silk shirts and blouses: wardobe basics for modern women.

VAUGHAN is an independent fashion label specializing in classic silk shirts and blouses, designed with modern women in mind. Since 2012, our signature button up shirts combine an effortless American aesthetic with Hong Kong's expert tailoring. VAUGHAN shirts easily become wardrobe staples as they transition seamlessly from the office and happy hour to relaxed weekends.

Silk Blouse & Tops a Perfect Clothing

The issue of finding clothing that fits is especially troublesome for younger women. The basic standard size never looks to fit when it comes to that distinctive event. The clothes that do are unformed in terms of style. Of particular concern are those who supply silk clothing. They have a pleasing array of silk tops, short sleeve, silk blouse and tunics in sizes as petite as XXS.

The Classic Women Wear- Black Silk Shirt

There are women in the world who would want to but might be a little uncomfortable wearing a little black dress given their shape, size, or inhibitions, whatsoever. For women like this or otherwise also, a great substitute for a little black dress can turn out to be a black silk shirt.

Epitome Of Fashion Women's Silk Shirt

One of the classic and elegant kind of women’s wear is a women’s silk shirt or blouse which can be worn anytime of the day, combined with anything ranging from pants and trousers to skirts and shorts. Silk shirts accentuate a woman’s body and gives out that sophisticated vibe, whether the occasion is formal or casual.

An Effortlessly Chic Outfit: Women's Silk Shirt

Every fashion guide will suggest that there is one wardrobe staple that you cannot live without, is none other than a simple yet classy women’s silk shirt. This timeless piece of clothing has been spotted in every wardrobe guides. Nothing can take its place ever! An elegant wear to be worn in all seasons and all occasions. The reason to own this statement silk shirt is many but the reason for not owning one is just that you are making a serious fashion sin.

Versatile Fashion - Women's Silk Blouse

Women’s silk blouse is a versatile clothing for the versatile woman. Be it an office board meeting or an important presentation the silk blouse is just perfect for the look. Planning a night out at friends place or heading for shots at a night club this silk blouse will be your true companion.

Get an Elegant Look by Wearing the Martha Silk Wrap Shirt

In the Martha silk wrap shirt, it is designed for getting ultimate wear ability and versatility. You will get multiple options for styling when you wear a wrap silk shirt of Martha. Vaughan is the fashion label which is specializing in the classic blouses and sill shirts for modern women. In the Vaughan, they can make shirts by using luxurious silk which will provide soft finish and exquisite drape.

How To Shop For Quality Silk Shirts?

Purchasing exceptional silk shirts can be a test for a few individuals. There are a few factors that one must think about before making a buy. Color quality, fabric quality, stitching, and string quality are four most important things one must assess before making a final buy. One should first assess the material for any proof of fading. The material ought not to have any soft looks or lines in one territory. The fabric ought to have event shading. Exceptional things will have an even shading tone like the Martha silk wrap shirt.

The Importance Of White Wrap Blouse – Wear Vaughan – Medium

Blouses are clothing made specifically for women and which can be worn in either formal or easy going gathering. Blouses are ordinarily accessible in different slices or styles to suit different kinds of gatherings both formal and informal. A blouse is especially useful for occasions, for example, parties, informal get-togethers and could likewise even be utilized as a part of weddings and other unique occasions. And depending on a young lady's build and her figure there are different kinds of white wrap blouse to compliment her prominent physical properties or features.

Feel The Comfort By Purchasing Women's Silk Shirts And Blouses Through Online

Nowadays, modern girls like to wear ultra modern silk shirts which are perfect suits all skin tone. In the Vaughan, they will offer front shirts with button, style of pussy bow, short sleeve, and long sleeve of crepe de chine silk material. These women silk shirts provide a luxurious foundation for the woman’s wardrobe. You will really love to wear these pieces for any occasion.

Superb Ways To Look Classy Without Wasting Time And Money

Are you finding troubles in deciding what to wear during your next office party? Black silk shirts are considered to be the ultimate fashion choice for women in the past few years. Silk is known to be the symbol of royalty. It is known to be a part of the luxurious fabric. It possesses a shimmering appearance as it helps in refracting the incoming light which produces multiple shades on the surface.

Black Silk Shirt — All time party topper! – Wear Vaughan – Medium

Looking into the matter the best option is wearing a black silk shirt. The features that make this black silk shirt the most versatile and wearable option is the fact that it has the best option for color and fabric.

Short Sleeve Silk Blouse - A Versatile Top For Any Occasion

The words to describe silk is luxurious, exquisite drape and the perfect soft feel. A short sleeve silk shirt will effortlessly give you the chic look for any event. Be it a hot steamy summer or the chilly winters, the season of fall or something in between but a short sleeve silk blouse is just a perfect piece of cloth for any season.

Womens Silk Blouse - The Ultimate Choice For Summer Weddings

Nothing can be more amazing than a summer wedding. It is considered to be the ideal options for women so that they can go and purchase something out of the ordinary to wear. If you are willing to give a serious consideration to turn a few heads around during wedding parties, women silk blouse is the best options. Try these dresses and you are going to look your best.

Using Silk And Why Have Silk Clothing In Wardrobe

Most of the people do have a favorite and preference in fabric when it comes to clothing and fashion dresses. A large number of women do like to wear short sleeve silk blouse as it falls well and gives out an elegant look at the same moment. The blouse is thick because of the silk fabric allowing the wearer to look leaner and disrupt the visibility of extra fat.

Silk Clothing And How Good It Feels?

There are diverse types of fabrics available in the market. Most of the designers do use them in order to bring out some new collections in the market. The fabric plays a crucial role in determining the look and overall feel of the clothing. A large number of people do like to wear white silk shirt that feels and looks elegant on the body. The high-quality silk clothing is available for casual daily and nightwear.

Modern Silk Blouse | Silk Wrap Shirt | Womens Wrap Top

Unlike other online stores, the Vaughan Silk shirts are created using the finest materials and handcrafting techniques. The silk shirts like Cassie pussy-bow blouse, Hepburn shirt, Bettie shirt and Martha Silk wrap shirt are all made to always give the best distinctive look to the wearer. You can buy the silk shirts from this online store for relaxing weekends or the tiring office hours.

Stylish Silk Shirts by Vaughan – Wear Vaughan – Medium

There are many different fashion trends can be found around the world, all people either of young or old age have their own fashion trend. All want to wear stylish outfits which of current fashion trend to look beautiful or handsome. So, we will discuss the Martha silk shirt which is a very stylish shirt and popular among the girls and women. If you have not used Vaughan Silk Shirt then you must try it now and once you wear it, it will become your favorite shirt.

Modern Silk Blouse | Silk Wrap Shirt | Womens Wrap Top

The Vaughan website offers the best quality brand of products at affordable price. There are different women wears available such as shirts, wrap blouse and other wears. If you want to purchase white wrap blouse, then you can easily select the size and design.

Get Easily Best Branded Silk shirts from Vaughan – Wear Vaughan – Medium

Vaughan is one of the leading online website that offers the best quality silk shirt for women's at affordable price. There are different women wears available such as Martha Silk shirts, wrap blouse and other wears. If you want to purchase black silk shirt, then you can easily select the size and design. The designers are using the best fabric and high quality of silk material for designing the shirts.

Understanding The Use Of Luxurious Silk Fabric In Clothing

Almost everyone wants to wear clothes as per the ongoing fashion trend. While purchasing the clothes, we do look for the quality and feel that it will offer on wearing them. Many individuals do like to buy nice clothes and find it one of the most favorite things that they like to do. Due to the shine and texture, it inherits and offers to many, most of the people do like to wear the black silk shirt. A plain or designer black silk shirt can add a lot to your wardrobe collection.

Choosing The Best Fabric In The Form Of Silk

Most of the designers do utilize diverse types of fabrics that are available in the market. The fabric is a crucial element that determines the look and overall feel of the clothing that will be experienced by the person wearing it. Due to the properties and features offered by the fabric, a large number of women like to wear women’s silk shirts. Women do like to wear the shirts made from silk on causal and formal occasions.

Modern Silk Blouse | Silk Wrap Shirt | Womens Wrap Top

Nowadays, every person wants to look more attractive than ever before. They do lots of thing for this. The most important thing that makes you look different is your dress. A dress can easily change your look. Women are more conscious about fashion than men. The trend of the modern style of everything is rapidly increasing among people especially women throughout the world. Vaughan best and classy white wrap shirt to the customer that is more in demand among women nowadays.

White Silk Short Sleeve Blouse is High on Office Fashion

Office is one such place that necessitates for dressing up in style with fashion kept intact. In fact, when it comes to the matter of articulating professional looks, the sleek ones with elegant shirts are highly demanding. Every woman is quite conscious about what she has to wear to office and what not. If the office is that of corporate sector; then, donning a formal look with fitted trousers and white wrap blouse is highly mandatory. Thinking as to why just white and not others are on the preference list of professional women? Well, the answer to the question is that white gels well with the trousers of any shade.