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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Oct 07, 2017
Headline for Free Falling: A Tom Petty Song for Every Situation
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Free Falling: A Tom Petty Song for Every Situation

Tom Petty was the voice of multiple generations. His songs were the background to our childhoods, friendships, relationships, growing up and growing pains. His lyrics kept us from feeling alone, and his notes aligned with our shared heartbeats. Here is a list of Tom Petty songs for every situation and cornerstone in life.

The Self-Love/Bad Day Song

"Wildflowers" is the song you need after a hard day of work. It is there to remind you that you're more than your job, finances, debt, education, and anything else that distracts you from the wild soul you carry and the world you belong to.

The Need to Feel Understood

"You Don't Know How it Feels" is your background music to finally being understood for who you are. It is also a call to connection and bonding. Get together, listen, and support.


"American Girl" is your cross country road trip song. Go find what you're looking for.

Tinder Fling

"Breakdown" is your Tinder fling make-out song. You know you shouldn't go back to them, but it feels so good.

Leaving home for the first time.

Pack your bags to this song and find your own path.

The One who Keeps Coming Back

This is the song for that one lover who keeps coming back into your life. We all have (or had) one. We need them, they need us, but it is never good timing.

Finally Growing Up

"Learning to Fly" is for the journey part of growing up. It is the moment you realize it is not perfect but you can do it on your own-after a few failures.

First Heartbreak

Whether you're breaking the heart or yours is the one that was broken, it is never easy. Crank this song and sing it at the top of your lungs. It will help mend heartache.

Cut the Bull$&*t

If you need to call someone out, this is your song my friend.

Learning to Let Go

A huge part of life is learning to let go and move on. Whatever your issue is, this song will lead the way to loosening your grip on whatever is holding you down.

The Song of Our Times/ Resisting Injustice

This is your protest song. It is the song you take with you to any resistance gathering and fight against injustice. Make Tom Petty proud and stand up for what is right.