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7 Things you should hate for your Food Packaging

Customized packaging is something that makes the product more appealing and serves many other purposes. It guarantees you bought is untouched after they are made into packages and tell you that the product you have purchased by spending your hard earn cash, is new.
But it does not end here; there is an extensive list of benefits that is enough to derail this article from its exact topic. There is not anything on earth that comes with only pros and not a single con. And customized food packaging is one of them.

1. Environmental Damage
The first and the foremost thing that everyone should hate food packaging is the** destructive effect that the packaging boxes spare to the environment**. Everyone knows the Earth's resources are depleting at a tremendous rate and we are losing our rain forests and the wildlife that inhabits it. The plastic that is synthetically made, is not biodegradable and poisonous. It is killing the marine life and the birds that get suffocated from the product waste.

2. High Cost
There are many food products available on the market in which the cost of the packaging price outweighs the product price inside the packaging. It increases the price of the goods you are buying. Heck, why would you buy food that has proportionally lower quality than the package that you throw away? You eat something cheap and throw away the good stuff.

3. GMO Controversy
The food you eat may contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in beautiful packages. Such foodstuff is the medically unknown territory. The chances are that you may acquire a disease that can be chronic because you are putting food into the body that is artificial and fabricated. Your body may not accept as well as natural food and may reject it by leading you to costly health problems. All that mess because of shiny and glossy food packaging with designs according to marketing gimmickry that allure you into a trap to rob you of your money and the people behind this plot do not care about your health or wellbeing.

4. Adverse Effects of Plastic Packaging
The food products that are available plastic packaging are also dangerous to your health. The plastics are made of polymers that have very large molecules that cannot itself leak into your food. But, the plastic may contain other lethal chemicals that can have devastating effects on your health. Plastics used for covering household food are made of PVC that contains health wise dangerous chemicals that are used to give plastic its mechanical properties.

5. Adverse Effects of Metallic Packaging
There has been a significant number of studies and research that has linked metallic packaging, used for food like Aluminum and Teflon, dangerous effects to human health. For example, Aluminum is known to cause Alzheimer’s disease if food is cooked or packed in utensils that are made of this metal. It has been known historically that the downfall of the Roman empire was because they used Lead containers to cover and cook their food. The Lead is known to damage brain neurons by having heated food that comes in contact with or is exposed to Lead.

6. Adverse Effect of Ingredients
The food that comes in packages from your local supermarket is usually processed food. The ingredients that are added to the food are unhealthy. Ingredients such as sugar and white flour and much other stuff that you may not be aware of that may destroy your health by administering slow poison.

7. High Risk of Cancer
There are many cancer-causing chemicals that have been discovered in food packaging materials currently being used in the market that can leach into the food that you or your children may be eating. This is also true for fast food packaging.
The health and environmental hazard of having food out of the package are well known. There have never been better reasons to eat fresh and healthy food that you buy off the shelf such as fruits and vegetables. Make sure that you buy and eat organic food that is free of chemical fertilizers growth and pesticide. Another good tip for you is that cooking food at home is far better than purchasing readymade food in tin cans and other packages that use preservatives, food coloring's and** God knows what else to increase** the shelf life and good looks of food.


Ideal Lipstick Packaging You Should Know

Ideal Lipstick Packaging You Should Know

I am a packaging consultant since 2013. People come to me asking what’s wrong with their product’s packaging, how it can be improved and what makes a product sells. I have talked to a lot of cosmetics companies’ heads as well. They mostly hate the idea of changing their packaging, but I always told them that cosmetics is an industry directly and so closely linked with beauty. Same is the case with lipstick boxes; if your lipstick boxes packaging is not stunning and impressive, you are doing it a wrong way.
This is why you do not see many sales on the end of the month. You can totally change this scenario by simply adopting some out of the box lipsticks packaging techniques and styles. In this blog post, you are going to be exposed to many styles and techniques that some lipstick companies recently followed and witnessed a considerable boost in sales.

Let us dig deeper:

1. Smart and Impressive Use of Colors

This is something that every person can easily understand; colors matter a lot. However, colors can only be used in a sensible way and keeping in mind the balance of them. You can either use the natural pair of colors or use them to impress the target customer, or you can go for different light and dark shades of the same color.
Your custom lipstick boxes packaging first and foremost depends on these basic acts or omissions. Take for example, the packaging done by POP OF PASSION; this brand has used the image of a flower faded into the color used on the pack. So, for example, if the color is orange, entire lipstick box would have the orange color, with the petals/flower having the light shade of orange color: so on and so forth.

2. Minimalistic Design is the Key

There is a key to every door, except if it is a door that opens to an empty room with no valuables inside. Just like that, there is a key to the door of success and you should know that if yours is a product-based business, they key is minimalistic design. You cannot clutter the face of your wholesale lipstick boxes and expect the customer to not get confused. People do not get attracted to a box with plethora of images, graphics and colors, but they easily get attracted to simple, elegant and minimalistic designs.
For example, consider the lipstick boxes packaging of Red Apple Lipstick. Their packaging is simple and elegant with zero rush of colors. They simply apply a black or similar universal base and use any other color to highlight the product or brand. Simplistic and results-oriented packaging!

3. Artistic Approach

Remember, throwing 101 different colors on your lipstick pack is not a good idea. It will confuse the brain of your end user and might drive her away to a brand with simplistic packaging. When you want to greet someone, a friendly “Hi” with a beautiful smile will do it for you; you do not need to waste someone’s time with details about what they have been doing, how much you missed them and how interested you are in their well-being. We are living in the age of minimalism: get this.
However, minimalism is not a kiss good bye to productivity and artistic style. It means you need one master stroke of a brush instead of 101 novice strokes. To understand it better, you got to have a look at GUY BOURDIN MARS and see how they did it. A master stroke in red color and a merger of the alphabets of MARS were enough for them. Someone can manipulate this style and have the logo on lipstick boxes done in the same way.
So, there were three basic ideas to show you how** ideal lipstick packaging practice**s work and why most of the lipstick companies fail at packaging.


How to Customize Your Pie Boxes for Best Results?

How to Customize Your Pie Boxes for Best Results?

Who does not love a perfectly done apple pie? Perhaps those who are dead and cannot enjoy this delight! As tasty as a pie can be, it still needs a robust packaging and without masterfully designed pie boxes, you cannot impress the prospects and compel them to buy your pies.

Customization of *the pie boxes *is not a piece of the pie. It takes time, efforts and skills. The wrong customization may result in bad circumstances. Take the example of Starbucks.
Yes, the coffee giant. Back in 2016, they decided to get rid of the usual coffee mugs that they get printed for the Christmas and removed the Christmas signs from their mugs.
This ended up with a backlash from their customers. They criticized Starbucks for being insensitive towards the religious and cultural importance of Christmas and those who love to celebrate it.

As a result:
Starbucks learned a lesson and came back to their usual Christmas coffee mugs. This incident reveals how insensitivity to the religious, cultural and political affiliations of the target customers can punch you in the face and force you to learn what you should have done in first place.

Let us see how you can customize your *mini pie boxes *in the right way and for the best results:

1. Don’t Mess with Holidays

Make sure that you have a calendar of American holidays and the State holidays. What American is an American who would not buy crackers on 4th of July and who does not love to have a pie-themed after a holiday?

Making pies after American holidays is not enough; your packaging should also represent the spirit of the land of the free. You cannot have pie boxes based on all American holidays, but what if you get a certain number of Christmas, Easter, Thanks, Giving, Halloween, and St. Patrick’s Day pie boxes?
Your customers would love to buy and gift pies to their loved ones, packed inside triangle pie boxes with a certain Holiday theme.
Holidays are the occasions when America witnesses the biggest number of sales of anything and pies sell like hotcakes on these occasions. You should not ignore the importance of Holidays while finalizing your pie packaging.

2. Die-Cut Windows

Die-cut cut windows with panes look simply awesome. They take the look and overall feel of your 9-inch pie boxes from the ground to the skies and beyond. Die-cut windows are awesome and it is because of two reasons:
Honesty – Honesty is one of the important rules of good packaging. Do not lie to your customer about what is inside! Die-cut windows are the most honest packaging option and they reveal the customer the hotness of the pies inside your pie boxes.
Beauty – Die-cut windows look hot and attractive. You do not have to stick to the square or rectangular windows; you can get the windows of any style and lure your target customers into buying your pies. When your mouthwatering pies will peep through those windows, only the blind men and women would not feel compelled to buy them.

3. Material Considerations

The material may make or break the customization effect on a triangle pie box. The materials that you can use for the packaging of your pies, may vary from cardboard to Kraft to Corrugated etc.
However, while choosing any of these materials, you have to be careful about *how customization can be integrated *with them and how good they merge with your design and customization.

For example:
Corrugated – Corrugated fiberboard is a rough and rugged material which is used to protect fragile items from water or impact. Ink printing is almost impossible on it and all you can do is apply stickers or labels.
Kraft *– Kraft does not go well with printing or customizations. Most of the time its raw shape is presented in the market with little customization and printing, which still looks awesome. You can use this material.
• *
Cardboard *– Cardboard is a plain and smooth but slightly thick material mostly used for FMCG and food-related items such as packing cake etc. You can use it for your *pie boxes
as well.

Keep care of these packaging considerations and I hope that your pie business will rock.


Things to Ask from a Packaging Company before Your Place an Order

Things to Ask from a Packaging Company before Your Place an Order

If you are company that is offering robust products of everyday use or otherwise, you always have to worry about the packaging.

While you definitely need the killer type of packaging that will level your competitors’ products and skyrocket your brand to skies and beyond, you want it within your price range.
For this purpose, you have to do a** good research on the custom boxes** manufacturers.

Let us get this straight:

The aim is not to get the best packaging at unnerving rates or to get the cheapest packaging with zero impact, the goal is very difficult.
You have to find the best possible packaging at the cheapest possible rates. And let me tell you folks, it is not too easy, unless you do some labor, find the most promising packaging companies, do some negotiation and get the right rate for the right type of packaging.

1. Things to Ask from Your Custom Box Manufacturers

Here are the things that you must ask from the companies that you choose for your packaging. Once you get the answer, go through the data and pick the best company.

- Materials

You might be surprised to know that while most of the packaging companies offer all the** packaging materials based on wood-pulp **e.g. cardboard, corrugated fiberboard and Kraft etc. there are some companies that specialize in only one material and they cannot help you if you need others.

- Pricing

Pricing is the most important factor; it regulates and validates the quality of an item or vice versa. The reason why iPhone costs more than $1,000 and China Phone is available below $150, is the quality of the product.
You can get all sorts of packaging with all sorts of printing on it, but the major concern is pricing. Packaging is an expensive matter and unless you ferret out the most competent and yet affordable company, you cannot call it a good deal.

- Hidden Charges

The telecom companies have this reputation that since the nature of their product is complex and beyond the understanding of the layman, they mug the layman with hidden charges.
Packaging companies apply shipping charges which actually cover a lot other than shipping. Before you get into bed with a packaging company, ask them if they apply any hidden charges,** including (especially) shipping charges**

- Turnaround Time

By nature most of human beings are procrastinators and although business people are very professional, they still tend to postpone everything to the last hour and then they panic.


Most of the packaging companies that you might consider, will have one week time and most of the times you cannot wait this long to get your packaging. So, always ask a company as to how soon they can ship your boxes to your doorstep.

- Colors

The colors are a tricky matter. You might want a specific color to be on your packaging and you will let the packaging company, but only after they have sent it, you notice that the color is not exactly the same.
This happens because color models and codes. Always ask your company if they do the** printing in CMYK** or some other model, and then give them the exact color code for that model, and you will get it.

- Customizations

We all love different customizations on our customized boxes. While most of the companies offer basic customizations, there might be certain customizations that only a few of them do.
For example, die cut window, gloss or matte finish and gold foil etc. is something that almost every big packaging company will do. But, if you go for options like raised ink, it is a possibility that your packaging company might say no to this.

This is it fellas. Follow these points to buy custom boxes from the best manufacturers on your terms.


How to Deal with the Holiday Packaging Tsunami?

How to Deal with the Holiday Packaging Tsunami?

Would you be amazed if I divert your attentions to the reality that more cardboard boxes are on 4 wheels, railways, in air and on the seas than the number of human beings who make them, ship them, stack and store them and use them.
Holiday season is the horror to environmentalists who see the tsunami of packaging as a big threat to environment. Somehow all the big holidays that witness the biggest pikes of yearly shopping occur in the end of the year and with very little distance among them.

From Thanksgiving to Black Friday to Cyber Monday to Christmas Eve and New Year, the world gets engulfed by the cardboard mess that we know as custom made cardboard boxes.

So what to do?

Before we get to this question, we have to go to the stats and see how big is the nightmare. The packaging is not only a nightmare to the lowly environmentalist organizations, but also to the recycling plants.
They simply cannot cope with the volumes of cardboard (and other materials) that they have to recycle.
For example, the Green Waste recycling company based in San Jose is one of the country’s best recycling units, that recycles 2, 000, 000 pounds of recyclable packaging and other contents every day.

They get a bigger number of packaging materials to recycle when it’s holiday season and this is the biggest problem. Tons of packaging material, mainly wholesale cardboard boxes are sent to them to recycle, which become the environmental challenge because the material has a mix of everything.
No one can recycle a mix of cardboard + plastic + glass and other materials, without risking the environment.

Here is how, these problems can be solved or their severity can be reduced:

1. Reusing of Custom Cardboard Boxes

From huge ecommerce companies like Amazon and AliExpress to the medium-sized to small companies, we see a basic need of cardboard packaging. They have their packages in air or on see 24/7.


Instead of getting newly printed cardboard boxes, they can offer some incentives to the customers and reuse the old packaging.
Instead of throwing away my cardboard boxes or giving them to the recycling companies, I would love to return them (without any damage done) to the online market from where I got them, and get an incentive of a few dollars.

Even if people get to damage the boxes during the action, the online market places can establish small departments to restore the cardboard packaging to presentable shape and then pack the goods and ship them again.

2. Collective Shipping

The world as we know it, is moving fast from physical shopping to online shopping. This trend will only grow and we already have huge online stores like eBay and Amazon and Etsy etc.
Their collective sales cross billions of dollars and they can take the initiative and start the collective shipping. What is collective shipping? The idea is to ship your products in a box which is big enough to have products from other companies as well.


We are getting cardboard boxes big enough for the products packed inside them. Why not make bigger boxes, which will still have less mass as compared to two standard-sized boxes, and pack more.

This will reduce the volume of cardboard garbage that our daily life and recycling plants have to face. This is the future of cardboard packaging whether we embrace it today or tomorrow. This, or see the world buried under the heaps of cardboard waste.

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Beverage Packaging

The beverage packaging is a whole different ball game when you compare it to the other types of packaging. For example, in case of food and beverage packaging, you do not only have to consider the branding, marketing, packaging and delivering of the products, but you also have to make sure that the perishable products packed in your boxes do not expire before they reach in the hands of your customers.

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The cream boxes are the cardboard boxes used to pack makeup, herbal and medicated creams in them. These cream boxes are made to deter the temperature stimuli such as humidity and moist etc. and to protect the ceramic or glass containers of the creams (some creams still use this type of containers) from the impact.

How to Make Custom Printed Gift Boxes at Home?

Sometimes we neither have the time nor the money to go for the big options like big businesses. Packaging is one of those options. Still, a lot of us have our own home-based businesses and when you have a home-based business and that too not a services business, as most people do on the internet, but a product business, you have a big problem to face.

Selling is less like selling and more like thinking how the customers will think about one’s products and packaging. Donut business is no exception. When you pack your donuts and sell them to your customer or when you deliver a donut box to customers’ homes or offices, you must think whether the customer will like the packaging or not.
You might think that it is foolish, but customers do not always like or dislike the products based on their quality, but they also like or dislike them based on how well is their packaging.
Research has shown it that when the same product is packed in bad packaging, people immediately start to have a bad opinion about the look, smell or taste of the product.
Being food business I know this and you should also understand that food, of all products except beverage, relies a lot on how well it is packed.

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