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7 Things you should hate for your Food Packaging

Customized packaging is something that makes the product more appealing and serves many other purposes. It guarantees you bought is untouched after they are made into packages and tell you that the product you have purchased by spending your hard earn cash, is new.
But it does not end here; there is an extensive list of benefits that is enough to derail this article from its exact topic. There is not anything on earth that comes with only pros and not a single con. And customized food packaging is one of them.

1. Environmental Damage
The first and the foremost thing that everyone should hate food packaging is the** destructive effect that the packaging boxes spare to the environment**. Everyone knows the Earth's resources are depleting at a tremendous rate and we are losing our rain forests and the wildlife that inhabits it. The plastic that is synthetically made, is not biodegradable and poisonous. It is killing the marine life and the birds that get suffocated from the product waste.

2. High Cost
There are many food products available on the market in which the cost of the packaging price outweighs the product price inside the packaging. It increases the price of the goods you are buying. Heck, why would you buy food that has proportionally lower quality than the package that you throw away? You eat something cheap and throw away the good stuff.

3. GMO Controversy
The food you eat may contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in beautiful packages. Such foodstuff is the medically unknown territory. The chances are that you may acquire a disease that can be chronic because you are putting food into the body that is artificial and fabricated. Your body may not accept as well as natural food and may reject it by leading you to costly health problems. All that mess because of shiny and glossy food packaging with designs according to marketing gimmickry that allure you into a trap to rob you of your money and the people behind this plot do not care about your health or wellbeing.

4. Adverse Effects of Plastic Packaging
The food products that are available plastic packaging are also dangerous to your health. The plastics are made of polymers that have very large molecules that cannot itself leak into your food. But, the plastic may contain other lethal chemicals that can have devastating effects on your health. Plastics used for covering household food are made of PVC that contains health wise dangerous chemicals that are used to give plastic its mechanical properties.

5. Adverse Effects of Metallic Packaging
There has been a significant number of studies and research that has linked metallic packaging, used for food like Aluminum and Teflon, dangerous effects to human health. For example, Aluminum is known to cause Alzheimer’s disease if food is cooked or packed in utensils that are made of this metal. It has been known historically that the downfall of the Roman empire was because they used Lead containers to cover and cook their food. The Lead is known to damage brain neurons by having heated food that comes in contact with or is exposed to Lead.

6. Adverse Effect of Ingredients
The food that comes in packages from your local supermarket is usually processed food. The ingredients that are added to the food are unhealthy. Ingredients such as sugar and white flour and much other stuff that you may not be aware of that may destroy your health by administering slow poison.

7. High Risk of Cancer
There are many cancer-causing chemicals that have been discovered in food packaging materials currently being used in the market that can leach into the food that you or your children may be eating. This is also true for fast food packaging.
The health and environmental hazard of having food out of the package are well known. There have never been better reasons to eat fresh and healthy food that you buy off the shelf such as fruits and vegetables. Make sure that you buy and eat organic food that is free of chemical fertilizers growth and pesticide. Another good tip for you is that cooking food at home is far better than purchasing readymade food in tin cans and other packages that use preservatives, food coloring's and** God knows what else to increase** the shelf life and good looks of food.