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J&J Permeable paving

J&J Permeable Paving are experts in porous paving solutions for your property.

Permeable Paving Contractors

J&J Permeable Paving are experts in porous paving solutions for your property. Whether your driveway, outdoor entertainment, or pool paving needs a lift, Pebble Pave is an attractive, practical, and affordable solution.

Brighton’s Best Concrete Driveways

For years the skilled and professional team at J&J Permeable Paving have delivered outstanding and long-lasting concreting and paving installation services to residents living and working throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Concrete Resurfacing

At J&J Permeable Paving we take pride in offering our expert concrete resurfacing services using Pebble Pave transforming any unsightly driveway, patio, pool surround or that entertaining area ready to shine again.

Blackburn’s Best Paving Professionals

At J&J Permeable Paving we endeavour to provide our customers with cutting-edge and advanced concreting and paving solutions. Made from a durable and efficient mixture of resin and pebbles our permeable paving keeps Blackburn surfaces dry when subjected to torrents of rainwater.

Important Features Of Porous Paving Solutions

Easy and quick installation, Cannot be easily damaged, Less chances of accumulation of garbage, Highly permeable these are the important features of porous paving solutions.

Features of Concrete Driveways

They are made of concrete material, but with additional colors and patterns. Wooden or metal frames facilitate concrete drying, while stamps add patterns.

Permeable Driveway

At J&J Permeable Paving, we have helped countless residents living throughout Melbourne’s metropolitan area increase the safety and the design of their outdoor entertainment and parking environments.

Various Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

The different bumps, bruises and depressions which occur on the floors can easily be remodelled via concrete resurfacing. You will need to hire a concrete flooring company which will help you in getting your floor back to its normal position.

Advantages of Using Porous Driveways

Permeable pavements or porous driveways are extremely effective in reducing run-off water during heavy showers in rainy seasons. Most of the housing complexes or corporate MNC’S have parking lots. Porous driveway can easily bear the weight of the two-wheelers as well the four-wheelers.

Points To Consider For Creating An Ideal Pool Surrounds

When you are planning your home pool surrounds, one has to keep in mind many aspects and out of all of them one has to keep in mind pool design and surrounding. Pool design should be logical, and it should not build haphazardly. Now, to ensure that there is a cohesiveness between the pool design and pool surround.

Porous Pavement Solution – Green Alternative

Porous pavements have been recognized to be a green alternative due to its specific characteristics. Its porous nature permits rain water to penetrate the surface thus flowing beneath the ground in a natural manner.

Things to Consider While Building High Quality Pool Surrounds

The material being used to create such surroundings should never be slippery in the condition when it gets wet. Before you buy the raw materials for the overall construction of the pool surround, make sure that the chosen materials are not bumpy, coarse or uneven.

Permeable Paving Ringwood

With our advanced and innovative solutions the team at J&J Permeable Paving can prevent pooling water from eroding your property’s path and driveways. Made from porous, yet resilient, materials our permeable paving offers our customers a surfacing solution that quickly drains excess water in moments and prevents pollutants from entering stormwater systems.

Popular Pool Surrounds for Creating a Picturesque Effect to the Pool

Concrete overlay based pool deck is an excellent pool surround which can be used to replace the conventional wood, stone or slate. Wood-based composite plastics, Paving, Tiles, Use of artificial grass.

One of the significant advantages of concrete driveways is that it is durability. It is also cost-efficient option. Concrete is a highly functional material especially when it comes to long-term structural reliability and durability.