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Updated by Nandini Sharma on Oct 07, 2017
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8 Must have tools to create your startup’s success story

If you are want to convert your startup into a success story, which others can look upto and get inspired from, then here’s the list of top tools you must have


ProofHub for task management

With a powerful set of features that a business needs, ProofHub leads the charge as one of the most beautiful task management software in the market today. The user friendly interface and almost zero learning curve makes it a perfect fit for teams that are looking to get straight to work without investing too much time on training and how to use the tool.

Skype for communication

The success of any business lies more often than not in the hand of successful communication, be it internally between the teams or externally between the team and the client. And, startups are no different. So you need to have something that can fit well for communication both internally as well as externally. And, that’s why we recommend Skype.

Box for file storage

Documentation is imperative for successful business monitoring and setup. However, keeping those documents organized can be a great pain for teams. This is where we love to mention Box. A cloud storage app that gives you unlimited storage at minimal prices, Box has different set of plans to match the needs of various businesses. From data storage to file sharing and accessing them from anywhere, Box makes everything effortlessly easy!

Zapier for automation of processes

The wave of automation has completely swiped teams off their feet. With the invent of automation tools things have become lot easier for teams. A tool like Zapier can be the best friend for your young startup as it automates process. For instance, it automatically creates tasks in your project management tool by picking the information shared in emails. It also picks events and adds them automatically to the calendar.

UnBounce for A/B testing

No matter how expert you are, getting the landing page right the first time is just too much to ask. This is why A/B testing becomes so critical. UnBounce is an online tool that lets you create, publish, test and optimize landing pages so that you can get the maximum benefit out of them. The fact that it comes with more than 200+ inbuilt templates and really easy to use make it a perfect testing tool for startups.

Google calendar for scheduling

Creating and maintaining a schedule is one of the most important aspects of business. In fact, not adhering to the deadlines is one of the major reasons why most of the startups fail to deliver projects. That’s where Google calendar comes into the picture. This free tool is a great way to keep your work schedule in place, and make sure that important activities are never missed. Plus, the fact that you can view your team members’ schedules on top of your own makes sure that you know who’s busy and who’s not.

Klout for Social media monitoring

Making your social media presence is a must if you want to break things and move fast in the industry. And, to check whether you are doing that or not you can use Klout. It is a social media monitoring service that helps you check the impact of social media content you are sharing. You can use it to improve your social media strategies, connect with influencers and create a bigger impact online.

Survey monkey for surveys

Keeping in constant touch with your customers is imperative to improve the existing processes. And, a great way to do it is by conducting online surveys. Survey Monkey is one such online tool that can help you to create, conduct and analyse online surveys. Based on these surveys, you can eventually go ahead and change your business strategy to make it better fit to the customer needs. In short, offer the customers just the solution/service they had been looking for!