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iPad en éducation•Sciences

Sélection d'apps #iPad, de ressources et d'accessoires pour les cours de sciences, #biologie, #chimie, #physique au secondaire.




Toutes nos vidéos sont là. Chimie Dissolution - concentration massique Avec cette vidéo, dissolution et concentration massique n'auront plus de secret pour vous. ------------------------------------------------------------- Dilution - conservation de la masse Voici une vidéo pour tout comprendre de la dilution. Nous verrons d'où viennent les formules couramment utilisé, nous parlerons de facteur de dilution, tout ça…

Playground Physics

Discover and explore the physics in your own movements. Record a video of you or your friends, tap points along the way to trace a path of motion, and discover the motion, forces, and energy involved.

Educators can make Newton’s Laws of motion come alive with an app that was named one of Fast Company’s Top 10 mobile apps of 2014! Sign up for a free account to access lesson plans, inspirations, and join a community of educators making inspiring learning experiences with Noticing Tools.

“Playground Physics is one of the most fun units that I’ve done in a long time. I’ve been teaching about 12 years, and everybody had a great time.” - Stacey, 8th grade science teacher

In Playground Physics, you can:

  • Record a video of a performance or choose a stock video.
  • Tap points along the video to trace a path of motion.
  • Examine your performance closely with slow-motion playback and scrubbing video controls
  • Enter known measurements (height of an object, mass of the object being tracked) in English or metric units to reveal accurate data of your performance.
  • Explore interactive, scrubbable graphs synchronized to the video playback. Graphs display the distance traveled and speed in along the path and in horizontal and vertical vectors.
  • Add stickers to mark important moments in the performance (and for a laugh!)
  • Explore how distance, speed, and direction changes when things move.
  • Understand how a person's or object's potential and kinetic energy change as they move.
  • Save your projects as videos with data overlays.

Ideal for middle and high school school science classrooms, Playground Physics and accompanying curriculum activities are aligned to and embody the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) by integrating core ideas, scientific practices, cross-cutting concepts, and delight!

Playground Physics is one of five Noticing Tools (TM) from the New York Hall of Science. The full suite includes Choreo Graph, Fraction Mash, Size Wise, and Volumize.

Noticing Tools were developed in collaboration with Local Projects, an award-winning media design firm based in New York.

Meet the Insects: Village Edition
  • 'Parent’s Choice Award 2013’ Gold Award Winner
  • Featured in Apple Korea’s iPad Commercial ‘Alive’

NC iactionbook is back with its 2nd app of ‘Meet the Insects’ encyclopedia series!

"Featured as one of the best iPad apps of the week by the Guardian"

"I have learned a lot from listening and watching Insect Story, with very good, clear and concise narration. I was simply blown away by how much information has been delivered this way." - 148Apps

"This app is a jackpot for children who either love bugs or simply have the desire to learn more." - the iPhone Mom

"4.5/5.0!! High quality photos and videos, comprehension quizzes, journal encourages the student to study insects in the real world" - the iMum

"Perfect for all types of learners as it presents info in a variety of ways that will keep children engaged and excited to learn, something parents will certainly appreciate" - Editor's Choice by Best Apps for Kids

"This is sure to capture the imaginations of all budding entomologists!" - Apps Playground

  • “Meet the Insects” Series is recognized for its Wealth of Contents and Beautiful Graphics

Featured in the Washington Post’s KidsPost as “Best Apps for Kids”

Fun Educational Apps and Best Apps for Kid’s ”Editor’s Choice”

Featured as “New and Noteworthy” in 99 countries!

Featured in Korea App store as 'Editor's Choice'

Featured in Korea App Store as “Best of 2012”

No #1 in Korea Education iPad App Store

  • Tips to become an insect expert:

  1. Take a listen to all the audio-narrated insect descriptions and video commentaries!
  2. While switching back and forth from day and night mode, touch and tap all the insects near the village to watch them wiggle.
  3. Cicadas? Files? Ladybugs? Grasshoppers? Choose your favorite insects and meet them through close-up videos and mind-blowing photos.
  4. How do grasshoppers and cicadas produce sounds? Watch and interact with the animation as it takes you into the world of insects.
  5. Why do flies keep rubbing their legs? Get ready to dive into a handful of interesting facts of each insect with eye-catching illustrations.
  6. If you think you are done with the encyclopedia, it’s time for the OX and Photo quiz!
  7. Once you find an insect around your house to start the observation journal, you are now the real insect expert!

  • Meet other insects through different encyclopedia series

  • Followed by the first Forest Edition, Meet the Insects: Village Edition, the second app of our planned insect encyclopedia series, primarily focuses on insects that live around the village.

  • We will soon be coming back with variety of different insects…so keep checking back with us for more exciting upcoming titles!

All the information in Meet the Insects: Village Edition is provided by National Science Museum of Korea.

We here at NC iactionbook consider your right to privacy to be of great importance.
Our app includes:

  • No third party advertisements
  • No in-app purchases
  • No social networks
  • No data collection tools


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Meet the Insects: Water & Grass Edition

++ Korea Appstore's App of the Year 2013! ++

  • Featured as New & Noteworthy in 38 countries!!

AppoLearning —
"the whole Meet Insects series earns the appoLearning Seal of Approval! Right from the home screen the quality and production value of this app is evident..The whole package is very slick."

Smart Apps for Kids 'Top Pick' and '5-star app' —
"The content is so complete and professional, I find it to be a must-have app for teachers and parents of little science and nature lovers."

Fun Educational Apps' Top Pick —
"The photography and videography used in all the Meet the Insects apps is phenomenal. It looks so realistic that my cat tried to take a swipe at a water bug crawling across the screen of my iPad."

Geeks with Juniors —
"You will learn how insects breathe underwater, how the compound eyes of a dragonfly works, and why beehives have hexagonal shapes. The videos are beautifully designed and well-suited for self-learning purposes."

The iPad Fan —
"The best part about Meet the Insects is the Observation Journal...It's done in a very student-centric way that my kids really enjoyed."

  • + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Happily present to you, NC iactionbook’s very last app of ‘Meet the Insects’ encyclopedia series, “Water & Grass Edition”!! Enjoy the complete series of ‘Meet the Insects’ with captivating high-quality photos and videos of total of 90 insects living in forest, village, water and grass with fully narrated scripts!

  • “Meet the Insects” Series is recognized for its Wealth of Contents and Beautiful Graphics

Asia Smartphone App Contest – Silver Award

Featured in the Washington Post’s KidsPost as “Best Apps for Kids”

Fun Educational Apps and Best Apps for Kid’s ”Editor’s Choice”

Featured in Korea, US, Australia and New Zealand as “New and Noteworthy”

Featured in Korea App Store as ““Best of 2012”

No #1 in Korea Education iPad App Store

  • Tips to become an insect expert:

1.Touch and tap all the aquatic insects and grass-living insects to make them wiggle.
2.These insects can be found both during the day and night.
3.Listen to all the descriptions and video commentaries narrated by the voice-over artist!
4.Diving Beetles? Bees? Mantises? Dragonflies?
Choose your favorite insects and meet them via close-up videos and photos.
5.Wow, Dragonflies have tens of thousands of eyes?!
Watch and interact with the animation as it takes you into the wondrous world of insects.
6.Have you heard about the Ghost Dragonfly?
Don’t miss out on all the interesting facts of each insect with fun illustrations.
7.If you think you are done with the encyclopedia, it’s time for the OX and Photo quiz!
8.Once you find insects near water and grass and write an observation journal, you are now the real insect expert!

  • Meet other insects through different encyclopedia series

-The first app of the series, Forest Edition, introduces insects living in a deep forest.
-The second app, Village Edition, primarily focuses on insects that live around the village.
-The third app, Water and Grass Edition, concentrates on insects living in water and grass.

All the information in Meet the Insects series is provided by National Science Museum of Korea.

We here at NC iactionbook consider your right to privacy to be of great importance.
Our app includes:

  • No third party advertisements
  • No in-app purchases
  • No social networks
  • No data collection tools

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Froggipedia de « Designmate (I) Pvt. Ltd. »

Froggipedia de « Designmate (I) Pvt. Ltd. »

Sky Guide RA de « Fifth Star Labs LLC »

Sky Guide RA de « Fifth Star Labs LLC »

Tinybop Explorateurs 1–10 de « Tinybop Inc. »

Tinybop Explorateurs 1–10 de « Tinybop Inc. »

PictureThis - Plant identifier de « Hangzhou Dana Technology Inc. »

PictureThis - Plant identifier de « Hangzhou Dana Technology Inc. »

Oiseaux 2 PRO de « NATURE MOBILE G.m.b.H. »

Oiseaux 2 PRO de « NATURE MOBILE G.m.b.H. »

Lab4Physics de « Lab4U Inc. »

Lab4Physics de « Lab4U Inc. »

Corps humain virtuel

Explorez l’anatomie du corps humain de la tête aux pieds et de la peau aux os avec le Corps humain virtuel, un modèle hyperréaliste doublé d’un dictionnaire anatomique.

Enfin disponible sur iPad, iPhone et iPod touch : le Corps humain virtuel ! Découvrez ce qui se cache à l’intérieur de votre corps : situez dans leur contexte les différents organes du corps humain et apprenez-en plus sur leurs fonctions. Que vous soyez étudiant, professeur ou simplement curieux de nature, le Corps humain virtuel vous convie à une fascinante exploration de la mécanique humaine.

• 11 systèmes et appareils du corps humain d’apparence hyperréaliste
• plus de 1000 structures anatomiques nommées et définies
• un dictionnaire anatomique incluant un moteur de recherche textuelle
• la possibilité de superposer deux systèmes ou appareils pour visualiser facilement les liens qui unissent os, muscles et organes

• Trois modes d’affichage :

  • modèle seul
  • modèle avec marqueurs rouges (permet d’accéder au nom de chaque structure)
  • modèle avec fenêtre de superposition (permet d’afficher deux systèmes simultanément) • Différents points de vue sur le corps humain, grâce à :
  • un outil de zoom (permet de grossir jusqu’à 16 fois les systèmes)
  • un outil de profondeur (donne accès à des coupes transversales)
  • un outil d’angle de vue (antérieure, postérieure, latérale, supérieure et inférieure) • Une navigation aisée : touchez un marqueur rouge du doigt pour accéder à toute l’information relative à une structure anatomique • Un moteur de recherche performant pour trouver rapidement une structure et la situer dans son contexte • Un dictionnaire anatomique étoffé

Téléchargez le Corps humain virtuel, le plus léger et le plus dynamique des atlas anatomiques !
**Aucune connexion internet requise, sauf pour les mises à jour.

• La morphologie

  • La morphologie de l’homme
  • La morphologie de la femme • Le squelette
  • Anatomie générale
  • Le crâne • Les muscles
  • Anatomie générale • Le système nerveux
  • Anatomie générale
  • L’encéphale • Le système lymphatique
  • Anatomie générale • Le système cardiovasculaire
  • Les veines
  • Les artères
  • Les veines et les artères
  • Le cœur • L’appareil respiratoire
  • Anatomie générale • L’appareil digestif
  • Anatomie générale • L’appareil urinaire
  • L’appareil urinaire de l’homme • L’appareil reproducteur
  • L’appareil reproducteur de l’homme
  • L’appareil reproducteur de la femme • Le système endocrinien
  • Le système endocrinien de l’homme
Science - Microcosm 3D HD : Bacteria, viruses, atoms, molecules and particles


New educational app “Science - Microcosm 3D” allows you to set off on an amazing voyage across the world of science. You can see with your own eyes objects of the microcosm which are normally impossible to see without a microscope!

“Science - Microcosm 3D” represents a virtual scale with the sizes from 10^-1 to 10^-21 and with animated 3D models of different micro objects along it that belong to physics, chemistry, natural sciences and biology.
The size of the objects varies from the smallest particles and atoms to protons, neutrons and quarks.
Each object has a description that is available via "More" button.

The science becomes interesting! The application is informative both for children, and for adults.

★ Over 20 3D models
★ Objects from 10^-1 to 10^-21
★ Description of the each obect
★ Languge: English

The following 3D models are presented in the app:
• Robert Hooke's microscope
• Ladybird and small meteorite
• Flea and sugar crystals
• Butterfly wing
• Snowflakes
• Pollen
• Soya sauce
• Snowflakes
• Cell
• Human chromosome
• Bacteria
• Influenza virus
• Tobacco mosaic virus
• The AIDS virus
• Macromolecules
• Fullerene molecule
• Water molecule
• Atom
• Uranium nukleus
• Light nuklei
• Proton
• Neutron
• Quarks
• Leptons
• Fundamental bosons
• Strings

Watch video:

For more info contact us on

Science - Macrocosm 3D HD: Solar system, planets, stars and galaxies

A new educational app "Science – Macrocosm 3D" will allow you to immerse yourself in the amazing world of the Universe in 3D format! You will explore the most interesting 3D models of planets, moons, stars, galaxies, constellations and nebulas and get information about each individual object.
★ Over 30 3D models of objects in the Universe
★ Objects’ size from 10^0 to 10^26
★ Description of each object
★ Languages: English, German, Russian

"Science - Macrocosm 3D" is a virtual scale with sizes from 10^0 to 10^26 depicting animated 3D models of various objects in the Universe. Each object has a concise and clear description that is available via "More" button.

Our app is of use to school and university students, astronomers and to everyone who is interested in science. The simplicity of presentation and excellent graphics make learning about science both exciting and accessible to kids and adults!

"Science – Macrocosm 3D" has more than 30 models, including:
• Galileo's telescope
• Hubble Space Telescope
• Stonehenge - an ancient observatory
• Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
• Deimos, - satellite of Mars
• Neutron stars
• Asteroids
• Moon
• Titan - satellite of Saturn
• Mars
• Sirius B, a white dwarf
• Earth
• Saturn
• Jupiter
• Earth-Moon distance
• Sun
• Rigel
• Earth-Sun distance
• Comet C/1822 R1
• The largest star - VY Canis Majoris
• Radius of the Solar System
• Planetary nebula
• Distance between Mizar and Alcor stars
• Distance to the nearest star Proxima Centauri
• Pleiades star cluster
• Giant nebula
• Dwarf galaxies
• Our Galaxy - the Milky Way
• Radio Galaxy
• Local Group of galaxies
• Local superclusters
• Distance to quasars




Periodic Table

Tableau périodique interactif : les élèves peuvent explorer les ressources (illustrations, vidéos, podcasts), liées aux différents éléments (en anglais).

Titan of space

Expérience immersive de découverte de la galaxie.
Une casque de type HTC Vive ou un simple casque de type Cardboard suffit pour vivre cette immersion.

Cursus - Sciences physiques

Au programme : mécanique, thermodynamique, électricité etc... Vous y trouverez des cours en ligne pour vous remettre à niveau ou pour vous perfectionner dans ces domaines.

‎PhET Simulations dans l’App Store

Découvrez PhET Simulations plus en détail.

L’art au service de la science  - Lire ONF

Dans le contexte des sciences au secondaire, l’animation image par image devient un outil pédagogique stimulant et révélateur.

‎Algodoo on the App Store

Algodoo est un laboratoire de physique (gravité, frottement, force, lumière, ressort, engrenage, liquide…) numérique qui complète bien les laboratoires et ateliers de science et technologie.

Ressources pédagogiques gratuites en sciences pendant la fermeture des écoles

Voici neuf sites pour les enseignants en sciences. Quatre ressources pédagogiques en ligne tout à fait formidables pour créer ou proposer des activités à vos élèves.

Espace Enseignants - Ressources pédagogiques

​Le CEA met à disposition des enseignants de nombreux contenus pédagogiques et supports multimédias. Les niveaux concernés sont les cycles 3, collège, lycée et études supérieures.​


Create Professional Science Figures in Minutes.

PhET: Des simulations gratuites en physique, chimie, biologie, sciences de la Terre et mathématiques

Teachers have access to simulation-specific tips and video primers, resources for teaching with simulations, and activities shared by our teacher community.

‎Simulations PhET dans l’App Store

‎Consultez et comparez les avis et notes d’autres utilisateurs, visualisez des captures d’écran et découvrez Simulations PhET plus en détail. Téléchargez Simulations PhET et utilisez-le sur votre iPhone, iPad ou iPod touch.

Physique à Main Levée | 300 expériences de physique

Ressources vidéos pour le cours de physique pour pratiquer les notions de physique en autonomie, à la maison : 300 expériences commentées en vidéo, courtes et simples, réalisables avec du matériel et des objets que l'on peut trouver facilement. Des fiches de réalisation permettent aux élèves de comprendre les notions de physique.