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Updated by Anthony G. Zurbano on Oct 03, 2017
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Top Ten Coldest Places In The World

here are your top ten coldest places in the world



Mongolia’s winters are extremely harsh with temperatures dropping to almost minus twenty degrees. The temperature remains above freezing point from April to October however.



Even though it does not get extremely cold in Estonia, the precipitation can make it unbearable. Rain is very random and can come at any given time, causing substantial declines in temperature, in any season of the year.



The name is literal folks, the name of this country should easily give away the fact of how cold it can get. On average the southern parts of this country never receive a temperature of over zero degrees. In the winters it can get to a very excruciating minutes ten degrees.



Astana is the coldest place in Kazakhstan, which receives insane amounts of rainfall in the winters. The temperature drops make it virtually impossible for a person to step outside of his house. The risk of frost bite is very great as well. However the summers of Kazakhstan are quite warm.



With temperatures that can drop to as low as minus twenty degrees, Finland is covered in snow for about four months of its winter season. However, the summers in Finland are rather warm and pleasing.



Another country that is high up on the longitude scale, the highest temperature recorded in Greenland is around seven degrees. The minimal temperature drops to around minus nine degrees though. Greenland is covered with ice, making it very hard for sunlight to penetrate into the atmosphere.



Russia is a very windy country overall, this fact contributes to the fact that it has unbearable winters and even summers. With temperatures that can drop to as low as minus twenty seven degrees in January, and only go up to three degrees in the summer, Russia is a very cold country to reside in



A gigantic country with many cities that vary in temperature decline. Temperatures in Canada can drop to as low as minus thirty nine degrees, and the fact that it is very windy does not help at all.


The United States of America

In the most northern part of The United States of America; Alaska, the coldest temperatures last for around nine long months. The coldest is gets is at minus 62.2 degrees and anyone stuck outside with even a slight breeze in that temperature would be in risk of death.



Undoubtedly the coldest continent/place on our planet earth, Antarctica is a gigantic patch of ice and water. With conditions that are humanly impossible to live in, Antarctica’s temperature can drop to a mind freezing minus 89.2 degrees. These sort of conditions can very easily kill a man.