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Rotax Metals

Rotax Metals is a distributor of copper and copper-related metal products serving various industries, including fabricators, industrial arts, jewelry, hardware, and more. Founded in 1947, we offer a large and diverse inventory of copper, bronze, and brass materials that include sheet metal, square metal tubing, bronze bars, brass angles, etc. Our products are processed using the latest and best processing equipment and techniques.

Where to Buy Brass: Knowing the Different Types of Commonly Used Brass

Learn where to buy brass and how to use it for your projects. Only buy and use brass supplies from the country’s leading top copper and brass suppliers.

The Importance of Copper and Brass Sales to the Efficiency of Your Interior Design Project

Be on the lookout for copper and brass sales so you can enjoy more quality materials that will upgrade the look of your interior design project.

Make the Most Out of Copper & Brass Sales by Knowing How to Clean and Maintain These Metals

Copper & brass sales can be seen to easily rise year by year because of their viability as a material for various design and craft elements.

Green Benefits of Getting Your Metal from Environment-Friendly Brass Suppliers

Brass suppliers understand the value of this metal because of its environment-friendliness. Brass is easy to recycle, helping prevent waste.

Brass Sales Rely on the Metal’s Popularity and Wide Range of Types

With regards to brass sales, understanding various crystal structures and applications are important to make the right choice for your project.

What Makes Square Metal Tubing Suitable for a Variety of Applications

Square metal tubing is only one type of structural tubing. Knowing the others helps you determine how to work on your project with the right material.

Home Remodeling for Artists: Where to Buy Copper Sheets

Interior designers need a suitable medium to express creativity when remodeling a house. Find out where to buy copper sheets and how to use them.

Bronze Bars Are the Perfect Material for Sleeve Bearings in Machines

Bronze bars have the reputation of being one of the most expensive primary material for industrial machine makers and designer, but are they really?

Sculptures Made of Bronze Tube Makes a Comeback in Modern Art

The current price of bronze cause sculptors to choose bronze tube as the primary material in creating and completing their beautiful artworks.

Top Things to Look for in Bronze Sheet Metal for Industrial Applications

A bronze sheet metal’s overall quality still depends on its point of manufacture and metallurgy to yield better and higher performing machine parts.

Modern Day Architectural and Construction Design Utilizes Muntz Metal for Its Unique Properties

Muntz metal is not only used in industrial and maritime applications. It is now incorporated in architectural designs due to its unique properties.

Why Furniture Manufacturers Are Using Brass Channel for Lamps and Lighting Fixtures

The distinct characteristics of brass channel makes it perfect for crafting lighting fixtures like desk lamps at home or retail store lighting.

Traditional and Modern Methods of Engraving Brass for Sign Makers

Sign makers can benefit from reading these different approaches to engraving brass to make either traditional rustic signage or modern plaques.

Why You Should Use Brass Sheet Metal When Manufacturing Utensils

Brass has so much to offer if you understand its properties. Learn more about why brass sheet metal is the best alloy to create utensils from.

The Conditions Causing Dezincification of Naval Brass and How to Avoid Them

Boat makers are encouraged to apply these preventative steps to inhibit the dezincification of their naval brass fixtures and enhance durability.

Tips on How to Effectively Age Brass Tube for Furniture Makers and Designers

Furniture designers can make their brass furniture appear aged without decades of waiting by using one of these methods for their brass tube elements.

How Furniture Makers Are Using Brass Square Tube for Beautiful Modern Pieces

Brass square tube is gaining popularity in the furniture making industry due to its precious characteristics that produce some of the best designs.

Many Designers Opt to Use Brass Angle in Home and Commercial Interiors

When it comes to commercial and home interiors, there remains a big reliance on brass angle to ensure any space will look elegant for a long time.

Here's How Sheet Metal Suppliers Are Making Headlines in Industrial Interior Design

Sheet metal suppliers may well be the inspiration for some stunning industrial design trends sweeping both offices and buildings across America.

Looking to Build a Structure That Makes a Statement? Consider Turning to Brass Tubing

These days, several architects are finding clever ways to utilize brass tubing in their structural designs to create something that stands out.

Today's Most Stylish Home Design Trends Are Inspired by Amazing Bronze Sheets

As far as home design trends go, bronze sheets are clearly becoming a source of inspiration. This is evident in the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Looking for a New Metal to Work with in Your Jewelry Design? Consider Using Brass for Sale

There are a number of reasons why you should consider utilizing brass for sale in order to make some stunning and truly unique jewelry pieces.

Home Designers Rely on Brass Extrusions for Several Reasons

There are certainly a number of ingenious ways that designers are using brass extrusions to make homes look elegant and a lot safer than before.

A Copper Sheet Supplier Can Meet the Demands Modern Kitchen Design Trends

Today's interior designers are now turning to their copper sheet supplier in order to turn kitchens across America into stunningly designed spaces.

Using Square Brass Tubing and Other Brass Profiles for Your Metalcraft Project

Metal crafts make for more than just a good hobby, but also a lucrative business. Create your own design with square brass tubing, sheets, and more.