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Updated by Alex Biyevet on Mar 29, 2022
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11 Amazing Home Improvement Lists to Ignite Your Imagination

Amazing home design, home decor, home improvement and remodeling ideas to ignite your home decor passion and remodeling imagination. Please don't forget to vote and spread the love!

18 Amazing Kitchen Island Ideas, Plus Costs & ROI 2017

Installing or upgrading a kitchen island in your kitchen is a pretty smart move. One house-selling expert says that the kitchens which impress buyers the most are the ones that have an eye-catching kitchen island. Other designers and real estate agents call a kitchen island a “must have”.

Top 10 Green Home Improvement Upgrades, Plus Costs & ROI in 2017 - - Remodeling Ideas, Costs, Tip...

This year, homeowners are more focused on renovating their houses rather than buying new. 2017 is continuing to see a hot seller’s real estate market, especially in places with booming economy like Seattle. Hot real estate markets mean that it’s often too expensive to buy a new place for many people, but it’s a great time to fix up your current home! 😉

Top 15 Countertops Costs, Plus Pros & Cons 2017

If you’re looking to install new countertops in your kitchen, you’re not alone – 95% of homeowners looking to renovate say that “kitchen countertops are their top priority this year”, according to a survey done in late 2016. Fortunately, there’s a wide variety of interesting, beautiful, and environmentally-friendly countertop materials available in 2017.

Top 11 Smart Home Improvements, Plus Costs & ROI 2017 Update! - - Remodeling Ideas, Costs, Tips, ...

Billions and billions and billions of dollars. That’s what Americans spent on home remodeling projects in 2016. More like hundreds of billions. And 2017 has certainly been following the suit so far! Major home improvements and significant additions to a home are key factors in why that figure is so astronomical! But, if we’re all honest, remodeling is the type of project we all consider doing or want to do.

Top 15 Flooring Ideas, Plus Costs Installed & Pros and Cons in 2017

Installing new flooring is a big decision. Because the floor is often the largest uninterrupted space in a room, the look and feel of the flooring can set the tone all by itself: is this a warm room, or a cool one? A place to hang out and relax, a place to eat, or a place to work?

Top 10 Home Design & Decor Trends for Fall 2017 - - Remodeling Ideas, Costs, Tips, and Advice

Fall is just around the corner, meaning that soon we will spending a whole lot more time in and around our homes rather than at the beach! 🙂 That being said, here are the top 10 home trends for the Fall to help ignite your imagination for seasonal home design and decor updates:

Top 10 Home Improvements to Increase Home Value 2017 - - Remodeling Ideas, Costs, Tips, and Advice

Some people will do home improvements because they want to live in a nicer home.  Others will complete them so that they can sell their home for a more.  Still others want to refinance, and need to increase the value to get rid of that pesky PMI.  And there are even those that are seeking a reverse mortgage soon, and they want to make sure their monthly checks are large enough.

Best Roofing Materials for Homes 2017, Plus Costs - Roofing Calculator - Estimate your Roofing Costs -

This comprehensive guide to types of roof materials is all the research you need to evaluate asphalt shingles, wood shingles and shakes, metal roofing, tiles in three materials, natural and faux slate and the new Tesla solar tiles. For each residential roof type we cover the following topics: An overview including how the roofing is…

Evolution of Modern Home Design and Decor - Home Remodel Ideas & DIY Inspirations - Roofing Calculator - Estimate you...

Ever wonder what Millennial homeowners or home buyers want in terms of exterior and interior home design, living space layout, interior decor and other architectural elements of a house? Knowing this can help inform your remodeling choices and ultimately affect desirability and saleability of your home later on. Read on to learn how to please…

Top 10 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas & Costs per Sq. Ft. in 2017 - Kitchen Remodel Ideas, Costs and Tips: DIY Kitchen Remo...

Most kitchen updates are about design as much as they are about functionality. Enter the backsplash. They function to protect kitchen walls from splattering grease, splashing water and suds from the sink, and spills that defy gravity, ergo get stuck to the walls. 😉

Top 15 Stunning Kitchen Design Ideas, Plus their Costs - Kitchen Remodel Ideas, Costs and Tips: DIY Kitchen Remodeling

Are you in the process of redesigning and remodeling your old, boring kitchen? If so, our in-depth guide to top kitchen designs and styles should be a great starting point to ignite your imagination.