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Jurupa Radiator and Auto Repair

Jurupa Radiator and Auto Repair provide quality and professional auto repair services in Riverside, CA. We have expert mechanics to cater to your needs.

Repairs for Car Radiators and Auto Air Conditioning in Riverside, CA

Jurupa Radiation and Auto Repair specializes in all sorts of auto body services. We provide our clients with top-notch car repair and auto air conditioning in Riverside, CA. Call us for more inquiries!

Fast and Quality Engine Light Repair in Riverside CA

Looking for a fast and quality engine light repair in Riverside, CA? Then give us a call now! Jurupa Radiator and Auto Services are all you need. We can handle all of your auto repair and engine problems in a pinch!

Exceptional Auto Air Conditioning in Riverside CA

Jurupa Radiator and Auto Repair provide customers with exceptional installation services in auto air conditioning in Riverside, CA. Give us a call now for more details!

Auto Electrical Repair in Riverside CA

In need of a reliable auto electrical repair in Riverside, CA? Jurupa Radiator and Auto Repair are fully licensed and insured to handle all your auto problems. Call us now!

Imagine driving to California to visit some relatives you planned to see over a month ago. You crank your air conditioning system as you pass through the busy, hot California road. Everything feels cool and safe until you hear something coming from the inside of your dash and suddenly the air conditioning system stops. It quickly turns from a good day to a screaming hot one as your car starts to heat up, you open the window but the heat is simply unbearable. Love it or hate it, California is one of the hottest places in the United States. Car owners can vouch for that, why else would they need auto air conditioning in Riverside, CA or other places in southern California? There is no doubt about how important air conditioning is for car owners especially those who drive around town for a living. one might doubt the importance of air conditioning and argue the use of opening their windows— that holds some value, but what about the situations of being stuck in traffic, even if the wind is blowing, the heat of the sun beating down on the roof of a person’s car is enough to make the people inside feel like being in an oven. There really is no denying that air conditioning has already become an integral part of daily life, especially those in hot climates. You can read more about the article in here: Auto Air Conditioning: A Car Owners Life Support

Imagine this scenario; you enter your car after months of being stuck in the garage. You crank up the air conditioning and a gush of cold air greets you. You ready yourself to embrace the cold only to have a strong foul smelling odor hook you through your nostrils. You clamor in desperation to open the windows or just simply jump out of the car. You inhale a good amount of fresh air and wonder what the heck happened to your car. Yes, we had our fair share of funky air conditioning smell in our cars. If you live in California, you probably encountered this kind of issue once or twice in your life. It’s not your fault; it simply happens because of good old fashioned wear and tear. Businesses in auto air conditioning in Riverside, CA and other parts of the state are making a good profit because of this. The reason may be because of how much we use and abuse our air conditioning system here in California. Come on, you have to admit, it’s kind of hard to drive across the state while the sun is beating down on your car. Read more here: Four common reasons your car’s AC smells

With how frequent we use them, our cars experience a whole other world of the term “wear and tear.” All of our things, in fact, will show signs of usage and damage. Not only our cars or vehicles but also our clothes and gadgets, among other possessions. Wear and tear can come naturally from age, or by unforeseen accidents. Proper and regular maintenance is key to keep our things lasting longer. When it’s about your car, take it to reliable auto shops with excellent engine light repair in Riverside, CA. Read more here: 6 pointers in choosing a great auto shop in Riverside CA