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Auto and Radiator Repair in Riverside, CA

Jurupa Radiator and Auto Repair provide quality and professional auto repair services in Riverside, CA. We have expert mechanics to cater to your needs.

Repairs for Car Radiators and Auto Air Conditioning in Riverside, CA

Jurupa Radiation and Auto Repair specializes in all sorts of auto body services. We provide our clients with top-notch car repair and auto air conditioning in Riverside, CA. Call us for more inquiries!

Fast and Quality Engine Light Repair in Riverside CA

Looking for a fast and quality engine light repair in Riverside, CA? Then give us a call now! Jurupa Radiator and Auto Services are all you need. We can handle all of your auto repair and engine problems in a pinch!

Exceptional Auto Air Conditioning in Riverside CA

Jurupa Radiator and Auto Repair provide customers with exceptional installation services in auto air conditioning in Riverside, CA. Give us a call now for more details!

Auto Electrical Repair in Riverside CA

In need of a reliable auto electrical repair in Riverside, CA? Jurupa Radiator and Auto Repair are fully licensed and insured to handle all your auto problems. Call us now!

Imagine driving to California to visit some relatives you planned to see over a month ago. You crank your air conditioning system as you pass through the busy, hot California road. Everything feels cool and safe until you hear something coming from the inside of your dash and suddenly the air conditioning system stops. It quickly turns from a good day to a screaming hot one as your car starts to heat up, you open the window but the heat is simply unbearable. Love it or hate it, California is one of the hottest places in the United States. Car owners can vouch for that, why else would they need auto air conditioning in Riverside, CA or other places in southern California? There is no doubt about how important air conditioning is for car owners especially those who drive around town for a living. one might doubt the importance of air conditioning and argue the use of opening their windows— that holds some value, but what about the situations of being stuck in traffic, even if the wind is blowing, the heat of the sun beating down on the roof of a person’s car is enough to make the people inside feel like being in an oven. There really is no denying that air conditioning has already become an integral part of daily life, especially those in hot climates. You can read more about the article in here: Auto Air Conditioning: A Car Owners Life Support

Imagine this scenario; you enter your car after months of being stuck in the garage. You crank up the air conditioning and a gush of cold air greets you. You ready yourself to embrace the cold only to have a strong foul smelling odor hook you through your nostrils. You clamor in desperation to open the windows or just simply jump out of the car. You inhale a good amount of fresh air and wonder what the heck happened to your car. Yes, we had our fair share of funky air conditioning smell in our cars. If you live in California, you probably encountered this kind of issue once or twice in your life. It’s not your fault; it simply happens because of good old fashioned wear and tear. Businesses in auto air conditioning in Riverside, CA and other parts of the state are making a good profit because of this. The reason may be because of how much we use and abuse our air conditioning system here in California. Come on, you have to admit, it’s kind of hard to drive across the state while the sun is beating down on your car. Read more here: Four common reasons your car’s AC smells

With how frequent we use them, our cars experience a whole other world of the term “wear and tear.” All of our things, in fact, will show signs of usage and damage. Not only our cars or vehicles but also our clothes and gadgets, among other possessions. Wear and tear can come naturally from age, or by unforeseen accidents. Proper and regular maintenance is key to keep our things lasting longer. When it’s about your car, take it to reliable auto shops with excellent engine light repair in Riverside, CA. Read more here: 6 pointers in choosing a great auto shop in Riverside CA

Tips in Maintaining Your Auto Air Conditioning

As summer approaches, it probably means that you will have more long trips to those planned vacation spots with family and friends. In the blistering California heat, you would not want your auto air conditioning in Riverside, CA to fail on your passengers. It is important that it remains at its best condition for comfort and health purposes. In order to do so, one should ask the question: Am I taking good care of my air conditioning properly? Read more here: Tips in Maintaining Your Auto Air Conditioning

What Factors Affect Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency?

California is surrounded by freeways and highways that buzz twenty-four hours a day. To driving enthusiasts, this is music to the ears. Freeway lanes are race tracks to the born-racer. But gas prices are steadily rising and some petrol burning fans are beginning to opt for more efficient ways of transportation. There are many factors that play a part in your car’s fuel consumption. Some are just part of your car’s maintenance. Engine light repair in Riverside, CA, for example, has helped boost fuel economy due to the computer pointing out faulty oxygen sensor on vehicles. Over time, your car’s individual engine parts may need replacement. There are a lot of other factors, and we’ll talk about each of them. Read more: What Factors Affect Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency?

Why Jurupa Radiator and Auto Repair Cares More about You than Your Money

Imagine this: You’re driving along California’s highway. It’s July and the heat is up against you. You’re riding like the wind, and you’re summoning all of your driving skills to pull off a monumental escape from work to your home. You need all of your weaponry working flawlessly to survive. All of a sudden, your mechanical horse hiccups and slows down. Then it stops breathing cold air but instead starts to puff black smoke from its cooling system. You’re left all alone in the heat of a desert-like scenery looking for a toll-free telephone boot. Some of us may have been in this type of situation before. We know it’s the time of the year when auto air conditioning in Riverside, CA is bustling with all sorts of car AC and engine problems. Read more: Why Jurupa Radiator and Auto Repair Cares More about You than Your Money

Jurupa Radiator and Auto Repair: Servicing Your Ride in Riverside since 75

If you’re looking for engine light repair or experts in auto air conditioning in Riverside CA, there are a lot of shops who claim to know how to do the job, they even claim to know the specific process for your car make and model. In this day and age, you just know that that isn’t simply true. It may be true that they can do the job, but whether they can do the job well or not remains to be seen. Read more: Jurupa Radiator and Auto Repair: Servicing Your Ride in Riverside since 75

Sometimes, when testing out auto air conditioning in Riverside, CA, your car may give off strange noises, as though it were struggling to stay alive. The sounds of an old car pumping and sputtering away can be a cause of concern for car owners. This is a common occurrence known as rough idling. Read more here: Rough Idling and What Can be Done About It

A car is a hefty burden to bear in terms of raw weight, power, and money. It takes much effort and cash to keep a car roadworthy. This is where Jurupa Radiator and Auto Repair comes in. They offer all sorts of automobile services, from complete engine rebuilds to engine light repair for clients in Riverside, CA. This family-owned and run business has been in operation since 1975, and make an effort to exceed clients’ expectations in all sorts of automobile repair and maintenance services. Read more: Jurupa Radiator and Auto Repair: Auto Services You Can Trust

“My Car’s AC Won’t Work and I Don’t Know Why!” – Well, Here’s Why

Your car is your safe haven for a lot of things. It lets you go wherever you want (as long as it involves land travel). It even lets you drive in comfort. You can get whatever types of upgrades you want for it. And you can customize it however you want. It’s simply a wonderful thing. Another thing that’s also good about it is you can drive in comfort whether it’s hot or cold outside. After all, driving around in summer with a broken auto air conditioning system in Riverside, CA, or wherever you are, is something you don’t want to even think about. Read more: “My Car’s AC Won’t Work and I Don’t Know Why!” – Well, Here’s Why

Jurupa Radiator and Auto Repair: We Get Your Car Working Right Again!

Cars are like people. They may not talk with words like we do and they may not communicate like intelligent beings. But, they do have their own ways in telling their owners whether all is well with them or if something’s definitely not right with them. One example can be seen in checking engine light repairs. Once it starts blinking away, it’s time for you to find out why. And when it comes to engine light repair in Riverside, CA or any type of auto repair for that matter, there’s no one else who does it better than Jurupa Radiator and Auto Repair! Read more: Jurupa Radiator and Auto Repair: We Get Your Car Working Right Again!


Myths Regarding Auto Air Conditioning

With the hot weather in California, many people have several questions regarding their auto air conditioning in Riverside, CA. Air conditioning is a precious commodity, especially for anyone who has gone through trips without an AC in their vehicle. Even some of the cooler parts in California, it is rare to find a vehicle without this feature. (Read more: Myths Regarding Auto Air Conditioning)

From Timing Belt to Radiator Repair in Riverside, CA. Choose Jurupa!

When it comes to professionalism, and work ethic, you can count on Jurupa! We provide our customers with top-notch car and radiator repairs in Riverside, CA. If you want to experience a proper car care then visit Jurupa!

Signs You Need Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Temperatures in California often soar over 100 degrees, especially during the summer. Whether you are on a road trip or doing your daily commute, your auto air conditioning should keep you cool and comfortable. If you encounter any problems, there is simply no time to mess around with your air conditioner on your way home. Even those short trips to the grocery store can leave you drenched in sweat and panting for air. To avoid getting caught up in the heat, it is important to be on the lookout for signs of any problems so that you can call up a professional to repair your auto air conditioning in Riverside, CA. Read more here: Signs You Need Auto Air Conditioning Repair

It is not always about the check engine lights; however, as the performance of your engine starts to diminish, then the system will exhibit warning signs to indicate that something is wrong. When it comes to engine trouble, it is important to listen, look, and feel your vehicle out to see if it is really running at its best. There are numerous signs that you can identify that your engine is having issues. Remember that your engine is an extremely complicated system and would require preventative maintenance. If you notice any of the signs of engine trouble, then do not hesitate to get in touch with Jurupa Radiator and Auto Repair for your engine light repair in Riverside, CA. Read more here: Jurupa Radiator and Auto Repair Always Shows a Positive Attitude towards Their Customers

A Crash Course on Honda’s VTEC engine

Car enthusiasts the world over already know the revolutionary technology that is VTEC. It is the epitome of automobile engineering. The pride and joy of a company that started from motorcycles to one of the leading manufacturers of cars this world has ever known. A fascinating piece of engineering marvel that even the late Soichiro Honda will be proud of. Yes, that is correct, it may be an exaggeration the way it was depicted, but ask anyone who does engine light repair in your Riverside, CA neighborhood and they would most definitely know of the VTEC and its contributions to the automotive world. Read more here: A Crash Course on Honda’s VTEC engine

A lot of people don’t understand the meaning of the indicators located on their dashboard. This form of ignorance should be cut immediately because car manufacturers didn’t place them there for no reason at all. Take the check engine light indicator, for example, a lot of people keep wondering why it starts blinking and some might even dismiss it as something similar to a seat belt indicator – worthless. Well, dear readers and car owners, once that light turns on, you’re engine is compromised. So who do you call once it really breaks down? You go to the people who can definitely fix your engine. Go to the experts in mechanical diagnostics and engine light repair in Riverside, CA. Head on to Jurupa Radiator and Auto Repair! Read more here: Jurupa Radiator and Auto Repair: The Engine Experts You Have Been Looking For

A Brief History on Automotive Diagnostic Systems and Check Engine Lights

Don't you just hate it when you're driving along the roads of California and realize that you have to go back to the mechanic again for a check engine light repair from places like Riverside, CA? That small red light is so irritating that sometimes, people even wish it didn't exist. After all, the recurring warnings are usually just about small matters like a loose gas cap. Most of the time, it's not like your car is really going to blow up. Read more here: A Brief History on Automotive Diagnostic Systems and Check Engine Lights

Frustrated? Are you constantly suffering from anxiety and headaches because of repeated visits to your mechanic for a check engine light repair around Riverside, CA? Well, don’t you worry because everyone knows how infuriating that small red light is once it blinks to life. And most of the time, people simply don’t know how serious the matter is until they’ve gotten it checked by a mechanic, even though quite often, the warning is just because of a loose gas cap or a faulty air conditioning system. And these things don’t just happen once or for a couple of instances; they happen all the time and repeat too many times, enough to take away a few years from your lifespan! Read here:

The Health Benefits of Maintaining Your Auto Air Conditioning System

Car aficionados everywhere love talking about vehicles like it’s the best thing that has been created by mankind. You’ll hear them chat for hours about vehicular improvement and maintenance, with topics ranging from paint jobs to engine light repair in areas such as Riverside, CA. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, as we have our own interests and preferences. But it is a shame to witness one of the most important components of an automobile get lost in vehicular debates: the auto air conditioning system. You may find yourself scoffing at the notion, but air-con systems have been helpful to car owners since its integration into modern automobiles. In fact, it boasts a lot of health benefits for you and everybody else.

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Are you looking for a shop that offers specialized services for auto air conditioning in your hometown of Riverside, CA? Well, you wouldn’t have to look further. Jurupa Radiator and Auto Repair is here to help you with your dilemma! As the undisputed specialists in maintaining and repairing auto air conditioning systems, they are able to provide you with what you need. Let’s face it: no one would ever want to drive in the hot summer season without that cold breeze blowing out of their dashboard vents. With them, you would never have to experience that situation in your lifetime!

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