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Facts that you were probably didn’t knew about Seiko Watches

Since the year of 1881, Seiko watches have been ruling the market! You will be surprised to know that the Seiko watches have not received a luxury badge up-til-now! But in spite of this, these watches are very popular. Have a look at some of the interesting facts about the Seiko watches!


Seiko Watches

Seiko Watches

︾Who discovered Seiko?

The company and the firm were founded by a clock and watch repairman fat Tokyo, Japan. His name was Kintaro Hattori who has laid the foundation of the Seiko line of watches and business clocks. He also simultaneously started a line of jewelry as well.

︾Shinji Hattori

His grandson, Shinji Hatorri, is now making the further strides in the same for a big brand name. In Japanese, the name Seiko has a different meaning - Success and Minute. It is notable to mention here and congratulate them for being successful consistently with the minute details of the watches, even.

To achieve and accomplish their goal, they have incorporated many new techniques and technology in their watches. Inclusive of the course of action, sometimes they were unsure that whether it would bear fruits or not. But the risks have paid them off well.

︾First Quartz Metal in the Watches

The Seiko watches were the first to utilize the quartz metal in their watches. Along with this, there was a tuning fork in the same as well. Furthermore, the diver’s watches could also withstand the water pressure of 150 meters i.e. 150 atmospheres.

There was a time when the Seiko watches started manufacture of the environment-friendly watches. And others soon followed the trend. And other also joined the forces with them.

︾Priced or Priceless?

It is interesting to know that the cost of these watches ranges from $500 to $750 and $800. In spite of the fact that these watches are so moderate in the pricing, you can find some of the cheap replicas of these as well. As the prices are low, the fake Seiko watches are doing rounds in the market in a very easy manner. This is pretty obvious due to the lack of knowledge of the buyers.

Another news that very few people would know about Seiko is that the Seiko adverts are the first to highlight and showcase their products on the “Idiot Box” in Japan. They were also the first to discover their own set of rules and protocols for the world to follow.


While concluding, I would say that the Seiko watches are benchmarks in themselves. They have already crossed all their records and are soon going to set a new trend to look in future.

They have also set a very competitive yet healthy environment in the world of watch and clock manufacturing. The best and wonderful part of these clocks and watches is that they have been utilized as a part of the Olympics timepieces as well.

The Seiko watches have been further promoted by the famous actors like Daniel Craig in James Bond, Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and lot more.