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Top Home Selling Articles

This is my personal compilation of some of the best home selling blog articles to be found online!

Each of these articles was written by some of the most professional real estate bloggers out there! As a home seller, there are just too many traps to fall into - make sure to read up on these great points of advice!

I truly hope you will enjoy reading these articles as much as I have!

Feel free to leave your feedback in the comment sections!

Why Your House Is Not Selling: Plus Your Options

Learn the reasons your house is not selling by taking a look at the following tips. Find out how you can present your home in its best condition!

How To Prepare Your Home To Sell

If you are considering selling your home, look at the following tips and see how you can present your home in its best condition as you prepare for the next phase of your life.

40+ Home Staging Tips

In order to get their asking price, or close to it, the home needs to look its best. Here are the top home staging tips to get your home sold quick.

Home Seller Tips: Avoiding Common Home Buyer Deal-Breakers

When selling a home, it's important for sellers to realize there are potential deal-breakers that some home buyers may have. It's these common home buyer deal-breakers that a seller will want to avoid and adjust for, so they can sell their home the best and fastest way possible.

8 Tips on Selling an Empty House

Selling an empty house does come with its own challenges, ranging from safety issues, to presentation elements which might affect buyers' first impressions. Time to read up in this article what to do!

6 Surprising Things Home Buyers Notice First in a Home

What are the things home buyers notice when entering a home? Do some of these actually surprise you? Plenty you, as a home seller, can do to avoid negative impressions!

Which Are the Top 4 Mistakes Made by Home Sellers?

For many people, a real estate deal can become the single largest transaction they will ever make, so it’s no surprise that they become emotional during this process. Read this article to find out the mistakes to avoid!

Selling Your Home? Here’s How Overpricing Can Cost You!

Overpricing might seem like a good idea to you because you think that you, as a home seller, can strike a bargain, right?


It is very likely the exact thing that turns potential buyers away from your property! This article discusses how overpricing can cost you dearly!

6 Surprising Things Home Buyers Notice First in a Home

When you’re having guests over for a social get together or party, don’t you make sure that your home’s as clean and welcoming as it can be?

Putting your house on the market means that you practically need to have that level of preparedness for the period of the marketing.

*After all, you only have one chance at making that first impression! *Especially with that potential home buyer!

What could possibly be the surprising things home buyers notice first when entering a home? This article discusses the main 6 things any home seller might want to pay attention to!

The Price You Set for Your Home Determines 9 Aspects of Selling Your Home

As a home seller, there's no doubt you want the most amount of money for your home!

However, does that mean you ought to try and purposely price your property TOO HIGH from the onset? I'm afraid that strategy is probably the WORST one to follow - even if "you're testing the market" as there are other ways to go about that - so make sure to read up on Kevin's excellent article on the overpricing topic!

What You Should Never Do When Selling a Home

Time to sell your home for top dollar -- so why would you want to jeopardize all of this?

Sometimes, these home seller mistakes happen before one realizes! Unless they've read up on them ahead of time in this great article!

You are about to learn what not to do when selling your home!

Buying and Selling Real Estate Together

Most of us will need to SELL in order to BUY our next property!

What if you're faced with a situation where you need to buy AND sell at the same time?

How does one even go about this? Make sure to read the great tips discussed in this article!

Collection of The Best Home Selling Tips

When selling a home, it always pays to have advice you can use that is based on years of experience.

This is a collection of posts which comes from multiple sources across the web, written by well-respected professionals in the real estate industry!

How Long Does It Take To Sell A Home?

Now that you've finally decided to sell, you forgot to ask your real estate agent how long it would take before your home actually sells!

Is there such a thing as a guaranteed time in which this happens? Or does one need to be more open & flexible regarding timeline when selling a home?

And which factors influence the time it will take to sell the property? Can certain elements add/subtract days from that process?

6 Helpful Tips For Selling A Home With Pets

Is there such a thing as going about it the WRONG way when selling a home with pets? THERE SURE IS!

Did you know that 83% of people consider pets part of the family?

Moreover, did you know that 36% of people have cynophobia (fear of dogs)!

And what would happen if the former were the home seller and the latter were the home buyer? You might have a problem, don't you think!?

This article discusses a number of helpful tips for selling a home with pets!

5 Factors to Consider When Pricing a Home For Sale

Price it too high and the property won't have too many interested buyers stopping by!

Correctly pricing a home for sale is such a tricky thing to do - so why try to rush through this very important point in the marketing process?! You only have one chance at making a first impression with the home buyers!

Overpriced properties will sit on the market for months, get stale, and when they eventually sell, it'll be at prices below the levels they could have received, if only they priced it right from the getgo.

Take some notes when going through this very informative article so you don't fall victim to the ugly real estate beast of overpricing :)

5 Smart Ways To Sell Your Home For More Money

Aren't we all looking to sell our property for the highest price possible? Of course!

With these (high) expectations set, we can kickstart the marketing, but will we get our desired price?!

Luckily, this article discusses some proven smart (and easy) ways to ensure you can keep the selling price up while concluding the sale.