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Software Development Services

Acuminous provides high-quality software development services for different sectors. A recognised ERP Software Development Company, their ERP solution for educational institutions offers multi-platform versatility and includes a school management mobile app for real-time access and control while on the go.



Gym Management Software

Gym Management Software

Acuminous Software Provides Comprehensive ERP Software Solutions for Gym, Club and Wellness Centres to Manage Memberships, Time Tables, Schedules, Appointments, Billing, Marketing, User Apps, Notifications, and more.


Software Development Trends in Canada that Will Gain More Momentum (Part I)

Software Development Trends in Canada that Will Gain More Momentum (Part I)

sk any software development company in Canada about the trends they see in the industry and changes in mobile and web applications development are likely to be among the top five they mention. Both iOS and Android are seeing more robust and intelligent apps.


What You Need to Check in a School ERP Software Before You Buy

What You Need to Check in a School ERP Software Before You Buy

There are quite a few school ERP software out there. However, finding the right one is not easy. In this post, we take a quick look at what you need to check before you buy one. For more read about blog please visit here

Why is Software Testing Critical to the Software Development Process

Clients find it surprising when they are told of the need for software testing services. Once informed, they immediately realise how critical it is for them to get their software properly tested.

Why Gyms Are Choosing Our Software?

It is really great to hear from clients and know why they choose our solutions. In this post, we look at what they say about our online gym management software with its in-built gym CRM software

How to Find a Custom Software Company that Finishes Projects on Time

Here are some important points to consider while hiring a company for custom software application development services.


Top 7 ERP Software Trends in 2018

Top 7 ERP Software Trends in 2018

ERP software solutions are changing with the times, becoming nimbler and faster, adopting Machine Learning and operating on the software-as-a-service model. In this blog we look at the top 7 ERP software trends we are likely to see in 2018.


3 Major Software Trends That Will Stay Popular in 2018 and Help Businesses to Boot

3 Major Software Trends That Will Stay Popular in 2018 and Help Businesses to Boot

If anything, they are going to get bigger and more popular as awareness spreads beyond tech developers to mainstream. This article lists 3 software trends that will stay popular in 2018

3 Simple Ways to Utilise Chatbots in Mobile Apps for an Institution

As the world embraces intelligent technologies, hiring an ERP software development company to create a future-enabling environment for students becomes the need of the hour.

4 Major Types of Software Testing and When They are Carried Out

Here are the four major types of software testing and a quick look at when they are carried out over the software testing life cycle.

Software Development Company in Canada

Software development companies in Canada are now building some of the best machine learning solutions in the world. This post looks at the benefits of machine learning for businesses and how firms offering intelligent software development services in Canada can help you leap-frog over the competition.

Why Hire a Software Testing Company? | Acuminous Software

Software testing has become a critical factor in determining whether the solution will work or lead to losses. In this post, we look at why hiring a software testing company along with a software development company has become so important.

Does Choosing A Specialist Recruitment Firm Help IT Companies?

Some may focus on hires across all markets and industries while others may focus on specific sectors that need special skill sets. The more advanced the knowledge required, the more important does the job of an HR consulting company become.

Technical Skills Training Company

At Acuminous Software Technical Training Company, we value your dreams. It is our objective to provide the best possible technical training in India today. Join Acuminous Software’s training program for the Best Technical Skills Training you can receive.

5 Useful Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Your Software Development Processes

An efficient software development lifecycle helps you to reduce costs and turnaround projects on time. If you are part of a software development company in Canada, read more to know of some useful tips to improve the efficiency in your software development processes.


Future of ERP Solutions and Technology in the Next Few Years

Future of ERP Solutions and Technology in the Next Few Years

Looking at the present demand for custom designed ERP software, one can easily predict that this demand for bespoke solutions meeting precise requisites, preferences and needs of business processes will escalate as costs come down and customisation options increase. For more read visit Future of ERP Solutions and Technology in the Next Few Years.


Will Canada Become a Software Development Hub?

Will Canada Become a Software Development Hub?

According to a Forbes report, Canada topped the list for being the best place for businesses. Canada got top position on the basis of 11 factors including technology and innovation, taxes, share market performance and several others. For more read visit Will Canada Become a Software Development Hub?

Why Should You Invest Your Time and Efforts in Technical Training?

We look at how our technical skills training in Gurugram can help students enhance their skill sets and grab better career opportunities than what they would get from a standard training institute.

An Introduction to Black Box Testing – The Byte Guy – Medium

Also known as ‘behavioural testing’, black box testing is a technique in which the software’s functionality is checked by a tester without looking at the software structure, internal coding, implementation details, etc.

Importance of Acoustic Doors in Theatres and Auditoriums

Acoustic floor panels, doors, walls and windows play a pivotal role in making any large space (or even a room) a better place for its occupants. Experts often talk about acoustic comfort when trying to describe this aspect of a room or building.