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Headline for Posts & Articles on #MentalHealth Issues & Depression
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Posts & Articles on #MentalHealth Issues & Depression

Increasingly we are sharing & talking about depression, mental health and other challenges within the social space. Mental health issues are complex and we are all learning together when it comes to our social relationships. Here's a list of posts, videos and other items that will help us to better understand and learn from one another. Please add to it.

A Collection of Audioboos from @Omaniblog on Depression

Paul has used Audioboo to share stories, thoughts, resources and ideas related to his own struggle with depression.

Afterlife :: November :: 2011 - by @omaniblog

Chris Brogan published "Depression is an offline event" on 27 October. I was surprised because I’ve been thinking about how I could restart this blog after 9 months silence.  Because of my depression, I’ve been absent from all social media since January. Chris Brogan’s words spoke to me - gave me the lift & hook I needed.

Being human. « The BrandBuilder Blog

Today’s post isn’t going to be about brand management, marketing, advertising, PR, or best practices for social media programs. In fact, this post isn’t going to be about any of t...

Chris Brogan, A-Listers, and the Reality of a Low Blogging Self-Esteem by Marcus Sheridan

Do you have a low blogging self-esteem? If so, don’t worry, because so does Chris Brogan, and the rest of us for that matter…

Coming to terms with 2013 with @triciahoyt [part 2] - Paul's story

Brother & sister discuss what 2013 meant for each other. Part 2 #family #depression #support #omanidot #mother

Depression for Entrepreneurs

Written by Chris Brogan - I run a publishing and media company dedicated to helping the DIY learner crowd (folks ages 35-75 who want to learn stuff in less-traditional ways). My business is based on professional speaking, creating online and offline courses, and a lot of personal interaction with the community I have the pleasure to serve.

Depression - how to help a person who is unwell by being supportive during their depression

An audioboo from @Omaniblog - Recorded on Monday morning on my way to work - based on my personal experience #mentalhealth #depression #confusion #confidence

Depression is an Offline Event by @chrisbrogan

People tend to try to use the online world to help with depression. That rarely works. Here's my plea for you to get offline.

Depression - not just for other people
Most people share the best version of themselves and their lives on line. Being kind (including to myself) I don't think its dishonest, rather say incomplete or an edited version of life.
Even the Champions Suffer by @Chris_Eh_Young

This post is not about strategies. It’s not about tactics. It’s not about growth. Heck, this isn’t even about business – not directly anyway.

I might be losing my voice but #BellLetsTalk - Please support mental health issues - it matters so very much.

An audioboo from @boydjane about Bell Let's Talk Day. A Canada wide strategy regarding mental health issues. Jane Boyd shares a few thoughts on this day.

Kris Colvin - Today, my little world changed.

I have a lot of friends in the social media “industry” for want of a better word. Guru’s, experts, speakers, creators, leaders… some better friends than others. Some I have met, many I have not yet met in person, given they are not near Kansas City and life has conspired to mainly keep me here the last few years.

Let's Talk Depression with Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan talks about his history with depression, why and how he's breaking the stigma around it, and what you can (and shouldn't) do to break the hold of it on yourself. View the full post here: SKIP TO YOUR LOU (click the times to go straight to the topics below): 00:00 Intro 01:07 When you're depressed, should you reach out online?

The Reality of Inaccurate Realities

Social media isn't very healthy for people who suffer from depression. It's a minefield of platitudes and rah-rah wrapped in generalizations and self-help. From Amber Naslund.

Why Failing On Social Media Is a Very Bad Idea by @Chris_Eh_Young

Fail forward, fail fast, fail often. All bits of advice we get on the glamorization of failure. Failure is learning. Failure leads to success. Failure makes you stronger. Failure is only bad if you don’t learn from it.

Why the Road to My Kind of Intention Should Have Also Talked About Depression by @boydjane

Last night I wrote a post about how my summer hadn’t really shaped up to be as intentional as I would have liked it to be.  It was a pretty candid post about some of the frustrations and disappointments that I have felt with myself for not doing more.  For not being able to be more.

World Mental Health Day is today

Shortly after finding out 10 October 2012 is #worldmentalhealthday - Paul O'Mahony speaks about what he can do to help. "What can I do to help the cause of mental health? He asks.
He goes on to speak of his experience of severe depression - and how recovery does happen.
Hopefully this audio will help at least one other person.
Together we can help.

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