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Headline for Petland: Halloween Pet Safety Tips
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Petland: Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Following July 4th, Halloween is the 2nd most common holiday for pets to become lost.


No Candy for Pets

The best part of Halloween is easily the free candy, however, keep the trick-or-treat candies for yourself. Chocolate poisoning can cause vomiting, diarrhea, rapid breathing, increased heart rate and seizures in pets. Other items to avoid are raisins and xylitol. This sugar substitute can be found in gum, mints, and other hard candies. Xylitol is dangerous to pets, especially dogs, and can be fatal.
Throw away candy wrappers to avoid giving your pet a seriously painful indigestion problem.

To review a full list of xylitol products visit:


Keep Pets Away From the Door

Trick or treat give me something good to eat! You will constantly be opening the door on Halloween but keep pets in a separate room or enclosed area away from the door will prevent them from darting out the door. Dogs can also be very territorial and my get anxious around loud strangers in costumes.


Bring Cats Inside a Few Days Before and After Halloween

Halloween is a fun time to play tricks on your neighbors and friends, but keep it harmless. Around Halloween cats, especially black cats, are highly vulnerable to catnapping and pranks. Some shelters refuse to adopt out black cats during October to ensure their safety. If you have an outdoor cat, keep them inside the week of Halloween.


Don't Force Your Pet to Wear a Costume

Make sure your pet is comfortable in his/her costume. If you pet seems stressed or agitated take off the costume and allow your pet to rock a simple bandana instead. Costumes shouldn't restrict your pet's ability to move, breath, bark/meow or hear. Be sure the costume doesn't have any small pieces that can tear off and be ingested.


ID Your Pet

Halloween is the second most common day to lose your pet. Many neighborhoods become chaotic the night of Halloween and your pet may get agitated or excited and run off. TO ensure your pet's safety, and your sanity, make sure your pet has up to date identification. If your pet has a microchip make sure your contact information is current.


Bright Light Bright Light

Keep your pet visible to cars at night with brightly colored costumes, safety vests or glow sticks.


Dangerous Decorations

Halloween is all about the atmosphere, but Jack-o-lanterns and dry ice can pose a threat to cats and dogs. As usual, keep cords out of reach from your pets, especially cats.