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Toronto-based developer Sam Mizrahi breaks into the Ottawa condo market with a splash

The shovel hasn’t even hit the ground and already Mizrahi Developments was making its mark on Ottawa with the grand opening for its new luxury boutique condominium, 1451 Wellington. More than 250 guests flocked to its presentation gallery, where valet parking, champagne and cocktails and canapés awaited. The building was filled with the jazzy sounds of Brian Browne on keyboard and Kelly Craig on trumpet, with catering provided by DISH (it’s just hired award-winning chef René Rodriguez)....

THE ONE by Sam Mizrahi prepares for sales after development receives final approval from OMB

Canada’s future tallest building is one big step closer to becoming a reality. The $1 billion THE ONE Condominiums by Sam Mizrahi received its official approval on April 18th at a formal earing with the Ontario Municipal Board.

Sam Mizrahi, the developer who snagged Toronto's most coveted piece of real estate

There’s not a developer in Canada who wouldn’t pay dearly for the rights to the southwest corner of Yonge and Bloor, and last fall, Sam Mizrahi, a businessman best known until five years ago for his upscale dry cleaning company, became the lucky real estate investor to snag it.

How Toronto’s latest mega tower got the green light | Toronto Star

The story of how one very tall, very dense building at Yonge and Bloor got approved by the city — despite objections.

Lamar van dusen The financial plan is the quantitative and encrypted part of the business plan

Lamar Van dusen- The financial plan is the quantitative and encrypted part of the business plan. Far from being a mere administrative formality, the financial plan is a legal obligation on any company on its incorporation.

Young Upstarts

Small business owners and entrepreneurs often find themselves dealing with two separate yet related issues: One is the trouble of doing their own books (including navigating the complex tax system) when that’s really not a core competency and takes them away from things they actually got into business to do.

In this time of crisis, cost savings and cuts are the priority for many companies. Yet many of the companies continue to spend lots of money to trivia. Lamar Van Dusen shares nine ways to save money for your company.

‘Amazon Effect’ Leads Investors to Sour on Global Retail’s expanding reach is prompting investors to dump shares of retailers far from the U.S. While the “Amazon effect” has been most pronounced in the U.S., investor concern overseas has risen.

Why some entrepreneurs are abandoning the U.S. to set up shop in Canada

Some entrepreneurs are finding their way back to Canada, driven by business and living conditions

Stocking stuffers can be more than just trinkets and candy canes this holiday season. Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) are becoming an increasingly popular gift from parents and grandparents. Still, over half of Canadian families don't save in an RESP. To help, Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation (CST) is providing the top 10 reasons why giving an RESP makes sense.

RESP: The tax-free account Canadian parents forgot about | Financial Post

Forty-seven per cent of parents have not opened a registered education saving plan, which not only shelters money tax-free but provides a government grant equal to 20 per cent of contributions

The Brand Intimacy Metric: What Makes Consumers Connect with Companies? - The Shutterstock Blog

About a year ago, the Harvard Business Review published the results of a study on brands and their customers. The takeaway from the research, conducted by consumer-intelligence firm Motista and technology company CEB, was this: if companies hope to grow, focusing on customer experience and satisfaction isn’t enough. Rather, brands must connect with consumers on an emotional level.

In an announcement about the reopening of the zinc mine in upstate New York, owner Titan Mining detailed its progress, with 3,124 tonnes of zinc concentrate produced in May

“Brand Intimacy” – An Interview with Mario Natarelli

Why use yesterday’s thinking for tomorrow’s challenges? From Amazon to Apple, Whole Foods to Harley Davidson, we all have strong emotional connections to the brands we love. Yet in recent years, approaches to branding have stagnated, relying on models, structures, and thinking from decades ago. In the fast-paced, constantly-changing world of the modern marketplace, approaches to branding must evolve if they are to survive.

SkyCap Financial Emphasizes Education with New SkyCap University

Debt has become a fact of life for many. However, as experts like to emphasize, there are different kinds of debt, ranging from the high fees associated with so-called payday loans all the way to the mortgage on your home, which most people consider a necessity. Whether you have “good” debt or “bad” debt, one of the keys in taking charge of your finances is education....

When Apple recently hit the $1 trillion mark, becoming the first public U.S. company to hit that milestone, investors celebrated and pushed its stock price up 9 percent in just two days.

If you’re like most people, you have favorite brands for toothpaste, soap and other personal health and hygiene products like razors, mouthwash and hair products. But the favoritism isn’t so pronounced that you won’t swap out one brand for another if there’s a really good sale or the product you…

How to set up an RESP for your child

Saving for your kid's schooling doesn't have to be complicated. Here's how to do it in four easy steps.

Brand Intimacy Study Underscores Today’s Nuances in Customer-Brand Relationships

Back in the 1950s, it took some forward-thinking consumer goods companies like Procter & Gamble and General Foods to seize on brand and develop a discipline called “brand management” as a way to differentiate their products from the competitors. Quality products were one thing, but what about the other characteristics that led consumers to choose one laundry soap, cheese product, or cereal over another?

Our agency specializes in helping companies build emotional bonds with consumers by enhancing the essence, story, and experience of their brands

4 Misconceptions About RESPs

Surprisingly, it’s more likely than many would think – at least, when it comes to Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs). An RESP allows families to put money aside to grow, tax-sheltered, for their children’s post-secondary education.

Richard Warke has spent over twenty-five years in the global resource sector. An experienced, well-respected leader, he is the founder of the Augusta Group of companies – a conglomerate of public companies and private businesses in the resource industry.

Sam Mizrahi of Mizrahi Corp, Luxury Home and Condo Builder in Toronto. Every single design and building that I do, I look at how it would come in concert with the entire community.

Why are some brands continually successful (like Apple) and yet others seem to suffer with mishaps (United Airlines and Uber in 2017)? Mario Natarelli, managing partner at MBLM, provides the answers.

Becoming an accomplished entrepreneur is never easy. It takes time, hard work and dedication. Finding a good mentor can help ease the path to success, experts say. Here are a few basic tips on mentoring: