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Cool team building activities for every team

how do you motivate the newcomers to gel up with your team? How about conducting small activities. The newcomers can become more engaged with the team through quick team building activities. You can try any of the following activities for your team to fuse fun and work.



Activity 1: Blind drawing

Activity 1: Blind drawing

Time: 3-4 minutes

Number of Participants: 2 players at a time

Tools Needed: Pen and paper / Marker and whiteboard

Rules: A team building activity that encourages communication. It requires 2 players to sit back to back. One player is given a picture of an object or word. The person doesn’t know what it is and he has to describe the image using words that will help in identifying the object. The other person with pen and paper draws the object on the basis of verbal description and their own guess work. This

Objective: To see how two members can effectively communicate, imagine, and innovate.


Activity 2: Scavenger hunt

Activity 2: Scavenger hunt

Time: 2 to 3 hours

Tools Needed: None

Go outdoors with the team for fresh air and sun. Whenever possible, take your team for a scavenger hunt at the nearest place like museum, zoo or theme parks. This will lighten their mood and result in much better time. This will help the team to know each other quite well and it is a lot of fun!

Objective: Team will have fun and it will be an effective team building experience.


Activity 3: A truth and a lie

Activity 3: A truth and a lie

Time: 0.5 to 1 hour

Number of participants: Any number

Tools Needed: Pen and paper to each member

Rules: Each team member will have to introduce themselves and write 3 truths and one lie about them. The lie should be believable. After each team member has written its statement, quick conversations can now be started. Now the truths and lie will be read in a random order. On each member’s statements, voting will be done to identify what are the truths and lies. Points will be given for each lie guessed.

Objective: To know coworkers better and encourages group interaction and communication.


Activity 4: Office Makeover

Activity 4: Office Makeover

Time: Depends on each person

Number of participants: All

Tools needed: Any creative objects

Rules: You can work in teams for this office makeover. You may be bored with the things around in the office, so how about adding some small creative stuff in office giving it a makeover. Work as a team, create a list of things. It is not compulsory to have a big budget, include little things like adding some new plants, art, photographs or anything innovative that will positivity.

Objective: The team will become stronger, work environment will be better suited, this will improve the mood around the office.


Activity 5: Team birthday line up

Activity 5: Team birthday line up

Time: 10 minutes

Number of participants:8 to 10 in a team

Rules: It is a kind of ice breaker fun team building activity. The participants will be asked to fall in line side by side and then be arranged in order of their birthdays considering only the month and date. The group members will not be allowed to talk at all. They will have to use sign language to determine each other’s birthday. You can also add more fun to it by giving them a platform to stand where if anyone falls, the group has to start all over again.

Objective: It will help in problem solving, communication and cooperation.


Activity 6: Mannequin challenge. Freeze it!

Activity 6: Mannequin challenge. Freeze it!

Number of participants: Team of 6-7 members

Tools needed: Phone or camera

Rules: Mannequin challenge is a new online trend and it fits well for team building activities at work to involve everyone and be funny. What you have to do is to make a video with your team members in a storytelling way. Set some rules, like the duration of video about maximum 2 mins, what props can be used, who does what and what background music to pick.

Objective: Communication in a whole new way involving lots of creativity and teamwork.


Activity 7: Penny for your thoughts

Activity 7: Penny for your thoughts

Time: 30 mins

Tools needed: Coins and a jar

Rules: To help teams feel comfortable with each other, penny for thoughts is an ice breaker game. You have to collect coins with the listed year that should not be dated older than the youngest team member and collect it in a jar. Then, each participant has to pick a coin and share something memorable that happened to them based on the listed year.

Objective: This will help to have an insight into each other lives and team members can open up.


Activity 8: Social activities

Activity 8: Social activities

What can be done for avoiding a dull environment in the office?

Rules: Social activities should involve the participation of every member. Break the office routine and play board games, or conduct a talent show or set alternative dress day.

Objective: Make people more involved with each other and arouse their interest to come to the office.


Activity 9: What’s my name?

Activity 9: What’s my name?

Number of participants: Team of 6-7 members

Time: 25 – 30 minutes

Rules: Put label or name tags on a team member’s back with a name of people type like a doctor, athlete, nerd, homeless etc. The group members will see each other’s tags and for a set amount of time ask questions to each other according to the tags they have been labeled. Each person has to figure out what the label is on them on the basis of how the rest team treats them and ask them questions. The one who figures out can exit.

Objective: The team will develop a sense of how to treat each other’s job role and will learn how mistakenly they see each other.


Activity 10: Balloon questions

Activity 10: Balloon questions

Time: 1 hour

Tools needed: Balloons, paper, pens, and pencils

Rules: Each person will be given a balloon and paper strip. They would write a question on the slip and place it in their balloon. Blow it and tie it up. Everyone will do the same and hit their balloons into the air. After few seconds, everyone will grab one balloon and sit in a circle. In their respective balloons, there would be a question. Each person pops the balloon and will answer their question.

Objective: Teams will learn more about other team members in a fun and interactive way.

These activities are not only good for building a healthy workforce but also create a good working environment. Which activity would you play with your team?