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Primary Care Physicians

Vasu Medical Group is here for primary care physicians, family doctors and Internal Medicine Doctors. Our physicians in vasu medical group are highly qualified to provide medical care and various ancillary testing services.


Primary Care Physicians

Primary Care Physicians

Vasu Medical is a Primary Care Physicians Group. "Dr. Veena Gaddam" is a President of Vasu Medical Group. She has 10+ years of experience in Healthcare Solutions. She completed Internal Medicine residency at Jamaica Medical Center in New York.

Primary Care Physicians are the backbone of the medical community and provide the bulk of medical services for most patients. Our physicians provide daily medical care for their patients. "Dr. Veena Gaddam" is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician. She is a member of American Board of Internal Medicine.

Our Medical services include:
1. Physical Exams
2. Preventative Healthcare
3. Hospital and Emergency Room follow-ups
4. Management of Chronic Medical Conditions
5. General Medical Care
6. Pre-op physical and testing

In Vasu Medical Group, Our primary care physicians play vital role in caring for diabetes, hypertension, depression, preventive medicine, asthma, emphysema, heart diseases, high cholesterol, migraine headaches patients
Dr. Veena Gaddam, has been practicing in Columbus, Ohio from last 5 years. She specializes in the management of Diabetic patients and long-term care to the patients.

Our physicians and Internal Medicine Doctors in vasu medical group are highly qualified to provide best medical care, They refer you to specialists when needed. We treat chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, depression, asthma, emphysema, heart diseases, high cholesterol, migraine headaches, sore throat, allergies and more.

We Offer:
-> Same Day Appointments
-> Low cost
-> Easy/fast appointments
-> ECG testing
-> stress testing

Vasu Medical Group is here for primary care physicians, family doctors and Internal Medicine Doctors.


Doctor Columbus

asthma treatment in columbus
In the first place, see whether your asthma is controlled; and whether you should see your specialist with the goal that a controller treatment (or an alternate controller treatment) can be endorsed. Controller drugs are those solutions that are taken each day (at times numerous times each day) paying little respect to asthma side effects. These prescriptions are taken the majority of the time so as to control the aggravation and swelling of the aviation routes.

diabetes treatment columbus
Another type of diabetes, known as gestational diabetes, happens in some pregnant ladies and has a tendency to vanish following birth. It's essential for diabetes to be analyzed as quickly as time permits, since it will deteriorate if left untreated. You ought to in this manner visit your GP in the event that you have side effects, which incorporate inclination parched, passing pee more regularly than expected and feeling tired constantly (see the rundown underneath for more diabetes manifestations).


Nephrology Telangana

Department Of Nephrology
The significance of hereditary qualities for nephrology is underlined by the way that in excess of 200 qualities have been related with acquired renal ailment. Data about the genotypes of patients with kidney ailment is vital to giving an early and exact determination and deciding forecast.

Gandhi Medical College
Hardly any issues in nephrology are more dubious than choices about when to embrace revascularization for renal vein stenosis (RAS). Specialized advances identified with endovascular stenting have prompted across the board utilization of these systems in the United States over the previous decade. Minor degrees of stenosis might be identified "unexpectedly" in numerous patients with atherosclerosis somewhere else.


SEO Service Hyderabad

SEO Service Hyderabad
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Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management Software
We are living in a time of fast change inside the medicinal services industry affected by the Affordable Care Act, Meaningful Use, while understanding volumes are on the ascent with the recently protected, your capacity for accomplishing quiet fulfillment, gainfulness, and consistence objectives are progressively in danger. A strong Health Information Management System (HIMS) program has never been more basic to the achievement of medicinal services associations than it is presently.

Completely organized based and will be overseen by the most recent innovation instruments. Software will be anything but difficult to utilize, and completely graphical interface will be given to the end client. This software will make your hospital 'WPP' that implies without paper pen. HMS the stream of data over the hospital that helps compelling basic leadership for tolerant care, hospital organization/administration and streamline money related bookkeeping in an advanced and effective way. Since its a client arranged administration framework, it can be effectively tweaked to the necessities of any hospital.


android app development in hyderabad

android app development in hyderabad
Our software engineers are dedicatedly fascinated in creating versatile and exceptionally strong android mobile applications and porting to particular mobile stages. Today mobile has turned into a vital component and incorporated part of each life. Mobile assumes enter part in any business to achieve the interior procedure or meet the outside clients. Picking the best mobile app development arrangement supplier will travel your business objectives in to genuine qualities. There is a critical progression has been occurred in association with mobile space. Mobile applications keep associated with clients constantly and business ventures are moving towards the mobile application to meet the changing patterns of innovation.


Indian Doctor In Columbus

Indian Doctor In Columbus

Indian Doctor In Columbus :
Our doctors in columbus operate on hemorrhoids and remove tumors from colon cancer. Proctologist is the old and somewhat out-of-date term for a colorectal surgeon. Surgical Oncology surgeons remove all types of tumors throughout the body, so there can be overlap with other surgical specialties. For example, a breast tumor could be removed by a surgical oncologist, general surgeon or a gynecologic oncologist (more on them below). These surgeons typically operate on soft-tissue tumors called sarcoma and a type of skin melanoma.

Department Of Nephrology :
nephrology follows the nationally agreed renal medicine curriculum and is competency based. Entry to training is by competitive multi-station interview and from 2010 applicants will need to have attained MRCP (UK) PACES or equivalent prior to application. Typically it will take a total of three years of clinical nephrology training to attain a CCT in Renal Medicine.

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Hospital Software

Hospital Software

HIMS Software :
Hospital Information Management System Software is exceptionally successful in its execution, there is no hard need for individuals to go for help of some other method for information gathering and information chronicled. It is currently workable for medicinal faculty to check the historical backdrop of their patient's appropriate from the very beginning inside couple of minutes. In the event that the procedure is to be finished with the assistance of printed copy that has been filed, it will take a few hours and even days relying upon how far the information should be taken.

Android App Development Company :
Local android apps are particular to android plateform utilizing the advancement apparatuses and dialect that the android stage underpins. For e.g., Android studio, Google Material and Java. Local apps look and play out the best because of sufficient access to gadget's equipment and android-particular highlights. Android has more than 80% piece of the overall industry, in this manner organizations that are receiving Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) arrangement can get to numerous financial gatherings since Android is offered on numerous gadgets.

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Hospital Management Software


Internists & Doctors

Internists & Doctors

Internist In Columbus:
General internists are physicians who pick not to subspecialize; in this way, they handle an extensive range of sicknesses influencing grown-ups. They are specialists in finding, in the treatment of perpetual ailments, in wellbeing advancement, and in ailment counteractive action. These human services suppliers, who are taught and prepared to give restorative care under the supervision of a physician, additionally have a comprehension of the care engaged with treating elderly patients and helpless populaces.

dialysis treatment in telangana:
Healthy kidneys are grinding away throughout the day, so you don't feel anything happening. When you have dialysis, additional water and waste develops between medications. It requires investment for the dialysis machine to clean the blood, and this puts a strain on your body. Along these lines, the vast majority feel tired after treatment. A few people feel miserable or discouraged because of the adjustment in way of life. On the off chance that you are troubled by any of these, tell your specialist or medical attendant.


Our Software Services

HIMS Software In India:
hospital management system has capacity to trade wellbeing data electronically can enable you to give higher quality and more secure administer to patients while making substantial improvements for your association. Bhishak enables hospital for better figure out how to care of patients and give better social insurance

ios app development company:
With a committed and experienced group of experts in IOS app development, you can expect nothing not as much as amusement changing arrangements through which you can interface with your present clients in new and marvelous ways and furthermore draw in new ones. So whether you have set your sights on making benefits through the decision iPhone or other rising stages, look no more distant than Neumeric Technologies.


Doctors & Physicians

Physician In Columbus:
A physician partner is a restorative expert who works under a specialist's supervision. Both, the specialist and the PA, share tolerant care obligation. An extent of a PA's obligations incorporate looking at patients, diagnosing diseases, taking the patient's history, creating and completing treatment designs, guiding patients on medicinal services designs and suturing wounds.

nephrologist in hyderabad:
Neurologists will treat the maladies which influence the sensory system and Nephrologists will give treatment for kidney issue. There is higher interest for Neurologists than Nephrologists in Medical field. There are a few neurology courses accessible in India. Post graduation courses in this field are MD in Neurology and DNB in Neurology.


diabetes & dialysis treatment

diabetes & dialysis treatment

diabetes treatment in columbus : You likewise may catch wind of elective treatments for diabetes, for example, home grown cures and vitamin or mineral supplements. These practices can be hazardous, particularly when individuals quit following the treatment plan their specialist has given them. So get the realities by conversing with your diabetes medicinal services group. They monitor the most recent research advancements, and will present new items as they wind up accessible.

dialysis treatment in telangana : Your dialysis focus may utilize a similar dialyzer more than once for your treatments. Reuse is viewed as protected as long as the dialyzer is cleaned before each utilization. The dialyzer is tried each opportunity to ensure it's as yet working, and it ought to never be utilized for anybody however you. Prior to every session, you ought to make sure that the dialyzer is marked with your name and verify that it has been cleaned, purified, and tried.


Laboratory Information Management System & iphone app development services

Laboratory Information Management System: LIMS Software is outlined only for lab proprietors and pathologists like you to help deal with the day by day activities of the lab effectively and develop the business. What you require is a system that takes away the mystery from getting ready for assets and reagents, maintains a strategic distance from wastage, incorporates your lab gadgets to expel human mistake from the condition and encourages you spread your focuses quicker.

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SEO Services In Hyderabad

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SEO Service Hyderabad


Telugu Speaking Doctor In Columbus & Department Of Nephrology

Telugu Speaking Doctor In Columbus: The need to pull in understudies to professions in family medication was underscored. It was expressed that We wishes to energize and bolster the advancement of scholastic associations of general specialists/family physicians in the Middle East and South Asian Region, particularly in Bangladesh and India. Be that as it may, thought of the most proper strategy for conveyance of preparing was of extraordinary significance, in light of the fact that most South Indian Doctor In Columbus were in private practice, and couldn't bear to enter full-time preparing programs

Department Of Nephrology: Nephrology Summit 2018 will be a worldwide occasion concentrating on the center learning and real advances in the regularly extending field of Nephrology and Hypertension by drawing in specialists on a worldwide scale. With the support of extraordinary universal specialists, we trust profitable dialogs would empower new imaginative plans to make an interpretation of new disclosures into better analysis and treatment of Renal Diseases.

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Hemodialysis Treatment In hyderabad

Hemodialysis Treatment In hyderabad
The person in nephrosis will represent a deep sleep or coma and/ or the center will stop. Removal of waste and excess fluid from the body helps maintain one’s life till the excretory organs will recover or a kidney transplant is completed. additionally, typically hemodialysis is employed to clear excessive medication or Associate in Nursing overdosed drug from the body. If the kidneys ne'er recover sensible operate, an individual can want dialysis for the remainder of his or her life. If chronic (long term) dialysis is required, a surgery is completed to make access to your blood vessels sometimes in your arm. This artery-vein (AV) access is also within the variety of a fistula (surgery is completed to attach Associate in Nursing artery Associate in Nursingd vein) or a graft (a tube is placed between an artery and vein). This fistula or graft will still be used once you return.


android app development company

android app development company
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Laboratory Information Management System

Laboratory Information Management System

Laboratory Information Management System

A Laboratory Information Management System takes all of the instrument run knowledge and pushes it to a different location for downstream analysis. Contact U.S.A. for additional data on however a LIMS will facilitate your workplace. though the first purpose of a LIMS is to trace and manage samples, it will do most additional. It can: alter work flow automation which might successively cut back human error, alter access and storage of internal control knowledge, Support compliance efforts, Track reagents and plenty, Perform instrument run watching, Initiate downstream knowledge analysis, Integrate with instruments or alternative in-lab systems to enhance workplace potency. Our LIMS Software resolution integrates with Illumina instruments and alternative mission-critical laboratory tools.

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Hemodialysis Treatment In Hyderabad

Hemodialysis Treatment In Hyderabad

Hemodialysis Treatment possibility for individuals full of kidney disease, dialysis removes excess fluid and waste product like organic compound, free water, and creatinine from the blood. It will either be associate patient or associate patient treatment possibility. In relevance this, dialysis needs needle insertion to a vein since the dialysis machine is connected to the body through tubes connected to the patient’s blood vessels. Contrary to the present, serous membrane dialysis doesn't need needle insertion since the preparation is introduced into the cavity through a dialysis tubing.

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Internal Medicine Doctor In Columbus

Internal Medicine Doctor In Columbus

Internal Medicine Doctor In Westerville is a huge and complex field that is based on strong experimental and clinical support. Moreover, it is quickly growing and one requires periodical updating and getting up with the status of the art knowledge. Presenting a full review of internal medicine is not only hard but nearly impossible, as the field is wide and long. Despite this condition, the authors have decided to give a basic framework for managing knowledge of Internal medicine. Basic topics are involved as much as feasible, and some sections and topics are dealt broadly, such as Infectious conditions in wide and Tuberculosis, Acute febrile diseases, and HIV/AIDS in special, as these are known to be the natural elements of mortality & morbidity in growing countries, like ours.


Diabetes Treatment In Columbus

Diabetes Treatment In Columbus

A unique disease called diabetes insipidus is not relevant to diabetes mellitus, although it has a related name. It’s a strange situation in which your organs kill too much fluid from your body. Each variety of diabetes has different causes, symptoms, and medications. Most females with gestational diabetes don’t have any signs. The disease is often discovered during a regular blood sugar test or oral glucose sensitivity test that is normally done between the 24th and 28th weeks of pregnancy.


Primary Care Physician In Columbus

Primary Care Physician In Columbus

If you want to see a professional in another area, such as a dermatologist, you’ll need to get a referral from your PCP. With some plans, you can take to see a professional without a referral, but your price of care might be high. The top preventive care expects to form a relationship with a primary care doctor you trust and like, taking your child for registered checkups and vaccines, and following the physician's information for establishing a managing weight, good lifestyle, and getting the right amount of action.


Emphysema Treatment In Columbus

Emphysema Treatment In Columbus

Emphysema is a sign of COPD including destruction to the air sacs (alveoli) in the lungs. As a consequence, your body does not receive the oxygen it requires. Emphysema performs it difficult to catch your breath. You may also have a cough and have difficulty breathing during any activity. The most frequent problem is cigarette smoking. If you smoke, stopping can help limit you from getting the disease. If you already have emphysema, not smoke might keep it from becoming serious. Treatment is based on whether your signs are moderate, mild, or severe.


Radiology Information Management System

Radiology Information Management System

A well-developed radiology information software enables your workers to reduce many repetitions found in the certification process of new cases. Your team can enter data once and nevermore have to start it again. This enables your team to make greater use of their time and increases morale. A RIS software also offers to plan much more comfortable since your staff can see at a look at what times are possible when placing up initial meetings or follow-up meetings.


Diabetes Treatment In Columbus

Diabetes Treatment In Columbus

Diabetes is a permanent position that causes a person's family sugar level to grow too long. Type 2 diabetes is considerably more prevalent than type 1. In the UK, around 80% of all grown-ups with diabetes have type 2. Many more numerous characters have blood sugar levels over the normal limit, but not high sufficient to be diagnosed as possessing diabetes. This is seldom known as prediabetes. If your sugar level is beyond the normal range, your chance of receiving full-blown diabetes is high.