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Mitch Joel Keynote - The Power of 5 #cmworld

#WTF = What the Five


The Shift to Direct Relationships

The Shift to Direct Relationships

Connect with your consumers.

You are competing with your peer and competitors for attention.

Everyone wants to own the reltionshi
Who owns the connection.

The Brand, The Retailer, The Consumer or Facebook?

What is the value of the direct relationship?


Sex With Data

Sex With Data

Get smart and make the conectiion


Utilitarian Marketing

Utilitarian Marketing

25% of apps that are downloaded are never run

Charmin App > "Sit or Squat"

Lego = Augmented Reality App > True Utility

Lodgenet > Iphone becomes the remote

SKullcandy > Build community through Utility


Passive vs Active

Passive vs Active

Marketing will be passive or active.

Can you wait to go to work. Get passionate. Get active. Get people to be eager because they engage

Lots don't like their jobs. They don't feel valued

People come home, relax and forget about work

They want their TV to be passive. No liking.

Look at your media. And figure out when to be active and when to be passive

How do you make some active. Some passive. Don't make frankenstein of content


One Screen World

One Screen World

It's just the ipad. Three screen is wrong.

There will be less devices not more

iPads/Tablet have changed the way we use technoogy

Touch screen - You only need once screen at once.