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Modern Office Furniture Ideas - Blogs, Information, Tips

Ideas, Blogs, Information related to Modern Office & Home Furniture from Merge Works Dallas.


3 Signs That You Need To Renovate Your Office Space

Office space renovation - Read this blog post to know 3 warning signs your office space is in need of a renovation.

4 Effective Ways to Use a Mobile Glass Whiteboard in Your Home Office

Mobile Glass Whiteboard ideas in Home Office - The post covers four ways to make the most of mobile glass whiteboards in your home office.

4 Workstation Concepts that are Ruling the Office Design Space

A well-conceptualized office space has a positive impact on the productivity and efficiency of employees. In this blog post, we list the four most popular workstation concepts.

Health Benefits Of Using Height Adjustable Table & Desks

Height adjustable tables provide the required flexibility and comfort to employees, thereby reducing the risk of potential health related problems. In this post, we outline the various health benefits of height adjustable tables, which make them an obvious choice over traditional options.

No More Horror Stories: Avoid and Remove Whiteboard Ghosting

Ghosting impacts mobile dry erase boards legibility, often making it difficult for the user to work on them. To help, in this post, we explore some ways to get rid of whiteboard ghosting. Take a look.

4 Office Furniture Recommendations for your Startup Workspace

As office furniture has a direct impact on employees health, productivity, and privacy, having the right kind of office furniture is crucial for your startup. Continuing the discussion, the post discusses some essential office furniture for a startup workspace.

How To Create an Office Space That Employees Will Love

How to create an office space loved by the employees - The blog post lists elements to make office a more employee-friendly place to work.

How To Incorporate an Open Floor Office Concept in Your Organization

Planning to incorporate an open workspace concept in your organization? This post help you understand both the upsides and downsides and ways to avoid the pitfalls.

Top 5 Reasons To Install Office Room Dividers

Why you should install a room dividers - Learn the benefits of customizing your office spaces using room dividers / loft dividers.

Why Desk Dividers Deserve A Place In Your Office Setup

Convenience is something we all look for, in every aspect of our lives. When talking about convenience in setting up an office space, the conversation cannot be complete without the mention of desk dividers. This post lists benefits of incorporating desk dividers & desk partitions in office setups.

5 Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Standing Desks

Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Standing Desks - Read on to learn the benefits of standing or sit-stand desks in the workplace.

6 Factors To Consider When Looking For An Office Whiteboard

Whiteboards for offices - This blog discusses various factors to consider before purchasing whiteboards for your office environment.

Merge Works Desk Dividers For Ready-Made Office Privacy Solutions

Merge Works Desk Dividers are a simple and economical solution for your office needs and make your workstations separate and define personal office spaces. Browse Merge Works comprehensive range of modern office desk dividing solutions include side wings, framed and frameless desk dividers, and frosted acrylic desk dividers. If you have any query or need expert advice feel free to call us at (210) 988-6713 or visit our website -

Furniture Essentials For Successful Meetings

Essentials for Effective and Successful team meetings - This post lists some basic must-have meeting room furniture for successful meetings.

Handy Tips to help you work on Cubicle Etiquette

People who work in cubicles will tell you how it's not often easy or fun to work in such close quarters. You have little to no privacy despite the presence of modern office partition walls and office desk partitions. Because being packed so close together makes it difficult to be on your best behavior every day of the week, here are some handy tips to help you work on your cubicle etiquette.

Why Office Partitions are a Must-Have in Workspaces

Must-Have Collaborative Workspaces - The blog post lists four reasons to add modern office partitions to your workspace.

A company that wants to grow leaps and bounds must provide a comfortable and positive work environment for its people. Continuing the discussion, we discuss four reasons why modern office partitions are a must-have in every office space.

Fun Things You Can Do With A Mobile Whiteboard

Creative and Fun Ideas for Mobile Whiteboard - Read this blog to explore some interesting things you can do with the mobile whiteboard that’s already in your office and home.

5 Reasons To Buy Mobile Glass Whiteboards For Your Office

A mobile glass whiteboard plays an important part in promoting collaboration among employees. Taking the discussion further, we list five reasons why mobile glass boards are indispensable to every workplace setup.

5 Prerequisites To Maximize Organizational Efficiency

In today’s dynamic work environment, it has become challenging for organizations to optimize productivity. Though various tools and technologies can help boost productivity; at the end of the day, the efficiency of the people is the key factor deciding the overall throughput of an organization. A motivated employee is a valuable resource for a company, but keeping them motivated is a challenge faced by almost every organization -

Premium Quality Studio Wings from Merge Works, Texas

Buy online the prime quality studio wings which are used in your day to day life in home and offices. These high-quality desks at Merge works provide a comfortable working environment to your workplace.