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Thibaut Wallpaper: Small Spaces Also Want Decorating


Thibaut wallpaper

Thibaut wallpaper

Repair in the house is always an event, because refreshing atmosphere and re-pasting Thibaut wallpaper is the joy for each of us. But sometimes we come across some problems that we do not always know how to solve. For example, how to choose the right wallpaper for a small room? Now we learn a few secrets on this issue.

How to choose the right Thibaut wallpaper for a small room?

It is stereotyped that the choice of wallpaper for a small room should be limited to the usual light version without a picture. But still sometimes you want something bright and cheerful.

In the process of choosing there are some difficulties that arise on the barrier to this or that option:

· Too large patterns on the wallpaper.
· High frequency lines or pattern.
· Too thin lines.
· Very dark wallpaper.

And yet there are certain rules that should be followed when buying a wallpaper in a small room.
Of course, the easiest way to buy a light wallpaper without a picture is go to any shop wallpaper and consider the Thibaut wallpaper. Then the room will be spacious and visually larger. But if you want to betray some animation, you can choose the option with a small picture, which will be located vertically.

The choice should still be made so that you like the wallpaper design, because they will be constantly for some time. It is necessary to select such species that would take into account the size of the room and brighten the flaw.

For small rooms it is recommended to choose Thibaut wallpaper with a textured finish, or with a shiny wallpaper.

Still, try not to use dark shades, then it's better to make some accents, if you want some dark elements.


Shop wallpaper

Shop wallpaper

Classification of Thibaut wallpaper in small rooms

Undoubtedly, the choice is great not only for the colors, but also for the characteristics of Thibaut wallpaper. They come in the following forms:

· Water resistant. Excellent for those rooms in which there is an increased level of moisture. Such Thibaut wallpaper will reduce the risk of fungus and mold on the wall
· Washable. It is very convenient, because they can always be wiped with a solution or foam. Especially it is good to buy these wallpapers, when in the house there are children living
· Thibaut wallpaper is resistant to mechanical damage. Its secret is in the fact that they have much more density than the other. And due to this they are more resistant to temperature changes and have a high wear resistance
· Light-resistant wallpaper
· Dubbed
· Wallpaper without fitting the main picture

All this information can be found on the label before purchase. If you have additional questions, you can consult with the sellers or consultants in MahonesWallpaperShop.

Also, the label will indicate a type of Thibaut wallpaper, which is also important when choosing. There are:

· Acrylic
· Paper
· Structural wallpaper, which taken under painting
· Textile
· Glass wallpaper
· Vinyl (relief, flat, foamed)

For small rooms, in principle, each of the options will work, here it will depend on the price policy and personal priorities.

What color of wallpaper to choose for small rooms?

And yet we go back to the color palette of Thibaut wallpaper. As mentioned earlier, it is best to choose light colors that visually make our space larger. The most successful shades are: blue, gray, sand, peach, yellow, cream, pink, beige. Or be brave to buy wallpapers, which were designed by Lenny Kravitz, called “Scratch-and-sniff wallpaper”.

Practical tips

It is necessary to consider lighting in the bedrooms. Depending on what you have, you can slightly adjust the colors. When clarification is good, it is better to use cool wallpaper tones. Conversely, in poor lighting, warm colors are good.

The color of Thibaut wallpaper is also worth picking due to the furniture color that is in the room. Of course, ideally, when a small room, it is better to minimize it.

Visually to increase the size the wallpaper option with the texture helps. To do this, even a slight texture is suitable. This is due to the fact that the shadow given by the relief visually makes a room larger in size.

You can use wallpaper with glitter. They will also increase the space. But these wallpapers are suitable only for well-lit rooms.

If you want a room with a pattern, it is best to choose small drawings, and most importantly of the same type. The arrangement of patterns affects perception and visualization of the room. For example, if your ceilings are not very low, then a small vertical pattern will make the room larger.

Take into account the fact that for small rooms it is not necessary to choose a pattern with a picture, if there will be bright details (carpet, picture, curtains). Then it is better to take a one-color version.




Techniques in design to increase space with Thibaut wallpaper

Solving a problem with a small area of ​​the room that is a common issue for young families, the main thing is to have this desire. In this task, we can turn to designers for help, or so-called design approaches.

You can focus on one of the walls. Usually this is the wall that is behind the head of the bed. In this case, the three walls are glued to the discreet wallpaper of the same type, and to the fourth they give an accent (it will be brighter than the rest, maybe even with a picture).

· Diagonal pattern.
This is a rather unusual approach of solving a problem of space, but it gives its results. To do this, we select Thibaut wallpaper with a horizontal or vertical pattern, and, if we take those with the vertical - we will glue them diagonally.

· Geometric Wallpapers
Separation and color saturation. In this version of design approach, we combine different wallpapers simultaneously. A highlight is that they will all be in one color, but with different saturation. The lower part of the walls is glued in warm tones, and the upper one will be in our light palette. You can additionally use a thin border.

· Striping strips.
It is important to know that for rooms of 10 sq.m. and less, you can use alternation of two bands. For premises more than 10 sq.m. - three kinds. Wallpapers should be combined on color scale and patterns. They are pasted, as usual, just alternating with a certain interval. For example, if the strips are not very wide, you can alternate them in two. If it is wide enough, you can alternate through one.

· Stripes wallpaper
Decoretto. This method will help to revitalize the bedroom, if it is glued in bright monophonic wallpaper. However, it does not reduce its area. The meaning lies in the fact that a light wall is glued with several large bright colors, and they can be placed both horizontally and vertically.
This is not all the secrets that can be used indoors, when it is not as large as we would like. But these options are the most popular and in the same order are simple in execution.


Wallpaper shop

Wallpaper shop

Summing up, we can draw the following conclusions:

The smaller the room, the lighter the shade. He will give the room more space and a sense of freedom. And you, being there, will feel comfortable and not locked up.

Creative practicality will reduce all furniture and things to minimalism, but arrange a few bright accents, for example, a bright lamp, or pillows.

Choose the appropriate view for your request. Know what qualities and characteristics should have wallpaper for your home.

· Wallpapers «in a triangle»
· Depending on the lighting, choose a cool or warm tone of the wallpaper.
· You can use wallpaper with a texture.