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The FLECKS system has been developed to counter the many pitfalls of standard EPDM, TPV and other rubber surfacing options.The Flecks system withstands fading, Ultra Violet (U.V.) degradation and is also Chlorine resistant making it the best option for all types of water play, play facilities and pool deck surfacing.

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The FLECKS system has been developed to counter the many pitfalls of standard EPDM, TPV and other rubber surfacing options. The Flecks system withstands fading, Ultra Violet (U.V.) degradation and is also Chlorine resistant making it the best option for all types of water play, play facilities and pool deck surfacing.

Safety Surfacing Distributor

Safety Surfacing Distributor - If you have questions about EnviroFluff, WATER FLECKS or Parks Safety Surfacing, feel free to call (833) 264-4681.

Building Safer Playgrounds for Kids

In a generation wherein children are more engaged in tablets and computer screens, playgrounds around the globe are challenged to reinvent themselves to encourage kids to come out and play. However, not only are aesthetic and equipment involved in the upgrade but safety as well. While playgrounds offer kids a chance to breathe in fresh air, interact with peers, and engage in physical exercise - the benefits come with risks.

How to Make Swimming Pools Much Safer for Kids?

Not all children are good at swimming but almost every one of them would love to take a splash. Swimming pools are perfect venues for the little critters to have fun. Plus, a day in the sun while in the water is a good exercise for their restless bodies.

Five Tips: How to Prevent Bathroom Hazards for the Elderly

Are you taking care of an elderly loved one at home? Or are you planning to take care of your aging parent in your home? Make sure that your place is safe for them.

Four Tips: How to Ensure Kids Safety in the Playground

Kids and playing are two sides of the coin. You simply can't have one without the other. Playing is part of their natural development which can also build up their physical, emotional, and social health. As parents, you would want your children to remember a happy childhood. But you must also be concerned of their safety especially if they're out on a playground.

Play Surface

When constructing a playground there are two things to consider: fun and safety. Fun can be achieved easily by installing fun playground equipment like swings and slides, but safety can be a bit trickier to pull off. When you want to make your playground safe for children, there are some options available to you such as plastic playground equipment, the materials you use for the floor, and the kind of equipment you use. Here is how you can create a safe but fun playground for children of all ages:

Reducing the Risk of the Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is a great place to spend time with friends and family during a scorching hot summer day. However, the edges of the pool can become dangerous when wet. This can lead to potential injury when someone slips and falls. However, it is possible to improve the safety of your pool through the kind of surfacing material you choose. Play Surface Distribution offers Soft Surfacing Materials that can help you create a safer pool environment.

Important Considerations in Playground Surfacing

It is no secret that children have the wildest imagination which can be evidently seen on how they act in the local playground. It is a joy to see how determined these children are in their pursuit of adventure. However, parents and guardians alike cannot help but feel worried about the exploration as their children use the play equipment in a manner out of its primary intent.

Teach Your Kids About Playground Safety

Adult supervision and safe playground surface and equipment are extremely important but our years of experience as a Playground Surfacing for Playground Safety Distributor and Flecks System Distributor taught us that it only makes half of the equation. Children are responsible for the other half too. To make a trip to the neighbourhood playground safer, kids must know how to act responsibly within its confines.

6 Reasons Why Resorts and Similar Establishments Should Take Advantage of Ground Surfacing

Owning and operating- list text here a resort for the general public is a complicated business. With so many things to consider, mistakes can be easily made. Your marketing strategies must be fresh and effective. Your amenities must be up-to-date. You must have gimmicks and special perks to keep your patrons coming. But most importantly, your venue must be safe.

How to Keep Children Safe at Playgrounds Without Being an Overprotective Parent?

As parents, we hate to see our children hungry, sad, and most of all, hurt. That is why it is pretty much natural for us to feel protective every time potential threats come their way. Usually, such protective instinct becomes active when they spend the day out in playgrounds. With their hyperactivity and the openness of the playground, a lot of terrifying accidents can occur, right?

6 Places That Will Be a Lot Safer with the Flecks System Installed

It is a versatile type of covering for hard surfaces that aid in promoting safety in any activity. It is highly durable, easy to maintain, environment-friendly, and designed in various forms and patterns!

4 Main Reasons Why Resorts Should Have the Flecks System Installed

When you visit a resort, what's the most dominant thing that's on your mind? To have a good time? To make great memories with family and friends? To enjoy great meals with your buddies? Well, that's fine and all, but have you ever spent a second to worry about safety?

Why is Play Important?

Play shouldn't always be seen as something silly, unnecessary, or dangerous; rather, it should be seen as an essential factor in a child's development. Play Surface Distribution, your local experts for Playground Surfacing for Playground Safety Distributor, shares the following reasons why you should give your child the freedom and time to play.

3 Important Playground Safety Tips

Play Surface Distribution, your trusted expert for, a veteran Playground Surfacing for Playground Safety Distributor, offers the following playground safety tips that you should always keep in mind: