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Updated by Aria Miran on Sep 22, 2017
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6 Things Your Injury Lawyer Wishes You Knew

Personal injury attorneys work hard to help their clients, but there are some ways in which the clients can help their case succeed. Read a list of 6 things that personal injury attorneys wish their clients knew before the clients hired them.



Get Medical Attention

See a #doctor immediately and keep those records. They could be vital to the success of your case. In settlement negotiations as well as at trial, medical records can help prove that the plaintiff was indeed injured and establish the severity of their injuries, which in turn helps to maximize their compensation.


Not Every Case Settles Out of Court

While most cases are able to be settled out of court, some #personalinjury cases do end up going to trial. Be prepared in case this is necessary to achieve the best outcome for your case.


Documenting Any and All Relevant Information is Essential

Without vital #evidence on your side, it is highly unlikely your case will go anywhere. You need records of everything and anything that can prove fault and establish exactly how serious your injuries and other damages are.


Speak with a Lawyer

Don’t hesitate to reach out to a #lawyer when you are #injured due to no fault of your own. The sooner you hire an attorney, the more time they have to build your case and work toward the results that you need.


Tell Us the Truth

We can handle it! Many people fear telling their lawyer the entirety of the situation because they fear their case won’t be taken. However, this is a wrong way to approach the situation simply for the fact that we will be able to fight better on your behalf when we know everything there is to know about your case.


Be Patient

Every legal process takes time and may not be resolved as quickly as you prefer. Rest assured that your #attorney and their team are working hard to get you the best results as soon as possible!

  • Aria is an Orange County personal injury attorney at RMD Law LLP in Irvine, CA. He has successfully settled hundreds of claims, including a $2 million case for a wrongful death client. He is a member of the prestigious Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and was selected to the 2017 list of Super Lawyers Rising Stars. As a dedicated advocate, he fights tirelessly to protect his clients. Aria speaks English, Farsi & Spanish.

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