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Most Happening Nightlife Venues in Hanoi - Nightlife in the heart of Vietnam

The city of Hanoi in Vietnam offers an idyllic contrast of antiquity and modernity. From water puppets to Vietnamese beer, Hanoi's cultural allure is glaringly evident at night.


Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre

Water puppets are a stalwart attraction and a key feature in Vietnamese life. Travellers to Hanoi often head to local theatres where they can catch the puppets in action as they recount Vietnamese folklore and re-enact contemporary stories. Puppet shows take place every night and are a favourite amongst children. The Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre is favourite in Hanoi, with tickets that sell out well in advance. As theatres seat only a few hundred people at a time and the puppets are not particularly big, travellers are encouraged to book tickets as soon as they arrive in Hanoi.


Ta Hien and Da Liet Streets

Ta Hien street remains one of Vietnam's thoroughfares. A pedestrian-only street at night, it is a hot spot for locals to get-together after a hard day's work, catch up and unwind with varied fare from the many restaurants that line the street. Street vendors and corner shops are interspersed with eateries offering affordable meals and cold beverages. Da Liet street, on the other hand, is a favourite amongst beer drinkers, both locals and tourists alike. Myriad cafes lining the street offer an extensive selection of authentic Vietnamese beers, many of which are brewed right on the premises.


Ngoc Son Temple

The Ngoc Son temple is a pagoda located in the centre of the Jade Island surrounded by the picturesque Hoan Kiem Lake. The historic temple was built in the 13th century to commemorate the bravery of military leader Tran Hung Dao in the battle against the Yuan Dynasty. The island can be accessed by the iconic Rising Sun Bridge. Ngoc Son Temple and Hoan Kiem Lake are two of Hanoi's most significant cultural landmarks that crowds throng to for sightseeing and relaxation. It is a consensus that visiting the location at night makes for a mystical experience, with the temple and the surrounding vicinity lit up with lanterns.


West Lake

West Lake is a tourist hub of activity featuring ample Western-style restaurants, bars and boutiques that intersperse beautifully with traditional Vietnamese life that encompasses temples, street-food joints and fishermen. The lake provides travellers residing in hotels, resorts or serviced apartments in Hanoi with the chance to enjoy the crisp, cool breeze the lake offers while sipping on a chilled Asian beer at night along with spectacular panoramic views of the cityscape. The legend surrounding West Lake is that it came to be by the footprint of a golden calf that ran towards the sound of a giant bell. Walking around the lake is a popular pastime for visitors residing in the Somerset West Lake Hanoi neighbourhood and elsewhere in the vicinity who get to indulge in the hustle and bustle of Hanoi's eclectic nightlife.


The Bank Hanoi

The Bank Hanoi is the city's premier nightclub that showcases three venues, each of which plays different upbeat tunes well past midnight. The nightclub is located on the sixth floor of the Capital Building in Hanoi where party-goers can relish a spectacular view of downtown Hanoi and Hoan Kiem Lake that sits a minute away. The club attracts a diverse crowd of well-dressed locals, expatriates and tourists looking to let loose and indulge in the club's signature cocktail offerings.

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