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Global In-house Centers In India

Global In-house Centers in India

Global in-house centers function across all service lines - information technology, business process management, and product development. These are the main verticals that they operate in. Global outsourcing services aim to streamline the procedures, improve the work efficiencies and reduce the cost of Information Technology requirements.

Virtual Captive Solutions

ScrumStart’s Virtual Captive Solution allows a client to rely on an offshore vendor to custom-build a support team while maintaining significant operational control and having the option to transfer it into their complete control, gaining talent, technology infrastructure and other key resources. The offshore vendor takes on the responsibility of setting up operations, which includes administration, infrastructure and staffing.

Why Global In-house Centers are Attracting the Best Talent in the Industry?

ScrumStart conducted a study to understand why Global In-house Centers are attracting the best talent in the industry and the findings turned out to be very interesting.

Challenges Faced in Setting up a Captive

Take a glance at challenges do organizations face while setting up and running a successful virtual captive center in India.

Outsourcing to Rightsourcing through Virtual Captives | ScrumStart

This blog gives insights on outsourcing to right-sourcing through Virtual Captives. Read more about virtual captive solution & IT outsourcing solutions in India.

India - The Most Preferred Business Destination for Setting up a Captive | ScrumStart

What makes India as one of the most preferred destinations for setting up a virtual captive or global in-house centers? Let us look at the factors in detail

Virtual Captive Solutions | ScrumStart

Get the best of both worlds by combining the advantages of having your own captive and conventional outsourcing. Guaranteed lower costs and higher value. Outsourcing redefined.

The Emerging Role of the CIO | ScrumStart

 The role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is one that has seen continuous change over the years, yet we are only just beginning. Next up is the digital revolution, already a train which we all have to jump onto. It is providing our companies with an opportunity to add amazing new capability, and new business opportunities in ways we never planned or could have predicted. The digital revolution has already changed how we use technology, and how we think about business mode

Captive or Conventional Outsourcing - Which Model will be Beneficial for your Organization?

Captive or Conventional outsourcing? Which model will be beneficial for your organization? Read more about the virtual captive model..

Outsourcing Services India | IT Outsourcing

Our innovative offerings lead to a massive reduction of costs for our clients while ensuring high-quality services, better operational control, and increased IP protection.

ScrumStart CEO Santosh Panicker Gets 100 HR Super Achievers (India) Award

Santosh Panicker, Chief Executive Officer ScrumStart was honored with the “100 HR Super Achievers (India)” award by the World HRD Congress, during its International Awards event.

Technology for Business Outcomes

ScrumStart not only excel at state of the art technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Predictive Analytics, DevOps but also strive at keeping the focus on the delivery of the business outcome.

Virtual Captives in India, The Future of Outsourcing

Captive centers work on the principle of reducing business anxiety by enabling companies to reduce risks and simplify their work at minimal costs.

10 Reasons Why a Captive Center Has a Sub-Optimal Start

The most significant challenge for any company owned captive is the time it takes to justify the ROI and a gamble with people who probably cannot make things happen optimally. While the business case on excel sheets may reflect great savings, on the ground more than 80% of captives have not been able to get anywhere near to this figure, and no one admits their failures.

Captive Maturity Cycle: A Maturity That Rarely Happens

ScrumStart created a maturity model that maps to the existing and future needs of the industry. Check out the five stages of IT Outsourcing maturity.

ScrumStart’s Unique Success Story That Evolved Around a Simple Concept of “Trust”

The ScrumStart team made it very easy for us to have a quick start with the trust model and take faster benefits through their implementation vehicle, named Virtual Captive. Just like a captive company, they have transparent pricing, co-hiring, and training and give their clients the freedom to build-operate-transfer the setup in future.

Virtual Captives in India, The Future of Outsourcing: Ease of Business

ScrumStart helps in generating business outcomes through co-innovating solutions using cutting-edge technology, proprietary products, innovation in talent & productivity and guaranteed cost reduction through our innovative Virtual Captive delivery model.

It all starts with Trust: The IT Provider and client trust deficit

Trust plays a critical role in every personal and professional relationship and we also understand that it is in short supply, the three key reasons why this happens in context to Captive companies is essential to understand.

Captives are Not Immune to Trust Deficit

Captive management is different to a third party IT vendor managing their accounts, and it is always more difficult and needs deeper understanding to manage hidden trust deficits.

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Virtual Captive in India

Virtual Captive in India

Captive centers work on this very principle of reducing business anxiety by enabling companies to reduce risks and simplify their work at minimal costs. It helps in gaining cost benefits alongside giving the best possible assurance over the persistent concerns of intellectual property and security of data.


Global In-house Centers

Global In-house Centers

What was initially called a ‘Captive’ is now referred to as GIC which stands for ‘Global In-house Center’. Is this just another change of name and terminology or something more has changed fundamentally in the business model? In this piece, we shall examine the evolution of Captives to Global In-house Centers. For more visit -

Why Trust Business Excellence Model of ScrumStart Holds the Key to the Most Common IT Outsourcing Challenge

ScrumStart did a two-year study to find out the key reasons for the increasing DIY trend and found surprisingly only one trigger that was common to 88% of the respondents; “Trust.”

Budgeting the IT Spend - Changing CIOs Focus from Light’s on to Innovation

Some tips on great budgeting that businesses will love. Budgeting the IT Spend - Changing CIOs Focus from Light’s on to Innovation

There Were Many Pains, but This One Was Unexpected!

The outsourcing world was confined to lower end of the work that can now easily be automated or productized. With this change, outsourcing has been reset with a mix of outsourcing, insourcing and co-innovation that IT vendors are not ready to adopt.

ScrumStart - Trust Business Model, Virtual Captive Model on Vimeo

ScrumStart's Trust Business Model is a unique model of business engagement. It is based on complete transparency and aimed at simplifying and reducing risk, in any technology and consulting engagement. This model takes away the focus from margin making, shifting to the best outcome. Know more: