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Nicholas Trist: The Thankless Task

Here is a list of primary and secondary sources for my video storytelling project of Nicholas Trist; a man who changed Texas History but never received a word of gratitude for his hard work


Sent by President James K. Polk to end the war with Mexico

Sent by President James K. Polk to end the war with Mexico

I am including the link to the periodical that I obtained from the UTA library database here. Unfortunately, when I tried to add it before it did not lead to the article. This secondary source details the trek Nicholas Trist had taken alongside General Scott upon his arrival in Veracruz


Defiant Peacemaker

Defiant Peacemaker

While I have obtained a copy of this biography, this book details Trist's involvement in the Mexican American War and background on his life leading up to this historical moment. This biography has received much praise and is well known for its history of Nicholas Trist. (secondary)

Collection Number: 02104 Collection Title: Nicholas Philip Trist Papers, 1765-1903

This link leads to a collection of papers of various sorts written by or for Nicholas Trist. One important time period in this collection for my project is the one dated 1846-1848. This was a vital time not only for Nicholas Trist but for his family. While there are no documents detailing what he was doing during his time in Mexico, there are a plethora of letters from his wife and family offering support in his decision to go against the president's orders and sign the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. At this time, Trist's family was going through some economic hardship due to him being in Mexico so the letters also document this time (primary)

Messages of the President of the United States

This is a collection of messages from the president received from various people during the Mexican American War. These are especially important in the history of Nicholas Trist as they provide a first hand view of the criticism he received for the work he was trying to accomplish during his time in Mexico. (primary)

Nicholas Trist and Baja California

One of the biggest reasons Trist was punished so greatly for signing the treaty was because he did not obtain Baja in the negotiation. At the time, President Polk had wanted him to come to an agreement with Mexico to claim Baja. They would offer more money to Mexico if they agreed to relinquish power. This book details a lot of information about the difficulties Nicholas Trist had in the negotiation of Baja; an important aspect in the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and the rest of Trist's life. For if he had had Mexico agree to give away Baja then Trist might not have received so much backlash from the president (secondary)

A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation: U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates, 1774 - 1875

Understanding the contents of The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is very important in understanding the work of Nicholas Trist. Despite coming under serious fire for his actions, the treaty displays the hard work he had done to finally bring an end to the war